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Avid sports readers may know theScore’s content: It’s a platform full of sports journalism that some bettors routinely consume. But on Sept. 2, theScore released its sportsbook–theScore Bet.

Colorado’s thirteenth sportsbook app pairs a sports betting platform with a sports news outlet, giving studious bettors a unique betting outlet. Bettors can read sports and betting developments to inform their sportsbook bets. There’s only one sportsbook–so far–with a similar media partnership.

But its market dominance comes down to how great its sportsbook is. Here’s everything bettors need to know about theScore bet and its place in Colorado’s sports betting industry.

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theScore Bet Colorado Sportsbook Bonus September 2021

theScore Bet offers one of the best sign-up bonuses when you use our exclusive theScore Bet Colorado link, no promo code needed. New players will receive a free $500 bet along with a 100% deposit match bonus of up to $1,000. Terms and conditions apply.

theScore Bet Colorado Promo Code
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100% match up to $1000 on first deposit & $500 free bet
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January 2023

theScore Bet has two welcome bonuses that new bettors can take advantage of. The first is a $500 free bet. All bettors have to do to earn its place a bet. It doesn’t matter how large or small that bet is. Once it goes through, bettors get $500 to wager. It’s not as large as some of the other free bets on the market like Caesars and BetMGM which both offer $1001 and $1000 free bets, respectively. However, it comes with fewer terms and strings attached than many welcome bonuses.

But the second part of theScore Bet’s welcome bonus is what ranks it so high. It’s a $1,000 deposit match bonus. As bettors wager, they’ll earn 5% cash back on every wager. It doesn’t matter whether bets win, lose, or push. Bettors will get 5% of their wager back up to $1,000. Most bettors won’t get the full $1,000. They’d have to wager $20,000 to do that. However, bettors get rewarded at the pace of their first two months of betting.

theScore Bet’s cashback bonus is the first of its kind in Colorado. It’s strong because bettors are largely unpenalized for missing hidden bonus terms. Bettors must wager at a regular pace during their first two months. However, if they’re betting at the pace they’ll maintain, they’ll maximize the cashback bonus’ value. Between the free bet and the cashback bonus, theScore Bet has one of the best bonuses in Colorado.


theScore Bet came into Colorado’s competitive market with strong odds. It’s a traditional sportsbook, which means that it must sacrifice one side of the line for the best odds on the other side. Here are the odds on the Titans/Broncos game the first week of the NFL season:

 Tennessee TitansDenver Broncos
theScore Bet+100-120
Fox Bet+100-118
Bet Wildwood-115-105
Elite Sportsbook+100-120

theScore Bet is in a three-way tie for the best odds on the Titans with Fox Bet and Elite Sportsbook. However, theScore Bet and Elite Sportsbook have the worst odds on the Broncos. That’s the tradeoff theScore Bet makes to dominate one side of the line. Every traditional sportsbook makes this tradeoff. However, theScore Bet ends up with the best–or close to the best–odds on one side of the line. Most sportsbooks can’t say that, so theScore Bet is starting in a fantastic market position.


theScore Bet makes finding sports and sports leagues easy. The full list of sports begins broadly. Bettors can select the sport they want, then find every league theScore Bet offers underneath. For example, bettors can click on baseball and find MLB games alongside international baseball leagues. Each major professional league is represented. Bettors can also find combat sports, rugby, and professional bull riding leagues.

Some leagues, like soccer, are full of international leagues. Soccer is popular globally, so it’s not surprising to find a massive list of soccer leagues. However, other leagues lack the same range of leagues. The only golf league available was the PGA Tour. There isn’t much popular golf going on in September 2020.

But while I was researching odds, I never had trouble finding a sport I wanted to compare. Some of the other sportsbooks had gaps in their lines that theScore Bet filled. It’s a testament to theScore Bet’s many available sports, leagues, and lines. If bettors are looking for reliable betting lines, theScore Bet is a reliable choice.


There are four ways to deposit funds at theScore Bet:

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • eCheck Select
  • theScore Bet Play + Card

theScore Bet accepts every card except American Express. The eCheck select is an online banking transfer, and the Play+ card is a prepaid account. It’s a smaller selection of deposit options than Colorado’s other sportsbooks. However, the online banking and card options are the most important to include, so theScore Bet covers most of its bettors there. (Can you imagine anyone missing the cash deposit option at participating 7-Eleven’s? Can anyone you know?)

Withdrawal options are even fewer:

  • eCheck Select
  • theScore Bet Play+

Withdrawing funds requires more security than depositing. Sportsbooks must be sure their money is going to legitimate bettors. Anyone can open a credit card in someone else’s name. But bank transfers and prepaid accounts are tied to specific individuals. These online transfers are the most secure and reliable for sportsbooks.

