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William Hill is yet another international player that’s come to the Colorado sports betting market. William Hill is one of the largest sportsbooks in the American sports betting industry. Between its app and its odds, William Hill has made itself a must-check sportsbook for savvy bettors. Here’s everything bettors need to know about William Hill and its place in Colorado sports betting.

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William Hill Colorado Promo Code 2021

Use our exclusive William Hill Colorado promo code: COSHARPRF for a risk-free bet up to $500. If you lose your first bet, you’ll get a second-chance free bet for the same amount as your wager.

William Hill Colorado Promo Code
William Hill Bonus Details
CO, NJ, WV, IN, IA, MI, TN, VA, NV: Free bet up to $500
IL: Free bet up to $300
William Hill Sportsbook States
Last verified
May 2021


William Hill has a welcome bonus, in the form of a free bet up to $500, for new bettors. Essentially, if you lose your first bet, your account will be credited with a free bet for the same amount that you lost.

If bettors haven’t read the fine print, they could miss out on this bonus before they place a bet. The terms are available, of course. But how many bettors are going to read the bonus terms before throwing money at William Hill?

Just make sure you use your free bet credit within seven days of it being awarded or else it will expire.



William Hill is something of a wild card in the Colorado sports betting market. It doesn’t specialize in odds in any sport or league. However, when it has the best odds on a line, it’s usually on the favorite to win. That puts William Hill in the company of DraftKings and Circa Sports. For example, here are William Hill’s futures on the Super Bowl:  

William Hill+850+400+25,000
Fox Bet+850+390+20,000
Circa Sports+700+375+50,000

William Hill is in a three-way tie for the best odds on the Buccaneers winning the Super Bowl. It gets beat out on the Cheifs, and it has the second-best odds on the Broncos winning the Super Bowl. Although the 25,000-point difference is stark, it’s common among futures odds that get that high.

Its game odds are noteworthy, too. Here are William Hill’s odds on the LA Dodgers and Tampa Bay Rays compared to some of its stiffest competition:

 Los Angeles DodgersTampa Bay Rays
William Hill-145+135
theScore Bet-145+135

Here, William Hill is one point shy of having the best odds on the Dodgers. When William Hill has the best odds on a line, it tends to favor the favorite to win at the expense of competitive underdog odds.

If bettors search for the best odds on any line, they’ll have to check William Hill. Sometimes William Hill will be relevant, sometimes not. But they’ve made themselves an important sportsbook in Colorado.



William Hill has plenty of sports to bet on. Although only a few of those sports are in the spotlight in the Fall, they’re available for bettors who bet on sports besides football. Bettors can find popular sports like football, basketball, and baseball. But they can also find table tennis, darts, and rugby.

Bettors can also find different leagues within each sport. Once bettors select a sport, they’ll be taken to its betting lines. From there, it gets a little tricky. Most sportsbooks have separate dropdown menus for leagues. But William Hill lists betting lines in fully expanded lists. That means their lines start with the first league on the list, and bettors have to scroll past all the lines to get to the next league. Or, they can collapse the league’s menu to get to the next one.

For example, when bettors select soccer, they’ll go to a screen with English League Cup lines. Bettors can scroll past the English League Cup lines to find the French Ligue and USL Championship Lines. Or, bettors can select the arrow on the English League Cup to jump to the rest of the available soccer leagues. It’s a clunky way to navigate between leagues, but bettors should know the leagues are there.



William Hill has several deposit methods that make funding its sportsbook accounts easy. Whether bettors want to deposit with their cards or link their bank accounts, William Hill has options for them. The full list of deposit options is:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Advanced Checking
  • William Hill Prepaid Card
  • Cash Deposits

American Express and Discover cardholders are out of luck. But almost everyone has a bank account they can use. The William Hill prepaid card is great for bettors who move money in and out of their accounts frequently. And cash deposits are self-explanatory. Bettors can deposit cash at any of William Hill’s retail locations.

William Hill’s cash-out options are similarly diverse. Bettors can withdraw their William Hill winnings by:

  • eCheck
  • Online Banking
  • Skrill
  • William Hill Prepaid Card
  • Cash Withdrawal

William Hill has one of the most generous lists of withdrawal options in Colorado. Most Colorado sportsbooks don’t have more than three withdrawal options. William Hill manages to dwarf most of the market with five. The cash withdrawal option may surprise bettors, but William Hill is known for its retail locations. If any sportsbook would have a robust cash withdrawal system, it’d be William Hill.



William Hill’s app is an elegant blend of warm colors and clear bright sports betting lines. It strikes a delicate balance that’s visually engaging but easy on the eyes. Bettors will be able to spend hours scrolling through William Hill’s lines. (Bettors couldn’t wager for hours, but if they wanted to, they could.)

