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FOX Bet Colorado is a good sportsbook for casual bettors. Bettors can place bets as low as they want and enjoy moderately good odds. More competitive bettors can take advantage of FOX Bet’s wide range of boosts. They’re the first betting lines that pop up on FOX Bet’s Colorado app, and those boosts set this FOX Bet apart from other sportsbooks. The boosts are risky, but rewarding for lucky bettors.

Despite a few shortcomings, FOX Bet has cemented itself as a strong competitor. Interested bettors can use our FOX Bet Colorado promo link above to redeem FOX Bet’s welcome bonus.

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FOX Bet Colorado Sportsbook Promo Code 2021

FOX Bet offers a $500 risk-free bet to new Colorado bettors. Bettors can get up to $500 back in site credits if they lose their first wagers. Terms and conditions apply.

FOX Bet Colorado Bonus Code
None - Use our exclusive link to unlock $500 risk-free bet
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$500 Risk-Free Bet (Get $500 credit if your bet loses)
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Last VerifiedJanuary 2022

In Colorado’s competitive sports betting market, FOX Bet’s welcome bonus is moderate. Here’s what top Colorado sportsbooks offer their newcomers:

FOX Bet offers a small welcome bonus compared to Colorado’s largest sportsbooks. It’s one-tenth the size of Caesars Sportsbook’s welcome bonus. However, FOX Bet’s welcome bonus is twice the size of BetRivers’ welcome bonus. But Colorado’s top three sportsbooks offer larger welcome bonuses than FOX Bet. So, bettors who want large amounts of money to be with should look at other Colorado sportsbooks.

However, bettors can find other tantalizing promotions at FOX Bet. Bettors can follow @FOXBet on Twitter to answer trivia questions for a chance to win free bets. For example, Free Bet Friday offers a $100 free bet to winners, and FOX Bet’s Colorado Classroom offers $25 free bets. Winners will get their free bets credited to their accounts.

But remember, these prizes are in site credits, not cash. Bettors can’t withdraw free money just because they’re trivia and social media stars.


FOX Bet’s odds overall are moderate. However, when FOX Bet stands out, it tends to have the best odds on the favorite to win. It continues that trend in full force in its NFL lines. Here’s a small sample of FOX Bet’s NFL odds:

 BrownsRavens TitansBroncos
FOX Bet+280-350+105-125
Sky Ute Sportsbook+305-390+100-110
Bet Wildwood+270-417-105-135

FOX Bet has the best odds on seven of the sixteen Week One NFL lines. It loses competitiveness on the underdog, but it’s worth it for bettors who wager on the favorite to win. Most of these odds differences aren’t large, but those differences become important when:

  • The range between sportsbooks’ odds increases.
  • The amount bettors wager increases.

If bettors are only comfortable betting on the favorite to win, then FOX Bet is a good sportsbook for a primary account. However, most Colorado sportsbooks will have better odds on the underdog. But sharp bettors will have to include FOX Bet in their list of sportsbooks to odds-check before placing bets.


FOX Bet has about 15 sports to choose from. These include the most popular sports, like football, basketball, baseball, and hockey. However, bettors will also find lines on golf, tennis, and similarly popular sports. FOX Bet also offers a variety of lines on popular American and international sports. So, it’s a great sportsbook for bettors who enjoy the most popular sports.   

FOX Bet focuses on the most popular sports and leagues to complement its social media engagement with bettors and fans. So, FOX Bet goes limits itself more than Colorado’s master list of allowed sports and bets. FOX Bet doesn’t offer betting lines on niche sports like Gaelic hurling. However, bettors will likely find what they’re looking for at FOX Bet.


FOX Bet offers fewer deposit and withdrawal methods than its competitors. FOX Bet users can withdraw funds with:

  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • PayNearMe (Cash deposit)
  • Vanilla Direct (Cash deposit)

These are all deposit standard options. However, FOX Bet doesn’t offer bank transfers in Colorado. It’s missing the most direct deposit method available to bettors. But including online wallets like PayPal and Skrill makes up for this oversight. Online wallets are among the most reliable deposit and withdrawal methods because they don’t block gambling transactions.

FOX Bet’s withdrawal options are even more limited than its deposit methods and the Colorado market:

  • Skrill
  • PayPal

If Colorado bettors had access to bank transfers, then they could withdraw sportsbook funds that way, too. Instead, bettors must initiate bank transfers from Skrill or PayPal, making these companies unnecessary middlemen for many bettors. However, bettors whose cards or banks block gambling transactions will have to use online wallets anyway.

It’d be better if FOX Bet allowed bank transfers for the bettors whose banks allowed these types of transactions. However, these deposit and withdrawal methods should be good enough for most Colorado bettors.


