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If you live in Colorado and are a fan of online poker, there are not many options to satisfy your Texas Hold ‘Em itch. But that does not mean all hope is lost, as the state does offer one exciting card game alternative for Colorado poker players called Social online poker.

Social online poker is available in Colorado, and the website, Global Poker, remains the most popular place to play. Global’s format offers card sharks the opportunity to win cash prizes by playing with and redeeming Sweeps Coins. 

There are a few other social poker sites to play in Colorado, but in this review, we’ll look at why Global Poker rises above the competition.

The Best Online Social Poker Site In Colorado

Global Poker has established itself as the best social poker site in Colorado. The gaming company offers rooms and tournaments for games of Texas Hold’Em, Omaha, and Sit’N’Go. 

The gameplay on Global Poker provides an outstanding card game experience. From the easy verification to the simple purchase process, Global Poker outranks its opponents with a high customer service level.

Players can purchase Gold Coins that offer FREE Sweeps Coins as an additional prize. While Gold Coins provide no monetary value, Sweeps Coins allow you to gain entry into tournaments and other events where cash prizes go to those who finish high among the top players.

The site provides multiple bonus opportunities for players during their time at Global Poker. You can receive bonuses when verifying your account, playing frequency, and through daily free plays.

Great for any level of poker player, Global Poker is the most popular social poker site in Colorado.

Check out our comprehensive Guide To Global Poker in Colorado for more details.

Five Minute Guide To Social Online Poker In Colorado

How Does Social Poker Work In Colorado?

Social poker is legal in Colorado because you are playing for cash prizes with coins that hold no direct monetary value. At a legal online poker site, you can play dollar for dollar with other players. But on social poker sites, such as Global Poker, players try to win coins that can be redeemed for cash prizes or gift cards. 

How Do You Win Cash Prizes By Playing Poker?

You win cash prizes on sweepstakes and social poker sites by playing games and tournaments with their redemption tokens. On Global Poker, this means playing with Sweeps Coins rather than Gold Coins. You can obtain Sweeps Coins through mail redemptions and bonus play on the site. Some of the Gold Coins purchase offers award FREE Sweeps Coins as well. Once you have enough Sweeps Coins to enter games and tournaments, your skill level takes over, and you can win more from other players.

How Do You Access Social Colorado Poker Sites?

The best way to play social poker is through the company’s website. When using a browser, you have so much more information at your disposal and can see the entire table’s chip count. Most social poker sites like Global Poker do not have a mobile app, but other websites such as ClubWPT, home of the World Poker Tour’s social poker site, offer customers the use of an app on their phone or device.

How Do Purchases Work At Colorado’s Social Poker Sites?

At sites like Global Poker, you must select the ‘Get Coins’ tab in the top right of the screen to purchase Gold Coins. Once you enter that section of the site, the company requires personal and payment information to process the purchase.

Because Sweeps Coins on Global Poker is the virtual token that can be redeemed for cash prizes, card players will see options for Gold Coins purchases that offer the most FREE Sweeps Coins.

What Are The Social Poker Purchase And Redemption Options?

Social poker sites, such as Global Poker, offer easy-to-use purchase and redemption pages on their site. For purchases, you can use your Visa or Mastercard to purchase Gold Coins offers. Direct Bank Transfer is another way to purchase Gold Coins. Perhaps the easiest method, however, is through your PayPal account.

When you have enough Sweeps Coins to redeem for a cash prize, you can either put the redemption through a gift card, the electronic wallet Skrill, or direct bank transfer.

How Does Entry By Mail Work At Sweepstakes and Social Poker Sites?

You can request Sweeps Coins via a mail-in entry. You will find the terms and conditions to complete a mail-in offer at Global Poker’s website.

What Is The Difference Between Social Poker And Legal Online Poker Sites?

Social poker and legal online poker sites differ primarily in how they use money in their poker offerings. In social poker, the Gold Coins you purchase at a site like Global Poker have no monetary value. Social poker sites are legal because there is no purchase necessary to play on their platform, and even the users who never purchase Gold Coins have the same ability to redeem winnings for cash prizes.

Players on sweepstakes and social poker sites are trying to earn as many Sweeps Coins as possible for cash prizes or a gift card payout. Verification of the account must accompany all Sweeps Coins redemptions. 

Legal online poker sites function as an ordinary card room in a casino would on an average day. Players can enter into cash games or tournaments at regular intervals of the day. One dollar submitted into an online poker account acts as one dollar in the site’s cash game. Players can withdraw the funds from their account at any time.

Status Of Online Gambling In Colorado

Currently, the only type of legal online gaming available to Colorado bettors is online sports betting. Voters in Colorado narrowly approved online sports betting in November 2019. The law made online and retail sports betting legal within the state’s boundaries.

Online poker and online casinos are not legal in Colorado. Since any expansion of online gambling in Colorado needs approval from the state’s voters, lawmakers have been resistant to introduce new legislation.

The last time that lawmakers in Colorado attempted to pass online poker was in 2013. The referendum died during the debate and never made it to the ballot. State lawmakers did legalize daily fantasy sports in 2016 under the authority of the Division of Professions and Occupations.

