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Colorado has plenty of sports betting websites, but MaximBet is a hidden gem among Colorado’s online sportsbooks. MaximBet cloaks itself in Maxim’s sleek lifestyle branding. It offers a competitive deposit bonus that challenges DraftKing’s superiority. MaximBet has several other standout features, too. Although MaximBet was late to the Colorado sports betting scene, don’t look past its great bonuses and promotions, friendly odds, and solid mobile app.

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MaximBet Colorado Sportsbook Promo Code 2023

MaximBet offers new players a 100% deposit match bonus up to $1,000. Terms and conditions apply.

MaximBet Colorado Promo Code
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Bonus Amount
100% Deposit Match Bonus Worth Up To $1,000
States AvailableCO
Promo Verified ForFebruary 2023

MaximBet Colorado offers a $1,000 deposit bonus matched at a 100% rate. That means for every dollar that bettors deposit, MaximBet will add $1 in site credits up to $1,000. This is easily one of the highest deposit matches in the industry. For example, DraftKings offers a 20% deposit match, meaning you would have to deposit $5,000 to get the $1,000 deposit bonus. BetRivers also offers a 100% deposit match, but only up to $250.

In addition to the fantastic maximum bonus of $1,000, there is only a 1x playthrough requirement to receive your bonus. This means for every $1 you wager, you receive $1 in site credit. If your initial deposit after signing up for a MaximBet Colorado account was for $100, you would need to wager $100 before receiving your full bonus.

This combination of a high deposit bonus and a low playthrough requirement makes MaximBet’s offer one of the absolute best in the state.

Ongoing MaximBet Promos

The bonuses and promos don’t stop after your new user welcome offer. MaximBet does a good job of offering ongoing promos for existing customers as well. As of Sept. 22, here are some of the MaximBet Colorado promotions for current users:

  • “Nicki’s 4-Day Weekend”
    • Place a live bet of $75 or more during Thursday Night Football and you’ll receive a $15 free bet to use during the same weekend.
  • “Make The Cut”
    • Bet $50 on any golf market on Thursday and get $10 in free bets for the weekend.
  • “One Out Rally”
    • Place a 3-leg parlay on MLB and if exactly one of the legs loses, get 20% of your wager back in free bet credits.
  • Odds Boosts examples
    • Nick Chubb over 100 rushing yards and a TD: boosted from +300 to +400
    • Yankees, Dodgers, and Guardians all win: boosted from +300 to +400

Maxim Bet has undergone a major transformation in Colorado. It began as, then rebranded after securing a partnership with the Maxim lifestyle brand. Maxim Bet has retained its competitive odds. Here’s how bettors can shop for the best odds and take advantage of the best odds on different lines across the best sportsbook brands.

Finding The Best Maxim Bet Point Spread and Over/Under Odds 

Point spreads are bets on a team’s score. Bettors wager on whether a team will score more a fewer points than the threshold sportsbook set. Over/unders are wagers on whether both teams will make more or fewer than a certain number of points.

The standard odds on these bets are -110 on both sides. Sometimes bettors will find these standard odds. Often, the odds and spreads will be different from standard odds. That’s why odds shopping is important. 

Bettors who bet the over or the underdog want higher numbers. +6.5 would be better than +5.5. Bettors who bet the under or the favorite want smaller numbers. -6.5 would be better than -5.5. Here’s that analysis in action: 

 Maxim BetDraftKings
Tampa Bay Buccaneers-2.5 -105-2 -110
Dallas Cowboys+2.5 -111+2 -110

On this line, Maxim Bet has a slightly better spread. The extra half-point eliminates the possibility of a push, and it gives betters an extra point’s difference in their favor. Additionally, Maxim Bet has better odds on the Buccaneers, and DraftKings has better odds on the Cowboys. That’s how bettors should get used to looking at betting lines. 

Shopping for the Best Maxim Bet Moneyline Odds

Moneylines are bets on a game’s winner. It doesn’t matter how many points teams have. Bettors just have to find the best odds on the favorite and the underdog.

