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When Colorado launched sports betting in May 2020, FOX Bet was one of the first online sportsbook apps to launch in this state. So far, many people have tried FOX Bet Colorado, but what if you haven’t gotten around to it yet and don’t know whether this mobile betting platform is worth your time?

Good news: we’ll break down everything you need to know about FOX Bet Colorado in detail. Let’s get started.

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FOX Bet Colorado Bonus Code 2022

One of the best ways to draw new players to a sportsbook app is through an excellent opening bonus. Fortunately, FOX Bet’s opening bonus is player-friendly and easy to activate: it’s a $50 risk-free bet that refunds you in bonus cash if your first bet is a loss. Just place an initial bet with odds of at least -200 and you’re set. It must be claimed within 7 days of registration and used within 7 days after claiming.

Terms & conditions apply.

FOX Bet Colorado Promo CodeClick to Claim
Risk-Free BetUp To $50
What States Allow FOX BetCO, MI, NJ & PA
FOX Bet’s Land-Based PartnerLady Luck Casino
Promo Code Verified ForDecember 2022

As touched on above, FOX Bet scores highly for its opening bonus, which is fairly valuable and is a great way to ensure that its new players don’t immediately lose all of their wagering cash just because of a single bad bet. Furthermore, there isn’t an exorbitant play-through requirement for this opening bonus. All players have to do is play through the opening bonus credit once and they can withdraw it as cash. They should note, though, that the bonus must be claimed within 7 days of registration and used within 7 days of claiming.

In addition to the opening bonus, FOX Bet is well known for its ongoing promotions. In fact, this sportsbook shines compared to the competition in this area, as it offers both standard promotional bonuses and special network tie-in opportunities. This is no surprise given that FOX Bet is closely tied into the Fox Sports network.

Some current examples include:

  • Parlay Cash Bonus – Place a parlay bet with 4 or more legs and if your bet wins, you’ll get a cash bonus in addition to your winnings. The bonus starts at 2.5% for a 4-leg parlay and is offered all the way to 60% at an 18-leg parlay.
  • Friday Happy Hour Bets – Limited-time super boosts every Friday
  • “Free Bet Friday” – You can win a share of $500 in free bets simply by following @FoxBet on Twitter and answering a question they post every Friday at 8am MT
  • Refer-A-Friend Promo – Each person that uses your unique referral link will get you a $25 free bet. Whoever uses your link will receive a $25 free bet as well.

In short, FOX Bet ensures that there’s always something new and exciting to check out on its mobile app every day of the week. We also really like that the promotional offerings and details change with different sports seasons. All in all, FOX Bet is one of the best mobile sportsbook platforms when it comes to promotional bonuses and odds boosts.


Does FOX Bet Colorado Offer Competitive Odds?

FOX Bet offers very player-friendly and accessible odds for each of its major wager types. Perhaps because of its close relations with the Fox Sports network, this mobile betting platform gets new odds for upcoming sporting events very quickly, and these odds are always derived from official league data sources. Still, it’s always important to compare these odds to those being offered at other sportsbooks.

How Do Spreads & Totals Work?

The point spread is fundamental to sports betting. It adds or subtracts points, runs, or goals from a team’s final score. Check out the betting line from FOX Bet on the Denver Broncos-Seattle Seahawks game in week one of the 2022-23 NFL season.

Broncos-4.5 (-110)-189O 41.5 (-110)
Seahawks+4.5 (-110)+160U 41.5 (-110)

Denver needs to win the game by five points to cover the 4.5-point spread. Broncos’ bettors should scour the market for -4. If its available elsewhere, you’d never bet on Denver -4.5 if 4 is out there. Sportsbooks charge a fee to handle your bet. This is known as the vig. At standard odds of -110 on each side of the bet, as with the spread and total above, the vig translates to 4.36%.

The total is the combined number of points scored by both teams. These bets are also called “over-under” wagers. Over bettors need at least 42 points scored to win their bet on the total above. Under bettors can have no more than 41 points scored.

Does FOX Bet Have Good Moneyline Odds?

Yes, but again, always compare odds at different books before making your bet. Here are moneyline odds for the July 1 MLB game between the Diamondbacks and Rockies.

TeamFOX BetDraftKingsFanDuel

All three sportsbooks had nearly identical odds. FanDuel offered slightly betters odds on the Rockies at -118, meaning  a $118 bet will pay $100 on the favorite.

