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LuckyLand Slots is great for players who don’t want to spend money on slot machines. That may sound counter-intuitive, but free-to-play slot games still offer gratifying wins. Sure, a 100-gold coin win doesn’t translate to real money. But it still feels good to score big on a slot game.

There are also bonuses that players can earn as they level up. As players sink more coins into each of the four casino sections, they can earn more coins each day they log in.

However, LuckyLand Slots only offers slot-type games. There aren’t any table games or sports betting sections for players to browse.

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LuckyLand Slots Sweepstakes Promo Code 2021

If players are impatient to play big, then they might consider buying a coin pack. Each of these packs offers gold coins and sweeps coins. Here are the purchase packs players can buy from LuckyLand Slots:

PriceGold CoinsSweeps CoinsVIP Bronze Coin Boost

*This is a first-purchase bonus available before any purchase has been made.

The first-time purchase is the best deal for gold and sweeps coins. If players decide to spend money, that pack is a no-brainer. But if they’re looking for an additional purchase, the $99.99 pack is the best deal for gold coins. The $19.99 pack is the best value for sweeps coins, but the two higher-priced packs are basically equivalent. Players’ VIP levels also increase the number of coins they’ll earn with each purchase.

But players can only win cash prizes if they risk sweeps coins in-play. That means players can’t pay $100 to win $100. (No one thinks a business would make it that easy, right?)


LuckyLand Slots offers what it says it does. It’s many different games that players can spend gold coins and sweeps coins on. It’s not the retail casino experience enthusiastic players may be missing. But it offers graphics and sounds that make the slot games feel engaging. It feels like an online casino.

However, players aren’t going to receive cash winnings with each play. They’ll have to work hard and get lucky to work up to a cash prize.

And that’s before going through the identity verification process of receiving a cash prize. It’s easier to match a driver’s license to a person in real life than it is over email. Retail casinos don’t ask for bank statements or utility bills, either. But players who want to play some slots can get their fix at LuckyLand Slots.


The variety of games at LuckyLand Slots is low. There are many slots games, but all these games are slots. Players won’t find any table games like blackjack, roulette, or poker. There’s a lot of slots and a lot of nothing else. For more variety, players should check out Chumba Casino.

Take Lucky Duck, for example. It’s a basic 5×5 slot game where matches anywhere can win some coins. However, the minimum play is 5,000 coins. That’s more than half the starter coins that players receive when they create a LuckyLand Slots account. It’s a great place to blow coins to level up quickly, though. I jumped two levels in two plays. That gave me additional gold coins to collect every four hours and 1,200 gold coins for my trouble. If I planned on becoming a habitual LuckyLand player, that would make a positive difference in my play.

However, there are other games that don’t seem like slots but operate the same way. Lucky Numbers rolls five balls out on the screen. Users are awarded based on how many balls match the numbers they picked before playing. The 3-D ball machine doesn’t look like a slot game. However, it functions the exact same way. LuckyLand could replace the ball machine with a slot that had one row and five columns and there’d be no difference.

The games that don’t look like slot games are functionally the same. There are lots of different themed games to choose from, but no variety. LuckyLand also has four different casino areas to level up for additional bonuses, but they feel tedious. Players who need to scratch a blackjack itch will have to go somewhere else.


Purchasing coins is easy. All players have to do to buy is:

  • Select an approved payment method
  • Fill billing information in
  • Confirm payment

In contrast, redeeming cash rewards is more involved. To redeem cash prizes, players may have to provide:

  • Photo ID, like a driver’s license or passport
  • Proof of address, like a utility bill

However, players must have their verification documents sent in the form LuckyLand Slots requests within 30 days of that information being requested. Otherwise, LuckyLand Slots isn’t obligated to pay its players’ accounts. LuckyLand Slots can also close accounts they find suspicious.

These terms may seem harsh, but they ensure that LuckyLand can close accounts they suspect of money-laundering. Most of LuckyLand’s users don’t have problems receiving winnings. However, players should keep LuckyLand in mind for fun play, not for profit.