Moneylines are especially popular ways to bet on baseball, so sportsbooks have plenty of baseball moneylines:

 Maxim BetFanDuel
Colorado Rockies+280+265
Los Angeles Dodgers-357-330

On this set of baseball odds, Maxim Bet has better odds on the Rockies, and FanDuel has better odds on the Dodgers. These are sizable differences that have important effects on a bettor’s chance at breaking even.  

Best Maxim Bet Futures Odds

Futures bets are wagers on the end of season events. They’re events like championship winners and award winners, which are difficult to predict ahead of time. 

One way to measure a sportsbook’s competitiveness overall is by measuring its theoretical holds. Theoretical hold is the amount of money sportsbooks expect to keep from a section of their books. High theoretical holds decrease odds overall while low theoretical holds increase odds overall.

But theoretical hold isn’t the full picture. A book with a high theoretical hold can still have the best odds on one line. Here’s an example of that type of analysis:

 Maxim BetFanDuel
NFL Odds Theoretical Hold22.57%20.13%
Los Angeles Rams+1100+1000

MaximBet and BetMGM have similar theoretical holds on their NFL futures. So as a group, their NFL futures odds are similar. However, MaximBet has better odds on the Rams. That 100-point difference is a large difference in a potential payout. 


A first look at MaximBet’s betting lines doesn’t reveal anything groundbreaking. It has a strong selection of sports to bet on. It has everything from core professional sports to Gaelic football and hurling, so there’s something for everyone.

But the leagues within those sports are where MaximBet comes into its own. In sports like golf, MaximBet offers betting lines on the US Masters and Open Championship. However, it also has contests like the Dubai Duty Free Irish Open and LPGA Money List. Those are uncommon leagues to see represented at Colorado’s sportsbooks.

Its selection of sports is in line with other Colorado sportsbooks. But its selection of leagues within each sport is staggering. If bettors want to find new–even obscure–leagues, MaximBet is a good place to do it.


MaximBet has many leagues to wager on, but only a few ways to deposit betting money. The site offers four deposit options:

  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • Bank Transfer
  • VIP Preferred eCheck
  • Skrill

Once bettors decide how much to deposit, they must select their desired deposit method. Bettors can also sign up for VIP Preferred on MaximBet’s deposit screen. Skrill users have to log in and follow the prompts until the money is deposited into their MaximBet accounts. This is a small deposit method selection compared to the rest of the market, so MaximBet lags behind in this regard.

MaximBet offers these three withdrawal methods:

  • Bank Transfer
  • VIP Preferred eCheck
  • Skrill

These selections give bettors convenient online withdrawal options. However, a cash or check option would improve MaximBet’s selection of withdrawal methods.

However, bettors must verify their accounts before they can withdraw funds. That includes uploading a driver license and one of the following documents for proof of address:

  • Credit Card Statement
  • Bank Statement
  • Phone Bill
  • Utility Bill
  • Voided Check

Bettors can create a user ID and a login without the identity verification steps. But to withdraw winnings, bettors would have to upload these documents.


MaximBet’s app arrived to Colorado late. When it did, it didn’t match the quality of its competitors. Its app isn’t optimized for tablets, so it’s better to use the app on a smartphone or computer than a tablet.

But the app offers a sleek and clean sportsbook that’s easy to navigate. MaximBet’s live betting lines are front and center, so bettors can launch into sports betting right when they open the app. Bettors can also find upcoming games and scroll through a bar of sports at the top of the screen to find new sports and leagues. (Although, the scrolling doesn’t work on a tablet. Bettors have to use the A-Z list of sports on the sports tab.)

So, even though MaximBet has some good pieces of software in place, its app needs to be refined to match the quality of Colorado’s best sportsbook apps.


MaximBet’s minimalist website simplifies navigation, which is a feature that its Colorado app shares. However, MaximBet’s app must be optimized for tablets to compete with Colorado’s other sportsbook apps. MaximBet has room to improve its deposit and withdrawal selections, too.

However, MaximBet’s positives more than outweigh its negatives. Risk-seeking bettors who bet on the underdog should keep MaximBet on their shortlist of sportsbooks to try. MaximBet’s welcome bonus is great for bettors of all risk tolerances and wallet depths, too. Finally, anyone with eclectic sports tastes can spend a lot of time browsing the international leagues MaximBet offers. MaximBet could be one of Colorado’s strongest sportsbooks. It just has a few more tweaks to make before it reaches top competitors.

