Feast on Thanksgiving Lines at Colorado Sportsbooks

As fun as carving the turkey with your least favorite in-laws is, scrolling through Colorado sportsbook lines on your favorite app may be even more enticing. However, there are only a few major sports available. NHL and MLB seasons are over. College football’s last game with sportsbook lines is the Saturday before Thanksgiving–and before the in-laws arrive. The NBA Draft will be over shortly after this article is published–much less read. NCAA football games are on the schedule for the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

However, sportsbooks don’t have game lines that far out. About half of Colorado sportsbooks offer game lines more than a week out. There’s been so much uncertainty during the pandemic that sportsbooks don’t make game lines available more than a week or so out. Unless bettors are rabid snooker fans, they won’t many betting options among Colorado’s sportsbooks. Mainstream American league lines are mostly futures bets in anticipation of 2021 seasons. The Colorado sportsbooks only offer a few mainstream favorites for Thanksgiving.

Here’s what bettors can expect from Colorado sportsbooks during the influx of in-laws.

Broncos Lines Over Thanksgiving

Bettors will find a few NFL lines over Thanksgiving week. However, there are only a few sportsbooks with NFL game lines for that week. Here are the game lines for the Broncos/Dolphins game on the Sunday before Thanksgiving:

Circa Sports+155-175
theScore Bet+150-170
William Hill+155-175
Elite Sportsbook+150-170

SBK is the clear winner on the Dolphins. However, they’re offering uncharacteristically low odds on the Broncos winning. They’re more optimistic in the Broncos winning than the other sportsbooks with Thanksgiving week lines. But anyone who thinks the Broncos have a shot is better off wagering at Circa Sports. In a break from their usual trend on strong underdog odds, Circa Sports dominates the field in Broncos odds.  or William Hill. They have the best underdog odds out of the sportsbooks setting game lines more than a week out. No one’s set odds on the Broncos/Saints game yet, though. Bettors will have to wait and see whether the Broncos become a favorite in the coming weeks.

Two College Basketball Games

College football lines only extend to the Saturday before Thanksgiving. But college basketball has two notable games the day after Thanksgiving. The first is the Gonzaga/Auburn game:


It’s a small selection, and they may as well be the same sportsbook. DraftKings and BetRivers often have the same odds on their game lines. If their odds don’t match, they’re usually only off by five or ten points. It’s a trend that we still haven’t figured out how to explain. Whatever the reason, they’re staggeringly confident in Gonzaga’s chances. They have similar conclusions about Florida and Virginia:


Again, they’re the only two sportsbooks with game lines on college basketball over Thanksgiving week. College sports are especially unpredictable during the pandemic. Coronavirus restrictions differ by university. With 351 schools, Colorado sportsbooks don’t seem keen on making predictions very far in advance about any of them. But if bettors have a sports betting itch to scratch, they have a little NCAA at their fingertips.

Why Thanksgiving Betting Lines Are So Sparse This Year

In normal years, there are plenty of sports to wager on. But the pandemic has made sportsbooks cautious. They don’t know which teams or players will contract the coronavirus before their games. Oddsmakers study many factors to create odds for game lines. A canceled game means lost sportsbook revenue and wasted oddsmaker effort. During the spring and summer, sportsbooks still set game lines weeks in advance. But they learned from surprise coronavirus outbreaks and spontaneous rescheduling. (Our earliest BetMGM reviews were critical of its short-notice game lines. In hindsight, they were ahead of the curve.)

However, sports delays have tweaked league schedules, too. A normal NHL season runs from October to April. But the mid-March delays have left the NFL alone during Thanksgiving week. College sports are even worse. Once sportsbooks factor in each college’s volatility, it’s no wonder there are barely any college lines ahead of Thanksgiving week. Bettors will likely find more as scheduled games get closer. But a week in advance, bettors may find themselves placing futures bets on upcoming 2021 seasons.

What Bettors Should Expect Thanksgiving Week

Even though sports are slower than normal over Thanksgiving, Colorado sportsbooks still have game lines available. There are plenty of non-traditional sports to choose from. But the sports bettors are used to watching over Thanksgiving are harder to find this far ahead of the holidays. COVID-19 cancellations have made sportsbooks cautious, and they aren’t offering game lines until they’re sure the game is on. Bettors will find NFL and some college basketball lines ahead of Thanksgiving week.

However, sportsbooks will likely add new game lines over Thanksgiving week. As scheduled games get closer, more Colorado sportsbooks will offer more betting options. Thanksgiving will look different this year, and the sports world is no exception. But these early line selections offer hope for a sports week that will reclaim some semblance of normalcy. Keep an eye on Colorado sportsbooks during the holidays–and most importantly, don’t breathe on the in-laws.

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