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So far, all of Colorado’s sportsbooks have been traditional sportsbooks. Bookmakers calculate the odds and build house advantages into their lines. However, Smarkets has a different business model entirely, and it’s a massive disruption to the existing sportsbooks. Here’s how this UK sportsbook ranks against Colorado’s current sportsbooks.

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SBK Colorado Sportsbook Promo Code 2021

The SBK sign up offer might not be as competitive when compared to other Colorado sportsbooks, but it’s a good offer for bettors looking to test the waters. SBK offers new users a $20 risk-free bet when they deposit $20. Terms and conditions apply.

SBK Colorado Promo Code
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Deposit Bonus
Refund first $20 of losses after depositing $20

There are a lot of things to like about SBK, but its welcome bonus is not one of them. The only welcome bonus that SBK improves on is BetMonarch’s and that’s because BetMonarch doesn’t have any yet. Here’s what the other current sportsbooks are offering:

  • FOX Bet’s $500 risk-free bet and $500 deposit bonus ($1 for every $2 deposited, up to $500)
  • DraftKings’ $1000 deposit bonus
  • FanDuel’s single risk-free bet of up to $1000
  • BetMGM’s single risk-free bet of up to $600
  • BetRivers’ $250 match with its welcome code, 250MATCH

SBK has a long way to go compete with the rest of Colorado’s sportsbook bonuses. However, SBK is on the right track with a refund of lost money over time. Several sportsbooks offer risk-free bets that are limited to a bettor’s first bet. But SBK will refund the first $20 of lost bets over multiple bets. That allows bettors to wager at their own pace and earn the full value of their bonus over time. If SBK increased the dollar value of its bonus, it could offer a welcome bonus that competes with FOX Bet and DraftKings.


SBK is one of Colorado’s hidden gems. It’s run by a UK company called Smarkets. SBK gets its odds from its UK betting exchange, which gives its odds a large boost. Here’s how bettors can odds shop and why SBK should be one of the top sportsbooks Colorado bettors have in their pockets.

SBK Point Spread and Over/Under Odds 

Point spreads are bets on a team’s score. If bettors correctly predict whether a team will score more or fewer points than the other team, then they’ll win. Over/unders are wagers on whether both teams will make more or fewer than a certain number of points. Sportsbooks set the over/under value. 

The standard odds on these bets are -110 on both sides of the line. Sometimes bettors will find these standard odds, especially when events are far into the future. But often, the odds and spreads will be different from standard odds. That’s why odds shopping is important. 

Bettors who bet the over or the underdog want higher numbers. +3.5 would be better than +2.5. Bettors who bet the under or the favorite want smaller numbers. -3.5 would be better than -2.5. Here’s an example of that analysis: 

 SBK Caesars Sportsbook
Los Angeles Chargers+4.0 -132
+3.5 -125
+3.0 -105
+2.5 +110
+2.0 +116
+3.0 -110
Kansas City Chiefs-4.0 +102
-3.5 -103
-3.0 -122
-2.5 -143
-2.0 -149
-3.0 -110

This shows the unique value that SBK brings to the Colorado market. It has multiple choices of spreads with different odds. SBK also has better odds on the Chargers than PointsBet on the -3/+3 spread. So, bettors can find better odds and better spreads on SBK than other mainstream books. 

SBK Moneyline Odds

Moneylines are bets on a game’s winner. It doesn’t matter how many points teams have. Bettors just have to find the best odds on the favorite or the underdog.

Moneylines are especially popular ways to bet on baseball. So, bettors will find baseball money lines in every sportsbook. Here’s how to judge moneyline odds:

St. Louis Cardinals+152+145
Atlanta Braves-161-176

On this line, SBK has better odds on both sides of the line. That’s the difference that odds from a betting exchange make in a market where odds come from odds makers.  

SBK Futures Odds

Futures bets are wagers on the end of season events. They’re bets on events like championship winners and award winners, basically all the picks that are near-impossible to predict at the start of the season. 

One way to measure a sportsbook’s competitiveness overall is by measuring its theoretical hold. Theoretical hold is the money sportsbooks expect to keep after paying out winnings. High theoretical holds decrease odds overall while low theoretical holds increase odds overall.

But theoretical hold can be misleading. A book with a high theoretical hold can still have the best odds on one line. Here’s an example of that type of analysis:

Formula 1 Futures Theoretical Hold4.59%13.84%
Sergio Perez Odds+5888+4500

SBK has a far lower theoretical hold than FanDuel. SBK can pull this off because its odds are pulled from a betting exchange where prices are set by players rather than bookies. However, its selection of futures is far lower. So, there’s still a tradeoff. The 1,388-point difference speaks for itself though. It shows the difference odds shopping can make.  


