Find Futures Bets at Colorado Sportsbooks as Pro Sports Return

Sports are finally back in action after a long hiatus, promising this July will be one to remember for sports fans.

The MLB, NHL, and NBA all started this week, giving basketball and hockey fans a rare warm summer start. Finally, the NFL is set to begin at the beginning of September, so the United States’ four major sports leagues will all be back by autumn.

With the return of US pro sports, Colorado sportsbooks have a wide assortment of futures bets available available. These are bets on the outcomes of the season. Championship, Division, and Conference winners may be the first to come to mind. However, they can also include bets on the MVP, Rookie of the Year, or other similar prizes. Futures are high-risk because they’re so far out. The odds are long, but the rewards are massive.

Here are some of the futures highlights to watch for this season at CO sportsbooks.

MLB Futures

Major League Baseball started late, but at least now we get a World Series this season. However, the Rockies probably aren’t going to win it all this time around. +10,000 odds is a 1% chance on a World Series win. However, Rockies fans can also find futures on:

  • Which teams will make the playoffs.
  • Who’ll win in their division or league.
  • Over-unders on series wins.

Anyone who has more faith in individual players than entire teams are in luck. There are countless player futures. Most of them are MVP or award picks. However, there are many other player futures on who will:

  • Be the best hitter.
  • Score the most runs.
  • Steal the most bases.

Futures bettors won’t have to worry about finding futures to bet on. There will be more than enough options in Major League Baseball.

NHL Futures

The NHL doesn’t have as many futures as Major League Baseball. However, there are still plenty of futures available. There are futures on the NHL Championship, which Colorado Avs fans will love. DraftKings’ Avs odds are set at +900 for a Championship win. That’s a 10% chance of winning it all, which is high for a futures bet.

However, the NHL also includes futures bets on:

  • Conference winners
  • Championship division matchup
  • The number-one seed pick

The NHL Championship winner is set to be decided on August 14. It’ll be the first popular major league sport to crown a champion in 2020, so it’ll be one of the safest futures bets to place.

NBA Futures

The Denver Nuggets practiced in Orlando after their training center closed in the wake of positive coronavirus tests. They’re third in their division now, which translates to promising futures bets. The Nuggets futures for the championship win are set at +2,500, a far better chance than the Spurs at +50,000. (Not nearly as good as the Lakers though. They’re at +240.) The Nuggets are far from the first to win, but they’re far from a laughable choice, too.

Other NBA futures include:

  • Coach of the year.
  • Division and conferences winners.
  • Playoff teams and finals match-ups.

There are plenty of player futures, too. Rookie of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year, and the MVP are all up for grabs. Bettors can also guess who the most improved player will be if they’ve been following one underdog player all season. Dennis Schroeder is the favorite to win the sixth Man of the Year award, but there’s still room for him to lose. Bettors have plenty of room to put money on their opinions.

NFL Futures

The Broncos were lucky enough to finish their most recent NFL season before the pandemic wiped sports out. However, Colorado’s sportsbooks have little faith in the Broncos’ 2020 offense. DraftKings’ odds on the Broncos making the playoffs are set at +180–roughly a 35% chance–and the championship odds are even longer. +5,000 odds on winning it all is not a vote of confidence.

However, disgruntled Broncos fans can wager on the conference and division winners. Bets on the teams with the most and fewest wins are available, too. Finally, fans can browse the season specials to find interesting wagers to place. Whether a team goes 16-0 or 0-16 is a bet with long odds and tremendous rewards. However, choosing the state the championship team is from may be a better balance between risk and reward. Bettors will just have to explore the odds to find what’s right for them.

College Futures

Despite coronavirus concerns, there are two college leagues with futures open in Colorado: college football and college basketball.

College football futures are limited to:

  • The Championship winner
  • The Heisman Trophy winner

There’s a long list of teams available, and some of them have ridiculously long odds. UMass’ odds on a Championship win are +500,000 in DraftKings. That’s a 0.02% chance of winning, but a $500,000 payout on a winning $100 bet. (Although, any odds with a comma in it are laughably certain.) Colorado’s and Colorado State’s +50,000 odds at winning the Championship aren’t inspiring, but there are plenty of other schools to choose from, too.

College basketball doesn’t offer many more choices. The only two betting options are the:

  • NCAA Men’s Basketball Champions
  • Final Four selections.

Colorado’s odds at a Championship win here are +5,000 at DraftKings, so this probably won’t be Colorado’s year. However, there are a plethora of great basketball schools to bet on by the end of the season.

Placing Futures Bets During The Pandemic

Confident bettors have a long list of futures to bet on across Colorado’s most popular sports leagues (sorry, soccer.) However, the coronavirus pandemic has made futures bets even riskier. There’s plenty of room for sports to be cancelled again.

Some championship games are scheduled early, like the NHL’s. Those futures have a high chance of playing out. However, college sports may shut down before the scheduled championships in January, and the Super Bowl is later still. Bettors placing futures should take the championship dates into consideration when they’re putting money on long odds.

There are some leagues that are more likely to finish than others, but no league is safe from the coronavirus. An outbreak on one team can stop a league in its tracks. Anyone who’s confident in how a season will end may have to face the reality of another round of delays or cancellations. Betting game by game may be the smarter way to go before the pandemic dovetails with flu season in the Fall.

But in 2020, placing a futures bet on a team winning in January is just as much a wager on the pandemic as it is on the team.

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