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WynnBET is one of 25 sportsbooks in Colorado. It’s part of a crowded industry in one of the most competitive sports betting industries in the United States.

WynnBET has good odds, a solid rewards program, but its new user promo requires users to lay down a $100 first bet which is much higher than other Colorado sportsbook promos.

Here’s how WynnBET compares to Colorado’s best sportsbooks.

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WynnBet Colorado Bonus Code January 2023

In most states where WynnBET is legal, the sportsbook offers new bettors $100 in bet credits after making a qualifying $100 wager.

While $100 in bet credits is a solid offer, the $100 wager is much higher than other top Colorado sportsbook bonuses. For example, DraftKings offers a $50 free bet for a $5 deposit. Betfred offers $111 in credits for a $50 first bet.

WynnBET Colorado Promo CodeVisit WynnBET
Bet and Get PromoBet $100, Win $100 in bet credits
What States Allow WynnBETAZ, CO, IN, NJ, NY, TN & VA
WynnBET’s Land-Based PartnerBronco Billy’s
Promo Code Verified ForJanuary 2023

How To Register For A WynnBET Account 

Registering for a WynnBET account is an easy three-step process. First, bettors choose their usernames, passwords, and email addresses. Then, bettors enter their personal information, including the last four digits of their social security numbers. This allows WynnBET to verify bettors’ identities and ages. Once that’s done, bettors will set their account security questions. 


WynnBET offers bettors a bet $100, win $100 offer. So, new users bet $100 or more on odds of at least -120, and whether it wins or loses, they get $100 in bet credits. The advertised bonus amount is a maximum payout. It’s not free money that bettors can withdraw. 

This is a relatively small promotion compared to what other sportsbooks offer. FanDuel offers a $3,000 no sweat first bet. However, overall, WynnBET’s welcome bonus is a solid bonus that incentivizes bettors to try its platform.


Does WynnBet Deal Competitive Odds?

WynnBet Colorado offers some quality odds, but you should always compare them with those available at other sportsbooks before making your bet.

How Do Spreads & Totals Work?

Betting on the spread is popular in sports betting. The spread subtracts or adds points to a team’s final score. It effectively levels the playing field between two opponents. WynnBet has the Broncos laying -4.5 points to the Seahawks in the 2022 NFL season opener. What’s that mean? It means Denver has to win the game by at least five points to cover the spread.

The total for the game was set at 41 at WynnBet. Bettors can wager that the combined number of points scored by both teams will go over or under the total. Over bettors need 42 points scored to win the bet. Under players need a maximum of 40 points scored to cash their tickets.

Does WynnBet Have Moneyline Odds?

Yes. Moneyline odds are available for betting on teams to win the game outright. These odds are popular in baseball betting.


WynnBet offered the best odds on both teams for this July 1 game between the Diamondbacks and Rockies. A $100 bet on Arizona would return $106 if the D-backs win. A $116 wager on favored Colorado returns $100 if the Rockies win.

Sportsbooks charge a commission to handle your bet. It’s called the vig, and at standard odds of -110 on each side of a bet, it translates to 4.36%. WynnBet’s vig for this bet was only 2.55%. You’re getting the best odds for both teams at a great price.

Searching for the Best Futures Odds

What are futures odds? They are used for season-ending events like the Super Bowl, and they are available throughout the calendar  year. As of this writing, the Broncos had the following futures odds to win Super Bowl 57:







WynnBet again offered the best odds in this comparison. A $100 bet on the Broncos will pay out $1,800 if Denver wins Super Bowl 57. Sportsbooks have a theoretical hold on these markets. That is just the amount of money they expect to keep from a given market. If the theoretical hold is lower, bettors can expect higher odds and payouts and vice versa.

Updated 7/1/2022


WynnBET has a small sports selection compared to most other Colorado sportsbooks. It only offers 10 sports to bet on: 

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Boxing
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Ice Hockey
  • MMA
  • Motor Racing 
  • Soccer
  • Tennis

On one hand, this list includes the most popular sports for Coloradans to bet on. Football, baseball, basketball, and hockey are the four most popular professional sports for any sportsbook. The rest of the sports WynnBET offers are popular too, but they lack the revenue generation potential that the Big Four sports do. 