SBK Sportsbook by Smarkets doesn’t make money on a built-in house advantage. Instead, it charges a 2% commission fee on bettors’ net earnings. That way, it doesn’t matter whether a team wins or loses. Smarkets generates revenue no matter what, and the bettors who slowly come to a consensus on the odds create the competitive lines seen here. It’s a radically different business model than the existing sportsbooks, and it works out for bettors. It’ll be interesting to see how the traditional sportsbooks respond.

Smarkets offers a wide range of sports and leagues, from pro US sports like football, baseball, and basketball, as well as more obscure or international events like the Remote Darts League and the Rugby Union. Snooker is also full of lines on the Championship League.

While most of its sports cover a satisfying breadth and depth, there’s one noticeable sport missing. Colorado’s current sportsbooks offer lines on the scheduled NHL games, but Smarkets doesn’t have any hockey lines. It could be because there aren’t any upcoming games, but that seems unlikely.

Most of Colorado’s sportsbooks–even BetMGM, which I’ve criticized for offering lines on short notice–have lines on the NHL round robin tournament for the 2020 season. It could be because it’s still new in Colorado, but it’s a bizarre omission for an otherwise strong sportsbook.


Although Smarkets’ deposit options are limited compared to most of Colorado’s sportsbooks, its two options include convenient ways to transfer funds:

  1. Bank Transfer
  2. Skrill (PayPal with currency conversions)

Bank transfers are the most direct and convenient deposit method. However, it would be nice to have a credit or debit card option too. Funding an account from a card allows bettors to limit themselves more easily.

There’s only one option for withdrawing money, though: a wire transfer. It’s the most direct way to transfer winnings from the sportsbook to the bettors’ bank account.

Smarkets offers the most direct deposit and withdrawal options available, and nothing else. It’s limited funding methods are more forgivable since the most convenient options are already available.


Smarkets has the best app in Colorado. It feels like it was developed by a luxury company. Instead of opening the app to a long form, I was presented with a few blanks to fill in at a time. The screens moved smoothly, and the app even offered customization options that none of the other sportsbooks have. I could decide whether I wanted to see the betting lines as large, spacious textboxes or to scrunch them together so I could see more lines at once. (I chose scrunched them together. Do you know how many lines I had to compare to write this article?)

Betting was easy, too. Bettors just have to click on the odds and go to their bet slip to decide how much to wager on each line. Bettors can also choose to make their multiple bet selections into parlay bets. That way, they can opt into a far riskier bet–mine was +1900 for three lines–if they’re feeling particularly confident in their choices.

The app is available for iOS and Android, so anyone can enjoy the sleek and smooth sportsbook that Smarkets has built.


SBK has some of the best odds and the best app in Colorado. Its business model of allowing bettors to choose their odds creates odds that the other sportsbooks struggle to keep up with. Taking a 2% cut of all the bettors’ net profits also protects SBK from an underdog win sucking up their cash reserves.

However, its welcome bonus falls short. A $20 refund of losses isn’t nearly as good as a $500 deposit bonus. SBK will have to work on that to make itself attractive to brand new bettors.

But overall, SBK is a gamechanger for every traditional sportsbook in the Rocky Mountain State. It’s the new sportsbook to watch.

Is SBK’s Colorado Sportsbook Legit?

Yes. The SBK sportsbook is Colorado’s seventh licensed sports betting app, which means it’s gone through months of scrutiny to operate in Colorado. It also opens itself up to disciplinary action by the State if it does anything wrong. Here are some of the ways the licensing process holds Smarkets accountable to its patrons.

Smarkets Can Be Investigated If A Patron Complaint Is Bad Enough

Smarkets has its own customer service process. However, if a patron complaint goes all the way to Colorado’s Division of Gaming, then the Commission can investigate Smarkets. If it finds sufficient wrongdoing, then the Commission can suspend or revoke Smarkets’ sports betting license.

Smarkets Agreed To Allow Citizen Complaints

The same rule that gives the Division of Gaming the authority to discipline sportsbooks also authorizes citizen complaints. Once a citizen files a complaint, the unfortunate sportsbook has 20 days to respond. However, the citizen complaint can be dismissed if it’s frivolous. Both sides are entitled to a fair investigation of their claims, after all.

The Stakes Are High For The Person Who Applied For Smarkets’ License

If Smarkets’ CEO gets criminally charged, that could be grounds for license suspension. It’s unlikely that would happen, but it’s good to know that the people running Colorado’s sportsbooks remain accountable.

Smarkets Must Provide All Relevant Information About Its Bets

All licensed sportsbooks must provide certain bet details to maintain each bet’s integrity. These details include:

  • Time of wager
  • Odds
  • Location
  • Amount wagered
  • Amount won
  • Wager type
  • What the wager was placed on

These crucial details ensure that bettors are informed and that wagers are settled fairly.