Thinking among experts is that Colorado’s approval of online sports betting could open the door to further gambling expansion, but with over 30 casinos in the state, voters may decide that enough is enough when it comes to gambling.

Is It Safe To Play Social Poker In Colorado?

Yes, it is safe to play sweepstakes and social poker in Colorado at sites such as Global Poker. The poker site works under regulations set forth by Colorado’s Department of Revenue. These rules govern how consumers are protected by sites such as Global Poker.

Players interested in joining the Global Poker site should know that their purchases and redemptions are safe. Because Global Poker operates in each US state other than Washington, they have a vested interest in keeping your money secure with high-tech encryption.

What Are The Types Of Games Available At Social Poker Sites In Colorado

Texas Hold ‘Em

Easily the most popular card game for the last two decades, Texas Hold ‘Em utilizes five community cards, and two “hole” cards laid face down to the player. After two players set the big and small blind on the table, the dealer deals two cards to each player.

After the first round of betting, the dealer places three community cards in the center of the table. Then all players enter into another round of betting. This cycle occurs twice more with the winner crowned by holding, and not folding, the best hand at the end of all five cards being laid onto the center.

There are four total rounds of betting in each hand of Texas Hold ‘Em as long as two players stay in to complete the hand.

Texas Hold ‘Em remains a card player favorite because of the steady action and strategy involved. Each round of betting could reduce the number of players in a hand. Those card sharks who love aggressive play prefer Hold ‘Em because of the potential to dictate the hand, not by their hole cards, but by their ability to bet each round differently.


Another card game with a high frequency of betting similar to Texas Hold ‘Em is Omaha. The winner of Omaha makes the best hand out of their four dealt cards and the five community cards that all players can use. Players can only use the best two cards in their hand of four to combine with the community cards.

Two players always start the game with the big and small blind ante, just like in Texas Hold ‘Em. Once the cards are dealt, Omaha features several rounds of betting. This steady action allows players to develop strategies with their wagers. 

On Global Poker, the card game can be played with either Gold Coins or Sweeps Coins. There are Omaha tournaments available throughout the day for players on the social poker site.

Jackpot Sit’N’Go 

Jackpot Sit’n’Go is a three-person Texas Hold ‘Em showdown for a prize that could multiply the entry fee by up to 10,000x. Players can enter the game with either Gold Coins or Sweeps Coins.

The game is fast and furious, with blinds doubling every three minutes. The last man standing wins the entire pot of entry fees times the assigned multiplier before you begin. If you love quick and aggressive poker, this is the game of choice at Global Poker.

You can also enter a Sit’n’Go tournament at the Jackpot Level, making you eligible for the one in a million 10,000x multiplier. Instead of winner take all, first place gets 75% of the pool, second place gets 15%, and third gets the remaining 10%.

Tournament Games

One of Global Poker’s most popular offerings is Bounty Poker Tournaments. The game takes Texas Hold ‘Em and puts a few interesting new wrinkles upon players. The “bounty” part of the tournament is what makes the game so much fun.

Basically, the Texas Hold ‘Em game remains the same, but players get a bounty, or additional bonus, for every player they knock out. For Global Poker, they use Sweeps Coins (SC) as the tokens for bounties.

For example, you might need 45 SC to enter a bounty poker tourney. 30 SC will go to the main pot and 15 SC will stay back and act as your bounty. Other players will claim 15 SC in this hypothetical if they knock you out of the tournament.

Colorado Sweepstakes and Social Poker FAQ

Can I win real money at social poker sites?

Once users accumulate and play with enough Sweeps Coins, these can be redeemed for cash prizes and gift cards.

How old do I have to be to use a social poker app in Colorado?

The legal age to play sweepstakes and social poker in Colorado is 18 years of age. When signing up for a social poker app, you must send proof of age through one of four legal documents. Global Poker requires either a passport, driver’s license, national/state ID, or other government identification to verify age. Players will also need to show proof of residency through a formal document such as a bank statement or utility bill.

Is Global Poker available in Colorado?

Yes, Global Poker is legal and available in Colorado. Players must be 18 years of age and prove residency and age through legal documents such as a state I.D. or driver’s license. Card players in Colorado can access Global Poker through their desktop browser on Mac or PC.

Will people who like online poker like social poker?

Yes, players who like online poker will find sweepstakes and social poker enjoyable. While online poker and online social poker differ in how each handles the money aspect of the game, both offer similar play styles.

Online poker uses a dollar for dollar exchange system, much like you’ll find in real casino poker rooms. Social poker offers cash prizes through tournaments and other unique poker games.

Does PokerStars offer social poker in Colorado?

No, PokerStars does not offer social poker in Colorado. PokerStars is legal in just a few US states, and they model their play on dollar for dollar cash exchange. Sweepstakes and social poker sites ask customers to play for coin packages to qualify to play in their cash prize tournaments.

Can you play casino games at social poker sites in Colorado?

No, sweepstakes and social poker sites like Global Poker do not offer casino games via their online platforms. But, you can play online social casino-style games at legal sites like Chumba Casino and LuckyLand Slots. 

Neither of those two Colorado social casinos offers tournament poker or online poker rooms.

Is PokerStars Available for Real Money in Colorado?

No, Colorado does not have regulated online poker sites. This means that PokerStars does not offer real money online poker in the state.

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