However, depositing through eCheck Select doesn’t work. When I tried, I got an error message saying payments weren’t supported in my location yet. Since I’m in Colorado, depositing shouldn’t be an issue. Hopefully, this issue is resolved quickly. But since the rest of the sportsbook works fine, it’s odd that accepting money is the part that fell apart.


I like a clean app, and theScore Bet delivers. One of the common pitfalls sportsbook displays fall into is filling their sportsbook apps with promotional sections. They break the odds sections up and clutter the homepage. It’s hard to display them well. But the promotions are one bar across the middle of the home screen. It’s almost easy to miss.

That leaves more room for the odds.  The odds are large enough to view easily, too. theScore Bet’s black and blue display is easy on the eyes and doesn’t let the odds blend into the background. It’s a delicate balance that theScore Bet manages to strike.

It’s easy to switch between menus, too. The home page lists live and featured bets for bettors to choose from. The bet slip is the next menu over for bettors to view the bets they’ve already entered. Live games have their own tab, followed by the full list of sports and sports leagues.

Bettors’ profiles are a little hidden in the top-right corner of the screen. Clicking on the sportsbook balance will lead bettors to their profile section. From there, they can deposit and withdraw funds and manage their account settings.

It’s easy to get around theScore Bet’s app. The app is simple without sacrificing any functionality. It’s a rare balance to strike successfully.


theScore Bet began its Colorado launch with many strong points. It has one of the most generous and innovative welcome bonuses in Colorado. It makes itself formidable on at least one side of the line–sometimes on the favorite, other times on the underdog. Bettors will find plenty of sports, leagues, and lines to wager in one of the cleanest, simplest apps in the Rocky Mountain State.

However, it needs to fix its eCheck Select deposit option. There are only a few ways to put money into theScore Bet. All four of their deposit options need to be functional. But even with a limited selection and a few glitches, theScore Bet is one of Colorado’s premier sportsbooks.

Is theScore Bet A Legitimate Business?

Yes. theScore has been covering sports since its app came out in 2012. It has covered fantasy sports developments, too. theScore Bet is the company’s latest expansion of sports offerings. Here are five more reasons bettors can trust this is a real company.

theScore Bet Is A Licensed Colorado Sportsbook

Colorado only issues sports betting licenses to legitimate companies. The process for receiving a gaming license is invasive, so bettors can rest assured that theScore Bet has been analyzed relentlessly. Colorado has strong consumer protections for sports bettors. theScore Bet wouldn’t have received a gaming license if it couldn’t take care of its patrons.

theScore Bet Accepts Legitimate Forms Of Payment

All theScore Bet’s deposit and withdrawal methods include secure online transactions. Each of these payment methods leaves records for sportsbooks, consumers, and regulators. Shady businesses don’t like making transactions easy to follow. Illegitimate businesses may only accept cash or checks so they can take the money without publicly available receipts. None of theScore Bet’s payment options are “off-the-books” friendly, which is one more indicator of legitimacy.

theScore Bet’s Website Doesn’t Raise Red Flags

A big tipoff to a shady company is a shady website. If a major company has a terrible website, it signals a lack of quality somewhere else. It’s not always a fair perception. However, the best companies have all their ducks in a row. theScore Bet’s website doesn’t give off any red flags like bad information or broken links. It looks and feels like a real online company.

theScore Bet Can Disappear In A Matter Of Weeks

If theScore Bet violates any of the terms it agreed to by earning a Colorado sports betting license, it faces serious consequences. Rule 10 of the Colorado Division of Gaming’s sports betting rules lays those consequences out. theScore Bet stands to lose a lot if it doesn’t operate legitimately. It’s unlikely bettors will face problems from them.

theScore Bet Has A Track Record

theScore app came out in 2012, but its parent company has been around since 2001. Bettors can go search for two decades of business performance. There’s plenty of information available for bettors to decide whether they trust theScore.

Why theScore Bet Is A Better Option Than Illegal Sportsbooks

There are plenty of reasons to avoid illegal sportsbooks. Bettors may be drawn to the better odds that illegal sportsbooks can offer. However, illegal sportsbooks can offer attractive odds because they don’t have to operate legitimately. An illegal sportsbook can do one of two things to make unfair profits:

  • Accept wagers on credit, then collect on the debt.
  • Refuse to pay winnings.