FOX Bet started with a Colorado-only sportsbook app. However, it has since upgraded to a single sportsbook and online casino app that’s available in all its legal markets. However, that’s as far as the upgrades have gone. The app is overcrowded with bet boosts that make it hard to find regular fixed-odds betting lines.

The FOX Bet app is easy to navigate. Bettors can access the A-Z sports list at the bottom of the screen. They can also scroll through the most popular sports and leagues at the top of the screen.

However, its home screen is cluttered. It’s full of bet boosts and parlays, which are big moneymakers for sportsbooks. However, they’re not the types of wagers that sharps usually bet on. It puts the most popular betting lines a page or two deep into the app, making it less convenient to access those lines than other sportsbooks do.

The betting lines themselves look much better than they used to, though. FOX Bet’s lines include teams, odds, and game times in enough space to take all that information in easily. It’s not great for bettors who want to read a lot of lines at once. But it’s great for bettors who already know what they’re looking for.

Placing a bet is easy on FOX Bet, to. When bettors click on the odds they want to bet on, a box pops up from the bottom of the screen for bettors to put money on the line. It’s a seamless upgrade from FOX Bet’s earliest days in Colorado.

FOX Bet also boasts its #custombets, which are unlikely bets that bettors can request by tweet. Fans can tweet #custombet and could have their bet featured on the custom bet section of the app. That’s a unique social media strategy that sets FOX Bet apart from its competitors. It’s a standout feature of FOX Bet that social media-savvy bettors may enjoy.

Overall, the app is a little crowded, but it performs smoothly and contains the most popular sports, leagues, and wagers. FOX Bet’s odds boosts and custom bets add some interest to standard betting lines, too. If bettors are attached to FOX Sports, then FOX Bet is worth checking out.


FOX Bet Colorado is a great app for casual bettors. Fans of FOX Sports will enjoy the commentary from media figures associated with the FOX Bet app. FOX Bet has a moderate welcome bonus and moderate odds. Its deposit and withdrawal options could use work. But its mobile app is pretty good, too. The app works well, but it hides the most popular bets. It’s not a standout star, but it’s a good sportsbook that bettors should feel comfortable using.


Is FOX Bet A Legit Sportsbook In Colorado?


Licensed sportsbooks operate legitimately. That means they faithfully pay out winnings and keep bettors’ money safe. Here are a few reasons bettors can trust FOX Bet with their money.

FOX Bet Must Adhere To State Confidentiality Requirements

You know how Facebook sells your information to marketers for obscene amounts of money? Sportsbooks can’t do that. Selling bettor information is explicitly forbidden in Rule 8 of Colorado’s Division of Gaming’s sports betting rules. Any personal information that could identify you, like the last four digits of your social, must remain confidential among need-to-know third parties only.

However, FOX Bet can use your information to send you their own marketing materials. (They’ve got to get the word out somehow.)

FOX Bet Can Only Offer Betting Lines On Approved Sports

The Colorado sports catalog may seem limiting, but the approval process for new sports comes with built-in integrity controls. One of the considerations for new sports is whether the new sport can end in “outcome[s] that can be trusted.” Every sport with a betting line at FOX Bet must be a sport with internal controls that ensure each game is fair. Otherwise, what would be the point of betting on it?

FOX Bet Must Offer Resources For Problem Gamblers

While illegal sportsbooks can bleed the accounts of vulnerable patrons with impunity, licensed sportsbooks must make some effort to provide resources for problem gamblers. The responsible gaming logo and National Gambling Hotline are required to be in a prominent place on the FOX Bet app. Also, if a bettor puts themselves on the self-exclusion list, then FOX Bet may not accept bets from them. (It’s one of the reasons sportsbooks ask for your social security number.)

Yes, individual bettors must make the choice to self-regulate. However, licensed sportsbooks won’t take bets from problem gamblers who make themselves known. Can you say the same about an offshore site?

FOX Bet’s Promotions Must Include Terms And Conditions

If bettors want to know how FOX Bet’s $500 deposit bonus works, the terms are easy to find. That clarity is also required by law. Whether it’s a bet boost with an odds threshold or a welcome bonus with strings attached, licensed sportsbooks must make those bonus terms crystal clear. This keeps bettors informed about the risks they’re taking and ensures sportsbooks can’t jerk their customers around.

Bettors Have Legal Recourse Against FOX Bet If Something’s Seriously Wrong

No one likes being sued. Especially high-profile companies who depend on consumer trust as sportsbooks do. Part of having a Colorado sportsbook license means remaining open to state complaints from consumers who feel they’ve been stiffed. That recourse builds in another layer of consumer protection that illegal sites lack.

Why Bet At FOX Bet Instead Of Your Favorite Offshore Betting Site?