WynnBET makes up for its lack of sports with its league selection within each sport. It has many domestic and international leagues in basketball. Like all sportsbooks, it has a long list of international soccer leagues. But bettors must manually scroll through each sport. WynnBET doesn’t offer drop-down menus like its other apps. Between these filtering issues and limited sports selection, WynnBET


WynnBET has a strong selection of deposit and cashout options. Bettors can easily move money between their WynnBET accounts and personal financial accounts. Most of WynnBET’s deposit methods are online options, which include: 

  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • Bank Transfer
  • PayPal
  • VIP Preferred eCheck
  • Play+ Card

These options allow bettors to digitally deposit funds. Bettors probably think that credit cards or bank transfers would be the best deposit options. However, some banks and credit cards block gambling transactions. That comes from an old attempt to prevent deposits to illegal gambling sites. However, the blanket policy of blocking direct gambling transactions impacts legal sportsbooks, too. So, PayPal will probably be the safest option for most bettors. 

WynnBET’s withdrawal options offer bettors flexible withdrawal options, too:

  • Bank Transfer
  • PayPal 
  • VIP Preferred eCheck
  • Play+ Card

These are good online options that cover the easiest withdrawal methods for most bettors. Bank transfers are great withdrawal methods if they’re available to bettors. But if bettors want to withdraw through PayPal, then they’ll have to deposit with PayPal too. 

Overall, WynnBET offers convenient ways to move money between bettors’ sportsbooks and personal accounts. It’s one of the strongest aspects of WynnBET’s sportsbook.


WynnBET has been on the Colorado market since November 2020. So, it’s surprising to see some of the clunky design and navigational issues that continue to plague the WynnBET app. 

First, its A-Z list of sports is in the search tab. However, the issue isn’t its location. (Although, most sportsbooks call their full list of sports “A-Z Sports.”) The bigger issue is the keyboard that pops up in front of it. It allows bettors to search for specific lines and leagues, but it’s an awkward design flaw that the best sportsbook apps don’t have. 

WynnBET’s list of sport leagues also lacks drop-down menus that allow bettors to quickly scroll through leagues. Bettors must scroll through the betting lines on each league to get to the next league. It’s an inefficient way to examine find what bettors are looking for. The search option doesn’t make up for that navigational shortcoming. 

WynnBET has the bones in place for a good sportsbook. However, it needs to make it easier to browse all of WynnBET’s sports and quickly scroll through leagues. Other than that, bettors shouldn’t have any trouble placing bets, moving money, or managing their accounts.


WynnBET is a good option for bettors looking for a primary sportsbook account. It offers a good welcome bonus and competitive odds across its game lines. It also makes moving money between personal and sportsbook accounts easy. However, it needs to improve its sports selection and mobile app to reach the upper echelon of Colorado’s sportsbooks. Overall, it’s a strong contender for sports bettors seeking a new sportsbook to try.

Is WynnBET Legit? 

Yes. WynnBET is a legitimate sportsbook company that bettors can feel comfortable using. Here are five ways that bettors can tell that WynnBET is a legitimate, legal, and licensed Colorado sportsbook. 

WynnBET Terms And Conditions 

Every legitimate business has a set of terms and conditions that often goes unread by customers. However, the terms and conditions include agreements between WynnBET and bettors. The reason that bettors are paid winnings based on the odds they lock into is because WynnBET’s terms and conditions make that promise.   

WynnBET Colorado Sports Betting License 

WynnBET is licensed by Colorado’s Division of Gaming. The Colorado Division of Gaming lists all the sportsbooks that are licensed to operate in Colorado. WynnBET has gone through an arduous process of security audits and software analysis to receive that sports betting license. So, it’s an important sign of WynnBET’s legitimacy.  

WynnBET’s Market Expansion  

Colorado isn’t the only state where WynnBET has received a sports betting license. WynnBET is also active in other major sports betting markets, like Michigan and New Jersey. WynnBET had to go through the same level of scrutiny in those markets as it did in Colorado. Its software, hardware, and financials checked out in almost a dozen jurisdictions. So, bettors should feel comfortable trusting WynnBET.  

Wynn Resorts Brand  

Wynn Resorts is a major gambling and entertainment company. Bettors who frequent Las Vegas likely recognize the Wynn on the Strip. WynnBET is backed by one of the most prestigious gambling companies in the world. Bettors likely trust Wynn Resorts, so they should trust WynnBET’s legitimacy.    

WynnBET’s Partnerships 

WynnBET has partnered with major sports franchises in the United States. In Colorado, WynnBET has partnered with the Colorado Rockies. A major sports franchise wouldn’t partner with a sketchy unlicensed sportsbook. The fact that WynnBET can secure a partnership like this is a testament to its quality and reliability.  

