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Westgate Las Vegas Resorts’ Superbook was launched as one of the first sportsbooks available to the American market. At the time, sports betting was more of an afterthought to American casinos. The brand noticed the potential for success in the industry early, opening its 30,000 square foot facility in 1986 with over 300 seats. Superbook, now America’s largest sportsbook, is now seeking success in the Colorado market as they expand for the first time.

When Did Superbook Launch In Colorado?

Superbook’s sports platform launched on May 1, 2020, when the first legal wagers were placed statewide. Last November, Colorado residents voted on a bill allowing sportsbooks to operate at casinos, as well as via mobile and online applications.

What States Does Superbook Currently Operate In?

Similar to Bet365 internationally, Superbook is widely regarded as the most popular and successful sportsbooks in America. Until recently, the platform was only available to Nevada residents and the millions of tourists that visit the state every year. The launch of Superbook in Colorado is the first time the brand has expanded their operations across borders.

Has Superbook Secured Any Colorado Partnerships?

Superbook secured a partnership with Jacobs Entertainment Incorporated, a gaming, hospitality, and entertainment company headquartered in Golden, Colorado. The sportsbook is set to launch at The Lodge Casino in Black Hawk. Mobile and online versions of the platform became legal statewide on May 1. Through this multiyear agreement, Superbook also has access to Jacobs’ portfolio of properties in Nevada, Ohio, and Louisiana.

What Games Are Available For Betting On Superbook In Colorado?

As the largest sportsbook in America, Superbook offers an expansive variety of sports and sports leagues for users to bet on. Bettors will find the most lines on the four professional domestic sports leagues (NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA) and their collegiate counterparts. However, there are several options for soccer, tennis, and motorsports events, among others.

Users of the Superbook betting platform can place wagers on the following sporting events:

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • Horse Racing
  • Mixed Martial Arts
  • Rugby
  • Motorsports
  • Soccer
  • Tennis

Bettors can place a variety of wage types on the Superbook sportsbook as well. The selection is not as wide as many of its competitors in the Colorado market, however, you will find the common and most popular options on most sporting events.

Does the Superbook Offer Good Odds?

The Superbook is considered a market maker in Las Vegas. It’s often the first book to post odds on a game. You’ll find highly competitive odds here relative to other sportsbooks.

How Do Spreads and Totals Work?

These are the basics of sports betting. Point spreads are designed to level the playing field between two opponents. You add or subtract points from a team’s final score. The Superbook had the Denver Broncos -4.5 against the Seattle Seahawks in the 2022 NFL season opener.

Denver needs to win by at lest five points to cover the spread. The total was set at 41.5. You can bet over or under that number. If you bet the over, a minimum of 42 points must be scored to win the wager. Under bettors need a max of 41 points to be scored.  

Circa, another market maker, offered Seattle +5 in this game. If you want to bet Seattle, you’d make that play at Circa. You never bet an underdog at +4.5 when +5 is available on the market.

Does the Superbook Offer Moneyline Odds?

Yes. Moneyline odds are offered on teams to win the game outright. The final score does not matter. Here are moneyline odds on the June 29 MLB game between the Dodgers and Rockies.


Bottom line: The Superbook offered the best odds on both teams in this game. Sportsbooks charge a fee to handle your bet, and this is called the vig. The Superbook also had the lowest vig on this bet at 1.88% based on the odds it offered on both teams.

It’s important have accounts with multiple sportsbooks. This allows you to compare odds across the industry and play the best ones available for your bet. The Superbook had the best odds on this game, but no single book will have the best odds on every game. 

Shopping Around for the Best Futures Odds

Futures odds are available throughout the year on the winner of the Super Bowl. Here are the futures odds on Denver to win Super Bowl 57 in late June:







The Superbook again offered the best odds here. A $100 bet on the Broncos will return $2,000 if Denver wins Super Bowl 57. What’s the theoretical hold? It’s the amount of money a sportsbook hopes to keep from a given betting market. A higher theoretical hold means lower odds and payouts for bettors and vice versa. 

Adding Funds To Your Superbook Sportsbook Account In Colorado

Superbook is one of the most popular sportsbooks in America and offers several options for funding your betting account. The bookmaker allows users to utilize many of the same resources as its rivals, with the exception of a few. These deposit methods are currently available on the Superbook platform:

  • Credit or Debit
  • Online Bank Transfer/ACH
  • Cash

How Do You Cash Out Your Superbook Sportsbook Account?

The Colorado sportsbook also offers very common withdrawal options for users to receive their winnings. These are the methods currently available in the Nevada market, however, these are subject to change upon expansion into Colorado. The following are a few options withdrawal options available on the Superbook platform:

  • Credit or Debit
  • Online Bank Transfer/ACH
  • Cash

What To Expect From Superbook In Colorado


Strong Colorado Partnerships

Superbook’s sportsbook will undoubtedly benefit from Jacob Entertainment’s experience in the Colorado gambling environment

A long list of available sports

Users of Superbook in Colorado will likely find their sport of choice on the platform

NFL SuperContest in Colorado

Superbook is well known for the SuperContest which is a $1,500 entree fee tournament with a pool of over $1 million dollars. Each week players select 5 games against the spread. Winners get a share of the prize pool. Colorado will likely have access to the SuperContest which is a unique aspect that SuperBook is bringing to the state.

America’s largest betting platform

Superbook operates America’s largest betting platform at the Westgate Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. As the brand’s first expansion market, Colorado bettors are expected to greatly benefit from the decades of experience Superbook CO will have to offer.

Mirrored deposit and withdrawal

When depositing funds on the Superbook CO online or mobile app, you can easily withdraw your earnings the same way.


No online application

Superbook is very reputable for its physical and mobile sportsbook experience but lacks credibility in the online betting department. A rollout is expected before the year-end, but no further news has been announced.

Lack of industry partnerships

Notable competitors such as Draftkings, FanDuel, Caesars, and PointsBet have secured powerful partnerships with leagues like the NFL and NBA. Certain sportsbook have gone the extra mile, employing famous ex-athletes as brand ambassadors in order to boost brand recognition. Superbook currently has none of these contracts in place.

Is Superbook going to succeed in Colorado?

Superbook has operated out of the Westgate Las Vegas Resort for over two decades. Their mobile application and physical experience have made them a consistent favorite among Nevada bettors, winning them several awards since the platform was established in 1986. As the first-ever expansion state for the brand, Colorado seems to be a promising market for the sportsbook to set up shop.

Nevada is notoriously known for its strict gambling laws, particularly as it pertains to sports betting. The less stringent landscape in Colorado will lend Superbook the ability to explore opportunities unavailable in their home market. As America’s largest sportsbook, Superbook will likely be successful in the state. However, they will need to do their best to distinguish themselves from their number of prominent rivals.

Superbook Colorado Sportsbook FAQ

Where can I sign up for the Superbook sports book in Colorado?

You will be able to sign up for Superbook on their mobile application or at The Lodge Casino in Black Hawk after land casinos re-open. After signing up, your account can be accessed within Colorado and all other legal betting states.

What is the minimum betting age for online sports betting at Superbook?

To place legal sports wagers in the state of Colorado, you must be 21 years of age or older.

Does Superbook hold any partnerships within Colorado?

Superbook is partnered with Jacobs Entertainment Inc., owner of The Lodge Casino in Black Hawk, Colorado. The partnership also gives them access to properties in Nevada, Ohio, and Louisiana.

Is Superbook a reputable sportsbook for placing sports wagers in Colorado?

Yes, Superbook is a legitimate platform for Colorado residents and visitors to place sports bets starting May 1.

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