Find the Best Futures Odds

Futures odds are available on big events like the World Series and Super Bowl. You can find these odds at any time of year. The Denver Broncos and new QB Russell Wilson have futures odds to win Super Bowl 57.







FOX Bet offered the best odds on the Broncos as of this writing in early July. A $100 bet on Denver will return $1,800 if the Broncos win Super Bowl 57. Sportsbooks attempt to offer player-friendly future odds while keeping an eye on their theoretical hold. This is the amount of profit they expect to realize from a betting market. A lower theoretical holds means higher odds and payouts for bettors — and vice versa.

Updated 7/1/2022  


Perhaps unsurprisingly, most of FOX Bet’s sports betting markets are focused on US professional sports like MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, and other games. This isn’t to say that FOX Bet doesn’t have any international or niche sports betting markets, because it does. Indeed, you’ll be able to place bets on NASCAR races, MMA and UFC fights, cricket, rugby, and so on.

However, there’s also no denying that most of FOX Bet’s market depth and variety is focused on the above-mentioned US professional sports leagues. Because of this, FOX Bet might be a better choice if you primarily place bets on American sports and international sports are more of a curiosity.

Additionally, Colorado allows collegiate bets. So you can definitely check out FOX Bet’s wide range of college bets for both in-state teams and games or teams with out-of-state college squads.

On the flip side, if you want more betting markets and greater depth for international sports betting opportunities, another sportsbook could be a better pick overall. That said, FOX Bet does a great job in this area and will likely only improve as it solidifies its presence as a major sportsbook player in the industry.


As with many other mobile sportsbook options, FOX Bet provides different deposit and cash-out options depending on the state in which it operates. However, it offers a reasonable range of deposit and withdrawal options for Colorado sports bettors including:

  • Credit and debit card deposits and withdrawals
  • Online bank transfers
  • Electronic wallet transfers through PayPal or Skill
  • Vanilla Direct transfers
  • PayNearMe terminals

Of course, FOX Bet is also partnered with the LadyLuck Casino in Colorado. If you happen to be nearby, you can make a deposit or withdraw your winnings from your FOX Bet online sportsbook account at the cash cage and get your winnings instantaneously.

Otherwise, you’ll generally have to wait about 24 hours for your withdrawal requests to go through. Many people find that FOX Bet is a little quicker than this when processing withdrawal requests, however. All in all, FOX Bet does a great job when it comes to deposit and cash-out options for its Colorado players.


FOX Bet’s mobile sportsbook app has a very clean, minimalist interface that is relatively easy to navigate through, except for one notable aspect: trending and custom bets. When you open up the app, you’ll find that a lot of the screen space is dedicated to the most popular bets of the day.

While this can be good for new players initially, it will quickly become annoying as you learn the ropes of the platform and as you start using the app to place specific, pre-planned wagers, not browse through to see what everyone else is doing.

That said, FOX Bet’s app overall is very easy to use. For example, its live betting section can easily be accessed with a single tap. All of its major betting markets are easily labeled and sortable, so you won’t need to spend tons of time hunting around for the ideal betting line in your chosen market.

Indeed, FOX Bet’s mobile sportsbook is as functional and enjoyable as other top providers in the market like FanDuel or DraftKings. The app is typically quite smooth, which might partially be because the app is only available in four states at the time of this writing.

All in all, it’s a good mobile betting platform experience that you would do well to try it out at your earliest opportunity.


At the end of the day, there’s a lot to like at FOX Bet sportsbook, whether you are a novice sports bettor or an experienced sports wagerer who wants a robust, dynamic experience with new opportunities every day. FOX Bet’s regular promotional opportunities and tie-ins with the Fox sports network mean that there’s always something exciting going on with this mobile betting platform.

The betting platform itself is smooth, streamlined, and very well put together (even if it could be improved just a little bit). It’s also a great place to put your money down on American sports, and its niche or international sports betting markets are sure to improve with time.

Bottom line: FOX Bet’s mobile sports betting platform is a great choice and a solid addition to Colorado’s budding sports betting market.

Is FOX Bet Legit?