Bettors in Colorado may have wagered at a favorite offshore sportsbook before Prop DD passed. Maybe they had a bookie they liked who always paid on time and who wasn’t part of an international crime syndicate. But FOX Bet is a better choice than any offshore site. They’re required to keep enough cash to pay winners on hand and the taxes sportsbooks pay go to good causes.

FOX Bet’s Required Cash Reserves

FOX Bet is required by law to have sufficient cash reserves to pay winners. That doesn’t just mean the sportsbook makes enough revenue to eventually pay winners. They need to have cash on hand to pay winners in a reasonable time. (If the difference between income and cash is unclear, tell your bank you’ll have enough money for the mortgage next month.)

What happens if an offshore sportsbook runs out of cash? Or what if your favorite bookie is a little tight on funds after paying out Super Bowl winnings on an underdog he didn’t budget for? In both cases, bettors have no legal recourse.

Taxes Paid By Colorado Sportsbooks

The taxes that sportsbooks pay go to some good causes. They’re largely split between problem gambling resources and Colorado water conservation projects.

The gambling addiction hotline and gambling addiction counselors do important work. Sports betting is supposed to be fun, but it can become dark when betting becomes addictive. Counselors save problem gamblers from financial ruin, which is a vital service for people whose gambling habits have gotten out of hand.

However, water conservation projects have important long-term consequences, too. Colorado supplies water to at least nine other states in addition to its own growing population. To stave off the growing gap between the supply of water and Colorado’s residents, Colorado put together a plan to save and allocate water. Part of every taxed sportsbook dollar goes toward these projects to secure a prosperous future for all Coloradans.

Your bookie may be a nice guy, but he doesn’t do any of that.

Why Colorado Sports Bettors Can Trust FOX Bet With Their Precious Money

Because FOX Bet is taking bettors’ money and social security numbers, bettors may want to know whether their information is safe. Lucky for them, FOX Bet has them covered.

In addition to the standard email and password combo, FOX Bet offers a two-factor authentication option. FOX Bet has an RSA token they can send bettors with information that bettors need to input along with their password. It prevents someone from stealing login information and logging in from somewhere else. If bettors have the RSA token with them, no one else can log in without the data on that token.

The State of Colorado also sets security guidelines for licensed sportsbooks. FOX Bet is required to meet minimum security measures as outlined in Rule 7 of the Colorado Division of Gaming’s sports betting licensing rules. The Division also requires an independent audit of a licensed sportsbook’s security measures. Whether bettors wager at FOX Bet or another licensed Colorado sportsbook, they can rest assured that their information is safe.

FOX Bet also prohibits bettors from sharing their login information with others. That is, their privacy policy says they forbid it. However, keeping your login information from others also keeps your bank information away from others. It’s an easy thing that bettors can do to secure their own accounts.

FOX Bet Fact Table

Age To Bet21
States FOX Bet Operates InColorado, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania
FOX Bet's Colorado PartnerEldorado Resorts

FOX Bet Colorado FAQ

Does FOX Bet Offer Betting Lines On Esports?

FOX Bet does not offer lines on Esports. However, Esports betting is legal in Colorado, so FOX Bet could offer Esports lines in the future. They’ll just need odds makers who know the leagues and probabilities of winning to create reliable lines.

Can Bettors Sign Up From Anywhere In Colorado?

Yes. Bettors can create accounts from wherever they are in the state. They can even create accounts form out of state. However, bettors can only place bets within Colorado. FOX Bet makes sure bettors are in their legal states-of-operation before bets go through. Don’t try placing Colorado bets from Texas!

Does FOX Bet Have Live In-Game Betting?

Yes. FOX Bet has a whole section for in-game betting. That means bettors can place their bets during a live game and watch the odds change from moment to moment. It’s a great way to spice up that Super Bowl party.

What’s The Best Way To Deposit Funds At FOX Bet?

PayPal. Even though it’s another online account, PayPal is a safe and convenient way to handle money from any legal source. It’s safe, reliable, and direct, so bettors should feel comfortable using it to move money between their personal accounts and sportsbook accounts.

How Old Do Bettors Have To Be To Bet At FOX Bet?

21. Don’t confuse the sportsbook age with the daily fantasy sports age. Fantasy sports players must be at least 18 to participate. However, sportsbook bettors must be at least 21. (It’s why DraftKings and FanDuel separate their fantasy sports and sportsbooks operations.)

How Many Different Sports Does FOX Bet Have Betting Lines On?

At the time of this writing, 15. However, there are different leagues within sports, like boxing and Bellator within the UFC category. Each league also has many betting lines to choose from. FOX Bet bettors will have plenty of betting lines to wager on, no matter the sport they choose.

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