LuckyLand Slots has an app for Android, but not iOS. That wipes out about half the smartphone market, which is a bad play. iPhone users like myself are limited to computers or in-browser experiences. To download the Android app, users have to download the app file from LuckyLand’s website.

Playing in-browser on a computer is a good option, too. The screen was crowded when I was scrolling through games. There are little bonus and event options dotted around the screen. Some of the games also take a long time to cut to the chase, finish a round, and award coins. But overall, the browser experience is clean.

Playing in-browser on an iPhone is like playing on a computer, but worse. iPhones may be getting bigger, but they’re not big enough to accommodate a sweepstakes casino page. Big thumbs and little screens make playing on an iPhone less fun.

The Android app gets mixed reviews. The biggest customer issues come from crashes, but the display seems like an improvement over the in-browser versions. However, a computer offers a good substitute. It’s far superior to playing on an iPhone 7.


The best customer service contact method is by email at [email protected]. The help section recommends browsing its knowledge base, which is full of articles answering basic questions.

There’s also an option to reach out to support over Facebook. There’s also no phone number associated with customer service. That’s disappointing for a company with such an enthusiastic web copy. A potential player would hope that attitude would be available in real-time by phone and not limited to delayed written responses.



If Coloradans want to play slots games for free, Luckyland Slots is worth checking out. Players can receive coins every four hours or come back daily to collect bonuses all at once. It’s a site best accessed on a computer rather than an iPhone browser. The Android app seems to be cleaner but has performance issues. It doesn’t help that the games are all functionally the same, either. Every game is an exercise in faith that the right numbers will come up in the right order rather than games that reward sound strategy.

It’ll take a long time and a lot of luck to accumulate enough sweeps coins for a cash prize. Anyone looking for side money is better off searching elsewhere.

Five Minute Guide To Colorado Sweepstakes Casinos

LuckyLand Slots is a website that offers slot games. Users can play for free with LuckyLand’s gold coins. However, players can also use sweeps coins to redeem for cash prizes. It’s free-to-play, but players can buy extra coins if they want a shot at winning bigger plays.

Because spending money on this game is optional, LuckyLand isn’t illegal under Colorado’s internet gaming law. Colorado outlaws all forms of internet betting except for online sports betting. Real online casinos aren’t coming to Colorado anytime soon, so Coloradans will have to be satisfied with freemium casino game sites.

Sweepstakes casinos may seem like regular casinos, but they are different in crucial ways. Here’s what Colorado players need to know before trying a sweepstakes casino.

How Do Colorado Sweepstakes Casinos Work?

Sweepstakes casinos work by offering two types of currencies. One–gold coin–is for free-play. Players who want to play for fun can use this currency. The second–sweeps coins–can be redeemed for cash prizes. If players win and play enough of them, they’re redeemable for cash prizes.

Because sweeps coins have to be risked to be eligible for redemption, sweepstakes casinos depend on player purchases to generate revenue. They may get purchases from 10% of players, but their freemium model generates enough revenue for them to operate and pay winnings out.

How Do Purchases Work At Colorado’s LuckyLand Slots Site?

Making purchases at LuckyLand casino couldn’t be easier. Just click the bright red ‘buy’ button next to their coin balances. That’s at the top of the screen, so it won’t be hard to find. Hitting that button will bring players to the list of coin packages. Players just have to hit the dollar amount they’re willing to pay, and they’ll be taken to the checkout screen. Payment options include:

  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • Skrill
  • Instant ACH
  • Paysafecard

Payment is as easy as any other online checkout portal. Just fill in the relevant information and you’re good to go.

How Does Entry By Mail Work At Colorado’s LuckyLand Slots Site?

Players looking for an extra sweeps coins boost can mail a request in. On a plain white 4×6 sheet of paper, players need to include:

  • Their full name
  • Their account’s email address
  • This statement:

“I wish to receive Sweeps Coins to participate in the sweepstakes promotions offered by LuckyLand Slots. By submitting this request, I hereby declare that I have read, understood and agree to bound by LuckyLand Slot’s Terms of Service and Sweeps Rules.”

It’s good for five sweeps coins, which is a tenth of the way toward redeeming a cash prize.

