Colorado Roulette

Prior to the passage of Amendment 50, roulette was not allowed at casinos in Colorado, but on Nov. 4, 2008, Colorado Voters passed sweeping changes to the “limited gaming act” that not only raised the maximum betting limits on a given hand from $5 to $100, but also allowed other game types for the first time, including roulette.

Roulette Tables In Black Hawk Casinos:

All roulette tables in Black Hawk are “American roulette” style – meaning you will find a green double zero as well as the single zero on the roulette wheel. Unfortunately the odds are not as good with American roulette – but the game is still loads of fun. By contrast, European style roulette has just a single zero.

Roulette table game layout:

The maximum bet playing “roulette” in Colorado (on a single bet) is $100.

How To Play Roulette:

Types of Roulette: All roulette wheels are designed the same way, but there are in fact two main versions of the game that are widely played today : European roulette and American roulette. The one small difference between the two is the number of zeroes. On a European Roulette wheel there are 36 numbers and a zero, but on the American Roulette wheel there is also a double zero. Although the difference seems minor, it increases the house odds significantly, thereby decreasing your chances of winning. In a game of European roulette, the house odds stand at an appealing 2.7%, but in the American version, the presence of the double zero nearly doubles this figure to 5.26%. Basic concept of roulette: At the start of each game, players bets on where they predict the roulette ball will land on the roulette wheel. (see diagram of the roulette table layout). Once bets are placed, the croupier spins the wheel in one direction while spinning the ball onto the wheel in the opposite direction to give it momentum. The ball eventually lands in the numbered slots on the wheel which determines the winning number. Winning bets are then paid out and the game is over. Roulette table layout: The roulette table contains a 3×12 grid of every number on the roulette wheel available, the numbers are alternately colored black and red. The 0 and 00 (double zero if playing the American style) are green and also available to bet on. The main felt is dominated by these numbers. At the foot of this grid are three locations that allow you to bet on columns of numbers. There are also three areas on the felt for betting on the numbers 1-12, 13-24 or 25-36. (known as 1st 12, 2nd 12, and 3rd 12). There are spots for betting on “red” and betting on “black.” Finally there are spots for betting on numbers 1-18 (1st 18) or 19-36 (2nd 18). Inside Bets: This grid of numbers is the simple part of the table, as you just pick a number and hope for the best. This bet is known as a “straight up” and pays 35:1. A split bet is a when you bet on two neighboring numbers by placing your chip in between them (ie: 20 & 21) and carries odds of 17:1. There is then a “street” bet which is a bet on any horizontal row of three numbers (pays 11:1), a corner bet which is placed on the edge covering four corresponding numbers (8:1) and a line bet which covers six numbers (two rows of three) and pays 5:1. All of these bets are known as “inside bets” and in short, carry the best odds. Outside Bets: Bets placed outside of the numbered table are considered “Outside Bets.” Although these odds are far less appealing, the chances of winning are substantially higher than “inside bets.” At the foot of each of the three numbered columns, you’ll see a box labeled ‘2 to 1,’ and placing a chip on one of these means you have bet on a column of 12 numbers – this bet has a pay out of 2:1. Very similar to the ‘2 to 1’ column bet is the dozen bet and three of these boxes run along the sides of the table, with each betting box grouping together 12 numbers. When you bet on these, you bet on 12 consecutive numbers (ie: 1-12 = 1st 12, 13-24 = 2nd 12, 25-36 = 12). This also has 2:1 odds. Safe Bets: The following bets all come with the lowest odds of the game at 1:1 and are sometimes referred to as “safe bets.” The color bet allows you to bet on either black or red numbers by placing your chip onto either of the corresponding colored diamonds at bottom of the table. The even/odd bet is a bet the ball will land in the wheel on an odd or even number. The low/high bet is a wager on half of the table (18 numbers, 1-18 or 19-36) Practice and strategies: The best way to learn how to play roulette is to practice. Thanks to the internet, you can now practice the game for free online, right now. There are many “real money” roulette and casino websites out there, too. It is said that roulette strategy is fundamentally non-existent because it’s a game of chance and nobody is truly able to guess where the next ball will land. However, there are some ways to ensure you get the most out of your roulette game and at least lose less often. And while there are many betting systems that claim to help you increase your odds of winning roulette, they should definitely be tried with caution. Many of them are risky and carry the disadvantage of being potentially very expensive, as a majority of them suggest that you increase your bet size after each spin, regardless of the previous result. For example the Martingale System. En Prison Rule: In short, with the en prison rule, if a zero is spun when you have bet on a number between 1 and 36, you won’t lose your money – your bet will simply roll over to the next game. The en prison rule can’t earn you piles of money, but it theoretically rewards you with a free bet.

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