Colorado Poker & Tournament Info

The poker scene in Colorado has significantly improved since gambling was legalized in 1991. Casinos in the state host frequent tournaments, from casual daily walk-in games to high-profile events like the Colorado Poker Championship.

The poker rooms themselves have also improved, finally becoming larger and more elegant, and offering higher stakes. Most nights of the week you can find action at a wide assortment of poker rooms around Colorado.

Black Hawk Poker Rooms & Tournament Information

Carved into Gregory Gulch about 40 miles outside of downtown Denver, the historic former mining town of Black Hawk features 15 casinos and more than 1,000 hotel rooms. Black Hawk is home to some of the largest and most active poker rooms in Colorado.

Golden Gates Casino & Poker Parlour Promotions

COVID-19 Restrictions/Changes: Six player maximum per table, mandatory face masks.

The Golden Gates Casino & Poker Parlour in Black Hawk features live poker 24 hours a day, seven days a week at up to 17 poker tables. Poker is available in a variety of limit games, as well as three-spread limit games. Golden Gates Casino features a number of tournaments, including the annual Colorado Poker Championship held in May, as well as a monthly freeroll and other events, including $340 monthly Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo tournament.

Ameristar Poker Room

COVID-19 Restrictions/Changes: Only 9 tables open instead of the usual 22. Six player maximum per table, mandatory face masks.

Ameristar Casino’s poker room is one of the largest in Colorado. It offers 21 poker tables featuring games ranging from $1/$3 limit to $50/$100 and several spread limit games:

Ameristar Spread Games

  • $1-3-100 Spread Hold
  • $2-5-100 Spread Hold
  • $2-5-100 Spread Big-O
  • $30-60 Limit Hold‘em
  • $50-100 Limit Hold’em

The poker room at Ameristar features a bad beat jackpot that pays whenever quad 8’s or better are beaten. To win, both players must have at least two cards that play in their hands, and there must be at least $30 in the pot. Ameristar players earn $1 per hour in comps on all play in the poker room.

Ameristar is a cash-only poker room and doesn’t host any poker tournaments.

The Isle of Capri Casino

COVID-19 Restrictions/Changes: Six player maximum per table, mandatory face masks, tournament play suspended.

Located on the second floor of the Isle of Capri Casino in Black Hawk, the Isle’s recently renovated poker room offers hold’em games and occasionally Omaha games, 24 hours a day. The poker room features tableside drink service and 10 flatscreen TVs on the wall. The main game at the Isle is 1-2-100 spread, however, 4-8 and many other options are often available on any one of the casinos 11 poker tables.

In addition to larger buy-in events, the Isle hosts tournaments every Friday and Saturday.

The Isle also features Aces Cracked bonuses. The first five players each day to have aces cracked win $100.

Cripple Creek Poker Rooms & Tournament Information

Until recently, Cripple Creek’s spot for live poker was the Midnight Rose, but the pandemic waylaid those plans. The poker room at the Rose is going to be closed until sometime next year.

Central City Poker Rooms & Tournament Information

As of this writing, Central City does not offer live poker.

Colorado Social & Online Poker

Online casinos aren’t legal in Colorado, but there are still options for Colorado card sharks who want to play some poker on the go.

Poker at social casinos is a legal option for online poker in Colorado, and Global Poker is the premier destination to play online. Global Poker’s format gives players the chance to win cash prizes by competing in poker games and touraments.

Players can purchase packages of gold coins that include sweeps coins as a bonus. While gold coins provide no monetary value, sweeps coins give players access to tournament play and other events where cash prizes go to those who finish among the top players.

Colorado Poker FAQ

Is there live dealer poker in Colorado?

Yes. Colorado casinos have poker rooms with live dealers, many open 24 hours a day.

Where can I play poker in Colorado?

For now, only Black Hawk offers live poker. There are 3 casinos in the mountain town where you can find a game:

  • Ameristar
  • Isle Casino
  • Golden Gates Casino
Can I play poker online in Colorado?

Sort of. Online gambling is still illegal in Colorado, but social casinos, like Global Poker, give CO card sharks a chance to scratch their poker itch along with the chance to win cash prizes.

Are there poker tournaments in Colorado?

Absolutely. The Golden Gates hosts No Limit Hold’em tournaments, with buy-ins ranging from $60 to about $200, nearly every day. The Isle used to host tournaments, but they’ve been suspended because of the pandemic. The Golden Gates is also home of the Colorado Poker Championship.

Are there any coronavirus-related restrictions in Colorado poker rooms?

Yes. Colorado poker rooms are sticking closely to state law. Only 6 hands are allowed at a table at any given time, and some casinos have a limited number of tables open, so check with the casino’s poker room before you head out. Just like elsewhere in the casinos, face masks are required for all players.

What are the betting limits in Colorado poker?

For now, the maximum bet allowed by law in any Colorado casino is $100. That same limit applies to poker tables for cash games.

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