Accepting Wagers On Credit

Accepting wagers on credit is the first step in drawing money out of bettors who otherwise wouldn’t be able to pay. Illegal sportsbooks will offer bettors the chance to wager on credit. Bettors don’t have to put any money upfront, and if they win, then it’s free money. That may tempt them to place a larger bet than they’d normally be able to. Once they’ve placed their inflated bets, they have to hope that the money comes through.

If the bettor loses, then he owes money to an illegal sportsbook. Illegal sportsbooks don’t have any qualms about using intimidation–or in rare cases, violence–to get their money back. Bettors should beware of owing money to unmonitored and unlicensed sportsbooks.

Refusing Winnings

Collecting on a debt is a lot of trouble for an illegal sportsbook. It’s much easier to not pay winnings at all. Illegal sportsbooks can keep their bettors’ stakes, and bettors have no legal recourse against them. Colorado doesn’t offer legal protection for bettors who gamble illegally. Bettors would also have to admit they were gambling illegally to law enforcement to bring in legitimate third parties.

Meanwhile, the illegal sportsbook is collecting betting stakes without any enforcement agency noticing. And disgruntled clients can’t come forward without implicating themselves in illicit gaming. It’s the perfect crime. Bettors are better off wagering at a licensed Colorado sportsbook, like theScore Bet.

Why Bettors Can Trust theScore Bet With Their Money

theScore Bet may be a legitimate company, but bettors may be wary about giving their social security numbers and bank information to a sportsbook. But Colorado’s licensed sportsbooks aren’t run-of-the-mill apps that anyone can send to market. They’re heavily regulated gaming companies with powerful security measures.

One of the ways theScore Bet puts security in its bettors’ hands is by emailed bettors each time they log in. That may seem trivial. However, if someone gets into a bettor’s account without them knowing, that’s how they’ll find out about an unauthorized login. It’s a good tip-off to strange behavior before it can do any damage.

theScore Bet also has different features that bettors can use to manage their account security. Bettors can change their security questions, update their passwords, and set other security parameters in theScore Bet’s account section.

But theScore Bet doesn’t leave the security wholly to users. Its GLI-33 certification requires theScore Bet to have security measures in place for:

  • Security design and implementation
  • Determining which information is collected
  • Specific security measures
  • Procedures for security breaches

Specific policies are kept under wraps at theScore Bet. Telling hackers exactly what they’re up against is poor security policy. But bettors can tell from the certifications that require strong security that theScore Bet is doing everything it can to protect bettors’ information.

theScore Bet Fact Sheet

Colorado's Legal Sports Betting Age21
theScore Bet's States of OperationColorado & New Jersey
theScore Bet's Colorado PartnerThe Gilpin Hotel
theScore Bet's Colorado Launch DateSeptember 2, 2020

theScore Bet Colorado FAQ

Do Bettors Have To Be In Colorado To Wager At theScore Bet?

Yes. All Colorado sportsbooks have geolocation to make sure bettors at Colorado sportsbooks are in Colorado. This keeps out of state users from using Colorado to wager illegally in their own states. It also keeps Colorado from violating the Wire Act, which prohibits illegal betting funds from crossing state lines.

How Do Bettors Get Paid If They Win At theScore Bet?

They can make a withdrawal from their theScore Bet accounts. Bettors hit the dollar amount in the top-right corner of the app. Then, they go to their wallet and select ‘withdrawal.’ Finally, bettors select their withdrawal method and amount. However, if bettors are withdrawing for the first time, theScore Bet will need to verify their banking information. Bettors can upload a void check to complete this part of the verification process.

How Many Different Sports Can Bettors Wager On At theScore Bet?

theScore Bet has almost a dozen sports for bettors to wager on. However, each sport is further divided into the leagues within that sport. At the time of this writing, soccer has eight leagues to wager on while bull riding only has one. There are lots of betting options for all sorts of bettors.

Does theScore Bet Have Live In-Game Betting?

Yes. It has an entire section dedicated to live betting. Bettors just have to hit the ‘live’ tab to see what’s available. Any live games will pop up on the screen. If there aren’t any, bettors will get a polite message asking them to check back soon.

Can Bettors Sign Up For theScore Bet From Anywhere In Colorado?

Yes. They can sign up from anywhere in the United States. However, bettors cannot wager unless they are within Colorado state lines. The geolocation may be a little fuzzy for bettors who are right on top of the state border. But that’s nothing that moving inland can’t solve.

Does theScore Bet Offer Lines On Esports?

Yes. theScore has a large esports section full of esports content. theScore Bet will offer esports lines as they become available. They aren’t out in the initial version. However, bettors can expect to see esports as theScore Bet continues to roll out and refine its product.

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