How Do Players Win Cash Prizes At Colorado’s LuckyLand Slots Site?

First, players need sweeps coins. They’re LuckyLand Slots’ premium currency that comes in smaller amounts than gold coins. However, players need to risk them in-game to redeem them for cash prizes. That means players need to play with them until they’ve risked and won 50 sweeps coins. After that, they can hit ‘redeem,’ enter how many sweeps coins they want to exchange, then complete the transaction.

LuckyLand Slots keeps track of how many sweeps coins are eligible for redemption, so players don’t have to worry about it. All players have to do is play the game.

Is Playing LuckyLand Slots Safe In Colorado?

Sweepstakes casinos make some people antsy. The advertisements that claim big wins are often viewed skeptically. However, LuckyLand Slots is a legitimate company. Here’s how players know they’re playing at a safe site.

Will LuckyLand Slots Really Pay Winnings?

Yes. The process for receiving winnings is just highly involved. Players must submit documentation proving they’re who they say they are to receive cash prizes.

Sending in a driver’s license or a utility bill surprises some customers. However, once sweepstakes casinos start handing out cash, they have to comply with anti-money laundering laws like retail casinos. Even more frustrating, prize redemption can take ten days to process.

But LuckyLand Slots does pay its winnings. In 2019, the company that owns LuckyLand Slots and three other sweepstakes gaming sites paid out over $182 million in cash prizes. Players just have to run the identity verification gauntlet to collect their winnings.

Is Player Information Safe On LuckyLand Slots?

Yes. LuckyLand Slots and its vendors keep player information secure. LuckyLand Slots’ payment vendor is Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) certified. Certification requirements include:

  • Point-to-point data encryption
  • Regular network testing and updating
  • Prohibition of vendor-supplied default security settings

The first and third requirements are self-explanatory, but ongoing testing eliminates common vulnerabilities. Security measures that may pass a compliance assessment may become obsolete in a matter of months. These standards ensure customer data is secure even when companies don’t have an audit approaching.

LuckyLand Slots FAQ

Can Coloradans Win Real Money At LuckyLand Slots?

If players win and risk enough sweeps coins, they can redeem them for cash prizes. In fact, VGW Holdings awarded more sweepstakes prizes as a percentage of revenue in the second half of 2019 than the previous year. Players can depend on LuckyLand Slots to pay winnings fairly won.

How Old Do Players Have To Be To Play At Colorado’s LuckyLand Site?

18 or older. Technically, anyone who doesn’t have to go through the identity verification process can play for free. However, players who try to redeem cash prizes will have to reveal their age. LuckyLand Slots won’t pay winnings to minors.

Do Players Have To Buy Anything To Play At LuckyLand Slots?

No. They can choose to buy coin packs if they want, but players can earn sweeps coins for free. Free-to-play users will have to rely on daily login bonuses, which will accrue slowly over time. However, patient players have the same chance to redeem cash as whales who buy coin packs and play big.

Where Else Can Users Play At LuckyLand Slots?

Every state except Washington allows sweepstakes casinos.

How Do Coloradans Get Paid Winnings From LuckyLand Slots?

Once they redeem prizes, players will have to submit identity verification documents. They must do so in a timely manner because LuckyLand Slots is not obligated to pay winnings if they don’t receive those documents within 30 days. LuckyLand may also close a player’s account if they suspect it’s a money-laundering front, so take care if you make it to this stage.

Will People Who Like Gambling Enjoy A Sweepstakes Casino?

If they’re patient, they might. LuckyLand doesn’t offer the immediate gratification of a cash win at a retail slot machine. It’s a freemium service that players could redeem cash prizes at with great difficulty. It’s one thing to risk 50 sweeps coins, but it’s another to hold onto them to redeem a prize. Gamblers may be interested in trying this out, but they’ll have to forgo the gratification of immediate payment.

How Does DraftKings Know Its Bettors Are In Colorado?

It uses a geofence to create a barrier around Colorado. Bettors’ devices give DraftKings location information, so they know whether a bet is in Colorado. DraftKings also knows whether a device is coming from out of state, so it won’t accept bets from parts of the country where sports betting is illegal.

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