Smarkets Provides Self-Exclusion In Its App

While all licensed sportsbooks are required to offer self-exclusion options, Smarkets makes it seamlessly easy. Bettors can add themselves to the self-exclusion list from Smarkets’ app in the account section. It’s a show of good faith in protecting its customers.

Why Wager At Smarkets Instead Of Some Illegal Sportsbook?

While Smarkets is likely to stay in business for a long time, illegal sportsbooks may not last very long. In 2018, three Coloradans were arrested on illegal gambling charges. The list of charges was extensive, and came from operating three illegal casinos:

  • American Pride Skill Games
  • La Fortuna Skill Arcade
  • El Dorado Skill Games

These three locations are, of course, closed. It’s hard to remain open with the founders in prison. Even though sports betting is legal, illegal gambling remains a crime. As a result, illegal sportsbooks have no oversight until they’re discovered, and bettors won’t get their money back if their favorite illegal sportsbook is raided.

Illegal betting is especially dangerous for problem gamblers. Licensed sportsbooks may not accept bets from bettors on the self-exclusion list. However, illegal sportsbooks thrive on problem gamblers.

Some illegal sportsbooks go so far as to extend lines of credit to problem gamblers. However, those bookies want their money back, and problem gamblers tend to be tight on cash. That leads to financial ruin for vulnerable people and sometimes, bookies resort to threats and violence to get their debts repaid.

Once bettors become desperate enough, they can turn to crime to fund their gambling addictions and pay off their debts. To someone in severe gambling debt, drug trafficking could look like a promising way to pay a bookie. And to a crime syndicate, that indebted bettor seems like a perfect errand boy with nowhere else to go.

In contrast, licensed sportsbooks don’t engage in loan sharking or extend lines of credit that can’t be paid back. While sportsbooks can’t force problem gamblers to do the right thing for themselves, sportsbooks can keep bettors who try to protect themselves safe.

How Does Smarkets Protect Its Patrons’ Money And Social Security Number?

Since Smarkets is one of two sportsbooks that requires a bettor’s complete social security number, security is important. Here’s how Smarkets protects its customers’ most sensitive pieces of personal information.

In addition to standard security measures, like SSL certificates, Smarkets’ sportsbook offers two-factor authentication. Users can find this option in the sign-in section of the account tab. Users’ emails and passwords are still required, but Smarkets will also send bettors a one-time password. The passwords are randomly generated each time, so no two passwords are the same. They’re only good for 30 seconds, so they have to be used immediately. That makes it much harder for hackers to access bettors’ accounts.

Smarkets has also been audited by the State of Colorado during its licensing application. This ensures that Smarkets can protect user data and that Coloradans’ personal information remains secure. Bettors can rest at ease knowing that Smarkets has its data safe and sound.

Smarkets Quick Fact Sheet

Required Betting Age21
Legal StatesColorado & Indiana
Colorado PartnerFull House Resorts

SBK Sportsbook FAQ

Is Smarkets A Sportsbook?

Yes. Colorado bettors will see Smarkets sportsbook app like any other sportsbook. However, Smarkets bettors in other countries can set their own odds. They’re allowed to decide how likely it is that a given event will occur, and Smarkets’ odds will convene on a competitive figure. The odds that Colorado bettors see are the result of all the other bettors getting to decide how likely they think an event is.

How Old Do I Have To Be To Wager With Smarkets?

21. In the United Kingdom, bettors only have to be 18. However, Colorado sports bettors must be at least 21.

Is Live Betting Available At Smarkets’ Sportsbook?

Yes. Smarkets has an entire section dedicated to live in-game betting. If that’s your thing, it’s on the scroll bar at the top of the screen.

Is Smarkets Licensed In Colorado?

Yes. Its license, along with all the current sports betting licenses, are listed on the Department of Revenue’s website. This resource also makes it easier for bettors to know whether their sportsbook of choice has been reviewed by state authorities. It’s a good list to keep handy.

Do I Have To Be In Colorado To Place A Bet?

Yes. Sportsbooks must have a robust geolocation system to ensure bettors are in the state they’re licensed in. It’s a licensing requirement, and it allows other states to establish their own sports betting laws. If Kansas bettors could bet at Colorado sportsbooks from Kansas, then Kansas’ anti-sports betting laws would be meaningless. It prevents a huge state sovereignty clash.

Can I Bet On Esports At Smarkets?

Yes. It has an esports section just for bettors who want to watch elite Counter Strike teams. There are several games and leagues that are allowed in Colorado, but the esports schedule is less well-known than older established sports. Esports newbies can periodically check Smarkets to see whether interesting esports matches come up.

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