Navigating William Hill’s app is easy, too. The home screen includes popular live bets and other premier sports betting lines. One tab over, bettors can scroll through William Hill’s full list of sports. The bet slip is in the middle of the bottom banner of the screen. Bettors can browse promotions one more tab over. And if bettors need support, they can find the support link in the bottom right corner of the screen. Everything is in an intuitive place.

However, the app’s biggest flaw is how William Hill organizes its leagues. Instead of another layer of a drop-down menu, leagues and their lines are listed down on a separate screen. It’s not a huge deal, but it’s not as seamless as other Colorado sportsbooks.



William Hill has a beautiful app that new bettors can easily navigate. Its many deposit and withdrawal options give bettors flexibility that other sportsbooks struggle to keep up with. It also has many sports, leagues, and betting lines to choose from. Its odds are hit or miss, but their best odds tend to be on the favorite. William Hill can have amazing, mediocre, or awful odds on any given line. It’s a must-check for bettors seeking the best value for their stake.

But William Hill’s biggest weakness is its welcome bonus. Bettors have little warning before depositing. They may not realize how many site credits they aren’t earning by making a small deposit. Bettor education is crucial to making the most of that bonus, but bettors probably won’t read the fine print.

But besides its bonus, William Hill is an excellent choice for Colorado bettors.

Is William Hill A Legitimate Company?

Yes. William Hill was founded in 1934, growing from a postal betting company to the sports betting powerhouse it is today. Bettors may still be skeptical about whether this company is worth trusting. But here are five reasons William Hill passes the smell test of a legitimate company.

William Hill Is Licensed By Colorado

All of Colorado’s licensed sportsbooks have this in common. A sports betting license signifies that a sportsbook has been studied by state regulators. Bettors can read Colorado’s licensing requirements to see how sportsbooks earn a license. But they can rest assured that licensed sportsbooks are, at a minimum, legitimate.

William Hill Has No Automatic Disqualifiers

Colorado makes everyone work for a gaming license. But some people cannot hold a gaming license at all. Aspiring sports betting license holders cannot hold a license in Colorado if they’ve:

  • Been convicted of a gambling felony.
  • Served a sentence for a gambling felony or misdemeanor in the last ten years.
  • Been identified as a “career offender” by state gambling enforcement agencies.

Colorado Ran Background Checks On William Hill’s Management

Background checks on upper management are part of the licensing process. It ensures that spurious owners can’t found sportsbook companies in Colorado. That keeps shady mobsters from running sportsbooks in Colorado. No one wants to turn Colorado into a black market, and background checks ensure William Hill is run by legitimate businesspeople.

Colorado Has William Hill’s Financial History

To get a license, William Hill sent Colorado’s Gaming Enforcement Office their financial history. These include:

  • Three years of tax returns.
  • Three years of financial statements.
  • Source of funding information.

These documents show how William Hill makes itself profitable and where its money comes from. It’s another way for state regulators to rule illegal sportsbooks with dubious funding sources out.

William Hill Can Be Removed From Colorado’s Sportsbook Industry

If William Hill does anything too egregious, Colorado can revoke William Hill’s license. Per Rule 10, Colorado can haul William Hill in front of a committee to dissect license violations. This committee can issue fines or suspend or revoke a sportsbook’s license at this point. It’s a powerful watchdog overseeing William Hill and all of Colorado’s licensed sportsbooks.

Why Bet At William Hill Instead Of An Illegal Sportsbook?

Illegal sportsbooks used to be the only ways to bet on sports. But ever since the Supreme Court overturned PASPA, legal sportsbooks could replace the illegal market. Illegal sportsbooks haven’t disappeared though. They drain revenue from the new legal market. However, the patrons they hurt the most are also the most vulnerable.

Illegal Sports Betting Love Problem Gamblers

Legal sportsbooks must include the responsible gaming logo and problem gambling hotline on their websites. Colorado law wants to ensure help is near for bettors whose habits are out of hand. Licensed sportsbooks can’t cure problem gamblers. However, they can build safeguards into place for bettors to take advantage of.

And they do.

But illegal sportsbooks don’t care to limit their addicted gamblers. Bettors who only see potential rewards and never their losses are illegal sportsbook fodder. Illegal sportsbooks don’t have account limits. There’s not a menu where bettors can:

  • Limit betting amounts
  • Temporarily suspend their accounts
  • Delete their accounts

Instead, illegal sportsbooks will allow problem gamblers to wager on credit. They don’t mind that bettors are short on funds. They’ll let them place bets and see how those bets turn out. It’s great for bettors if they win–assuming their illegal sportsbook pays winnings on time and in full. But if bettors lose, then they’re in debt to an illegal sportsbook. There’s no reason for an illegal organization to collect debt ethically. Bettors can find themselves on the other end of threatening phone calls and aggressive reposition tactics.