One more plus to MaximBet is that it also works to help Colorado communities. For example, MaximBet solicited donations to help those who were displaced by the fires at the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022.  That kind of humanitarianism might not make its way into our review, but it shows yet another reason why MaximBet is a great addition to the Centennial State.

Is MaximBet A Legit Website?

Yes. MaximBet is a real and reputable sportsbook. It’s a joint venture between Carousel Group, an iGaming company with three brands under its belt, and Maxim. Here’s how bettors can rest assured that MaximBet will do more than eat their money.

MaximBet’s Colorado Gaming License

MaximBet isn’t a strange website whose word we have to take at face value. It’s applied for and received a Colorado sports betting license. So, it’s operationally ready to serve Colorado bettors. The State of Colorado believes MaximBet can accept money, award money, and keep sensitive customer data secure. That’s more than we can say for an offshore sportsbook.

MaximBet Has A Complaint Process

By itself, this isn’t a confirmation of a legitimate site. However, it’s a signal that MaximBet has a customer service infrastructure in place. Illegal sportsbooks don’t need customer approval to operate. MaximBet is willing to get feedback from its customers and resolve customer disputes.

The State Of Colorado Has Its Own Sportsbook Complaint Department

Part of the licensing process includes sportsbooks submitting to Colorado’s complaint resolution process. But if MaximBet can’t resolve its customer complaints, Colorado’s Gaming Commission can litigate customer complaints, too. If the Board finds the sportsbook acted wrongly, it can issue fines or license suspensions. It’s a powerful safeguard for bettors.

Colorado Has All Of MaximBet’s Financial Statements

The company that owns MaximBet is only three years old–the same number of years of financial statements Colorado requires from sportsbook applicants. These documents include:

  • Income statements
  • Balance sheets
  • Statement of Cash Flows
  • Sources of Income

Knowing where MaximBet’s money comes from and where it goes ensures Colorado authorities can detect and stop criminal activity. So, it’s an excellent deterrent to illicit activity from any licensed Colorado sportsbook.

MaximBet Has Terms And Conditions And A Privacy Policy

Illegal sportsbooks want bettors’ money, and they may not want to award it if they win. In contrast, MaximBet wants to comply with consumer lawyers. Their terms and conditions and privacy policies make important pacts with their bettors. So, don’t take a commitment to fair and transparent rules for granted. It creates a massive divide between legal and illegal sportsbooks.

Why Bet At MaximBet Instead Of An Illegal Sports Betting Site?

Illegal sports betting sites can be tempting. They can offer odds that seem too good to be true. So, bettors may think it’s a good idea to cash in on incredible odds on an underdog they’re sure will come through. But licensed sportsbooks come with an enforcement mechanism that compels them to pay bettors. Government oversight sets a cash reserve to ensure sportsbooks can pay their bettors.

But illegal sportsbooks aren’t obligated to pay their bettors. Since illegal sportsbooks operate outside the law, there’s no external mechanism that compels them to pay their winners. If bettors get stiffed by an illegal sportsbook, they have nowhere to turn. If they go to the police, they’ll have to confess to illegal sports betting. Needless to say, Coloradans do not have legal recourse if they engage in illegal gambling.

The Value Of Industry Standards

Illegal sportsbooks also aren’t bound by any of Colorado’s sports betting rules. Colorado’s Division of Gaming has a set of rules that set boundaries in the sports betting industry. For example, the Colorado Division of Gaming has the right to see sportsbook documents on command. The rules set security standards and preliminary audits sportsbooks must undergo before launching in Colorado. It also lays out the details of how bettors can bring sportsbook complaints to the State of Colorado.

While legal sportsbooks can anger bettors, holding them accountable is straightforward. Licensed sportsbooks can be fined or jeopardize their licenses if they operate illegitimately. If regulatory authorities suspect they are, sportsbooks can be hauled in front of a Board and investigated. Consequently, that investigation leaves a black mark on a sportsbook’s record. It’s something a sportsbook would have to disclose in future state license applications. They have market access at stake, so licensed sportsbooks are motivated to be on their best behavior. Illegal sportsbooks have no such motivation to operate legitimately. Bettors are better off betting at legal licensed Colorado sportsbooks.