Why Choose WynnBET Over Illegal Betting Sites? 

The same things that make WynnBET a legitimate company also make it a safer choice for bettors than illegal betting sites. WynnBET has a set of terms and conditions that enforce fair play for itself and its bettors. It has been verified as a safe betting option in Colorado and other major sports betting markets. WynnBET is also part of Wynn Resorts’ portfolio, so it’s attached to a credible company. Finally, WynnBET has established partnerships with brands, sports franchises, and companies who’ve tied their reputations to WynnBET. 

In contrast, illegal betting sites face no such scrutiny. There’s no regulatory body making sure that illegal sportsbooks’ software can pay bettors their winnings. No one makes sure that illegal sportsbooks abide by a set of terms and conditions. So, illegal sportsbooks are free to quietly scam bettors out of their money. However, illegal sportsbooks can also steal bettors’ social security information instead. Bettors produce a lot of data that’s valuable to people who know how to use it. However, bettors don’t want to lose hundreds of points from their credit scores because they bet overseas.

Instead, bettors should stick with legal and licensed sportsbooks. WynnBET isn’t out to steal bettor data. The only way that WynnBET makes money from bettors is by getting bettors to make wagers. WynnBET doesn’t drain its bettors’ bank accounts. That would be counterproductive for a safe and sustainable sports betting industry. It would also prevent WynnBET from entering any new markets and remove WynnBET from its existing ones. Bettors should trust the industry controls that make licensed sportsbooks safe. So, bettors should stick to legal, licensed sportsbooks.      

Why Can You Trust WynnBET With Your Money? 

WynnBET uses digital security protocols that are common among igaming and eCommerce sites. Encryption protocols like SSD and end-to-end encryption ensure that bettors’ information is protected from hackers from the moment it’s typed into the screen. 

However, the Colorado Division of Gaming proactively protects bettors by examining WynnBET’s software before it launches. The Division of Gaming makes sure that WynnBET’s software works correctly. So, auditors know bettors will get paid before WynnBET hits the market. However, auditors also ensure that WynnBET’s software is secure enough to handle sensitive bettor data. So, by the time WynnBET hits the Colorado market, it’s secure and functional for bettors.     

Another proactive approach is insuring itself in case a hack does happen. Most licensed sportsbooks are insured so that if hackers steal money from sports bettors, sportsbooks can get bettors their money back. No one wants a hack like that to occur. But bettors should know that they have a safety net underneath them in case the worst happens.    

So, there are a few ways that WynnBET protects bettors’ money. Bettors should feel comfortable with the layers of security in place at WynnBET and wager there if they get into sports betting.  

WynnBET Fact Sheet

Legal Betting Age21
Legal States of OperationAZ, CO, IN, NJ, NY, TN & VA
WynnBET’s Colorado PartnerBronco Billy’s

WynnBet Colorado Sportsbook FAQs

Is Betting On WynnBET Legal In Colorado?

Yes. WynnBET is licensed by the Colorado Division of Gaming. So, it’s allowed to operate a sportsbook in Colorado. Licensees must submit to audits before being allowed to operate in Colorado. These audits ensure that sportsbooks are functional and secure before being unleashed on the public. 

Does WynnBET Offer A New User Promo?

Yes. In most states where WynnBET is legal, new users will receive $100 in bonus bets after placing a qualifying $100 wager.

What Is The Best Deposit Method At WynnBET?

PayPal. Credit cards, debit cards, and bank transfers are more direct. However, some of them block transactions to gambling sites. Since PayPal doesn’t block gambling transactions, it’s a more reliable method for most bettors. 

Do Bettors Have To Be In Colorado To Bet In Colorado?

Yes. Bettors must be in Colorado for their WynnBET wagers to go through. If bettors try to bet at WynnBET outside Colorado or one of WynnBET’s other legal markets, then WynnBET will block those wagers. 

How Do WynnBET Winners Get Paid?

If WynnBET bettors win, then they can withdraw their winnings from the ‘withdraw’ section of their accounts. Bettors can select the withdraw option, decide which withdrawal method they’d like to use, then select the amoun they’d like to withdraw. Then, bettors must wait as long as 7-10 business days for their withdrawals to process. 

Does WynnBET Have A Live In-Game Betting Section?

Yes. WynnBET’s home page opens with live betting lines for bettors to browse. So, the most engaging and profitable lines for sportsbooks are front and center for bettors to try immediately. 

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