Meanwhile, bettors who wager with illegal sportsbooks can’t be located for gambling addiction treatment. There are no records of gambling activity with illegal sportsbooks, so estimating the full extent of gambling addiction in Colorado is challenging. These bettors won’t be cured by legal sports betting. But wagering at legal sportsbooks keeps sportsbooks with account limitations in business. Those account limits can be a vital lifeline for bettors trying to keep their savings intact.

Why Bettors Can Trust William Hill With Their Bank Accounts

So, William Hill is better than its illegal counterparts. But is it trustworthy enough to send money to? Based on its past performance, it can keep bettors’ money safe. It’s as secure as any other online business.

First, William Hill’s online security is tested before launch. Three months before it goes live, licensed sportsbooks are audited by independent auditors. They test server security and other behind-the-scenes performance issues. Once the auditors finish their report, they give a copy to the sportsbook and include recommended adjustments if needed. If a sportsbook is licensed by the Colorado Division of Gaming, its online security has been tested to ensure it can manage sensitive data.

However, there are basic operational measures used to secure accounts, too. Bettors keeping their accounts and passwords to themselves is the easiest way bettors can secure their accounts. William Hill also logs bettors out after a few minutes of inactivity. That lessens the chance that someone will wager on a bettor’s account without them knowing. Finally, William Hill offers 2-factor authentication to further secure bettor accounts.

William Hill is as secure a website as one can be. Bettors shouldn’t worry about depositing money into a William Hill account.

How To Register For A William Hill Account

William Hill starts the signup process easily. Bettors hit the gold ‘register’ button in the top right corner of their screens. First, they’ll enter basic information, including their names, emails, and phone numbers. Then they’ll set up their account passwords, security questions, and the last four digits of their social security numbers. Finally, bettors will give William Hill their addresses.

But that’s where the easy part ends. William Hill then requires a government-issued ID with a picture and a utility bill. It’s the first Colorado sportsbook–including the international sportsbooks–that require a utility bill upload for betting. Bettors should have the paperwork ready before completing what should be a quick and painless signup procedure.

William Hill Fact Sheet

Colorado Sports Betting Age21
States With William Hill SportsbookColorado
New Jersey
West Virginia
William Hill Colorado Partner Eldorado Resorts

William Hill Sportsbook FAQ

How Do Bettors Collect Their William Hill Winnings?

All bettors have to do is withdraw their winnings from William Hill. The withdraw option is near the deposit option, so it’ll be easy to move money in and out. However, bettors can’t withdraw site credits from any of William Hill’s bonuses. Site credits are not the same as cash. It may sound unfair to some bettors, but William Hill won’t let bettors abuse bonuses for free cash.

Do Bettors Have To Be In Colorado To Bet At William Hill?

Yes. It’s illegal for bettors outside Colorado to wager at Colorado sportsbooks. The Wire Act outlaws gambling information between states. It’s why every sportsbook must have different apps for each state. William Hill locates bettors before allowing them to wager. Bettors outside their state won’t be able to place bets. That way, William Hill ensures their users comply with the Wire Act.

Does William Hill Have In-Play Betting?

Yes. Some of the first lines on William Hill’s home page are live games. If bettors only want to see live bets, they can filter the other lines out. Live betting is an engaging way to capitalize on the best odds. They change throughout the game, and surprise underdogs can create big wins for bettors.

Who Is William Hill Partnered With In Colorado?

Eldorado Resorts. It’s a conglomerate that owns several hotels and resorts across the country. William Hill’s partnership gets the sports betting giant into Isle Casino and Lady Luck Casino in Black Hawk. These were William Hill’s first retail sports betting locations. It provided kiosks to both these casinos. The kiosks are William Hill’s bread and butter, so they’re worth checking out.

Can Bettors Register For A William Hill Account From Anywhere In Colorado?

Yes. Bettors can complete the first half of the registration process from anywhere. They just need an internet connection. However, they’ll need their utility bill ready to upload, and bettors may need to be near a printer at home for that part. iPhones can scan documents more conveniently than a fax machine. (It’s the camera button hidden in the notes app.) Although it can be done from anywhere in Colorado, it’s probably best done at home.

What Is The Best Way To Deposit At William Hill?

Bank transfer. Linking a bank account ensures the smoothest transition between the bank and William Hill. It cuts out the middlemen of online wallets. The less switching back and forth, the easier it is to track transfers. If sports betting losses outweigh the winnings, it’ll be easy to catch on a bank statement.

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