Why Can Bettors Trust MaximBet With Their Money?

MaximBet cites its “government-approved data centers and world-class security” as standout security protocols. Details are sparse, but it must include SSL certification. It’s a core piece of online security that online sportsbooks–and any other website–can’t do without it. On an unsecured site, bettors’ information is vulnerable to hackers who can screengrab that information. However, SSL certifications encrypt that data once bettors enter the first digit of their social security numbers. Customer data isn’t legible until it reaches a sportsbook’s server. That’s one of the most basic ways sportsbooks keep customer data secure.

Data security is never perfect on the internet. However, it’s as secure as consumers can expect. So, MaximBet’s subscription to Colorado’s audit and security standards ensures a smooth betting experience.

How To Deposit On MaximBet

MaximBet has one of the easiest signup processes in Colorado. There’s one short form to fill out, and bettors can do it on their phones. All the information bettors have to enter is their:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Desired password
  • Address
  • Last four digits of their social security number

However, bettors have to submit documents for identity verification to withdraw funds. That’s where bettors have to submit a driver’s license and utility or credit card bill. We’ll cover that in more detail in the deposit and withdrawal section. The initial registration is easy.

MaximBet Fact Sheet

Colorado Sports Betting Age21
MaximBet Legal StatesCO
MaximBet Colorado PartnerJohnny Nolon's

MaximBet FAQ

How Old Do Bettors Have To Be To Bet At MaximBet In Colorado?

Bettors must be 21 to place sports bets. Young bettors may be confused about why they can build fantasy teams but can’t place sports bets. The fantasy sports age is only 18. Putting together a team for potential prize money isn’t considered gambling. However, sports betting can’t get around the gambling definition. So, bettors must be older to partake.

Is MaximBet Licensed In Colorado?

Yes. Colorado’s Department of Revenue keeps a list of licensed sports betting operators. Licensees endure an invasive application process that’s heavy with paperwork. Executive management must go through background checks to make sure they’ve never been convicted of gambling crimes. Colorado’s Department of Revenue also has three years of financial records and MaximBet’s legal record. A Colorado sports betting license is a powerful stamp of approval.

Does MaximBet Have Live Betting In Colorado?

Yes. Like many sportsbooks, MaximBet’s homepage is full of live and upcoming events. Live betting also has its own tab between the home and promotions tabs. Live betting is great for bettors who want to see the odds change a little one way or the other. Admittedly, they’d have to know how each team plays to profit reliably. But that’s half the fun of sports betting, isn’t it?

Can Bettors Sign Up For MaximBet From Anywhere In Colorado?

Yes. As long as bettors have a WiFi connection, they can register from anywhere they want. However, uploading a credit card bill may be more difficult to do if it’s not on hand. A screenshot may work if bettors have already gone paperless. But the verification process doesn’t have to happen until bettors want to move their money from their sportsbook accounts to their bank accounts.

Do Bettors Have To Be In Colorado To Bet At MaximBet?

Yes. Bettors can register from anywhere, but they must be in Colorado to place a bet. MaximBet, like all Colorado sportsbooks, geofences its website around Colorado. That prevents bettors from outside Colorado from wagering at Colorado sportsbooks. It also keeps MaximBet from violating the Wire Act, which prohibits betting information from crossing state lines. MaximBet wisely chose not to run afoul federal law, so all the bettors on its Colorado site are Coloradans.

Is MaximBet Legal In Colorado?

Yes. Carousel Group and Maxim, the companies in charge of MaximBet, got its license on April 30, 2020 back when it was However, the site didn’t launch until months later. There are a few reasons sportsbooks may get the license first, then launch their product. They may update their site security per the state’s audit. There may be last-minute offerings they want to put in place. But once Carousel Group secured its license,, and its latest iteration, MaximBet, became legal in Colorado.

Where is MaximBet live?

MaximBet is currently legal in CO

What is the MaximBet Colorado promo?

MaximBet Colorado offers new users a 100% deposit match bonus up to $1,000.

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