Absolutely. FOX Bet is a legitimate sports betting operator for several key reasons:

  • It has been fully licensed and registered with Colorado’s state government. This means it has already been thoroughly investigated for any issues or fraudulent activities.
  • FOX Bet is already active in several other states including Pennsylvania and New Jersey. This means it has also been reviewed by external state regulatory bodies several times and found to be a legitimate operation.
  • FOX Bet uses high-quality digital security to protect both its information and the information of its users or customers.
  • FOX Bet is closely connected to the Fox sports network: a major sports information and media organization. This mobile sportsbook can’t truly be fraudulent or problematic as it would damage the image of the broader media network. In other words, FOX Bet was created by a legitimate organization.
  • FOX Bet is regularly reviewed by the Colorado Division of Gaming, which oversees all legal gaming activities in the state. Every year, FOX Bet has to renew its license and is investigated once again for any potential problems.

Overall, FOX Bet is a trustworthy and legitimate sports betting organization.

Why Choose FOX Bet Sportsbook Over Illegal Betting Sites?

While the above breakdown explains why FOX Bet is a legitimate company, it doesn’t fully explain why you should trust this sportsbook over illegal betting alternatives.

  • Legal sports betting is completely illegal in Colorado, both at in-person locations and using mobile apps. Because of this, there’s no reason to settle for illegal betting sites since you can place wagers from anywhere within the state and you don’t even have to visit a casino or in-person gambling location to complete the registration process.
  • Furthermore, illegal betting sites don’t provide excellent betting odds for their sports bettors. In other words, your potential profits will be severely curtailed if you use an offshore or illegal betting site compared to a legitimate operation.
  • More importantly, illegal betting sites have subpar digital security. No one oversees them and there’s no one to turn to if your personal information or funds are stolen or are not awarded properly. Plus, even if an illegal betting site doesn’t commit theft, it won’t stop a hacker from stealing your personal information either.

All in all, illegal betting sites are never a good idea, but that’s especially true now that Colorado has a great mobile sports betting market up and running.

Why Can You Trust FOX Bet With Your Money?

You can ultimately trust FOX Bet with your money for two main reasons: its SSL certification and other digital security measures and the fact that it is overseen by the Colorado Division of Gaming.

Regarding the first point, SSL certification encrypts any traffic going to or from the FOX Bet desktop site and/or its mobile betting platform. This prevents the personal information or financial information of its users from being easily lifted by cyber criminals or other malicious actors.

In addition to SSL certification, FOX Bet uses other types of digital security like antivirus firewalls to protect its mobile app. It’s safe to say that your information is pretty secure when using FOX Bet.

On the other hand, the Colorado Division of Gaming regularly reviews and oversees the activities of any legitimate and legal gambling entities in the state. This organization is also charged with awarding sports betting licenses to sportsbook operators.

Since the Division gave FOX Bet a license, they must have found no evidence of fraudulent activities, no suspicion of mishandling player funds, and must also have found FOX Bet’s digital security to be good enough for launch.

Even better, the Division will regularly review FOX Bet and make sure that it still has insurance and digital security measures in place to protect its users every year. If FOX Bet fails to do this, it may end up losing its legal licensure.

As you can see, there are lots of reasons why FOX Bet can be trusted with your money, especially compared to offshore or illegal betting sites.

FOX Bet Fact Sheet

How old do you have to be to bet at FOX Sports?21
What states is FOX Bet legal in?CO, MI, NJ & PA
Who is FOX Bet’s partner in Colorado?LadyLuck Casino

FOX Bet Colorado Sportsbook FAQ

Is it legal to bet on sports online at FOX Bet Colorado?

Yes. Colorado legalized and launched sports betting in May 2020 and FOX Bet launched soon after.

How old do you have to be to place a bet online using FOX Bet in Colorado?

You need to be 21 years of age or older. This is the minimum betting age for all gambling activities in Colorado.

Is FOX Bet fully licensed in Colorado?

Yes, FOX Bet is a fully licensed and legitimate sportsbook in Colorado.

How can you get paid if you win at FOX Bet Colorado?

FOX Bet offers a handful of excellent withdrawal options for its Colorado residents, including credit or debit card withdrawals, cash cage withdrawals, and electronic wallet transfers. Read the entire list of withdrawal options above.

Does FOX Bet Colorado offer any free bets or deposit bonuses?

Yes. FOX Bet offers a $50 risk-free bet for all new account holders. This applies to your first wager as long as it has odds of -200 or greater. FOX Bet also offers special deposit and free bet bonuses throughout the week.

What states is FoxBet legal in?

FoxBet is currently legal in CO, MI, NJ & PA.

Can you sign up for FOX Bet from anywhere within Colorado state lines?

Yes. Colorado doesn’t require you to sign up at a partnered casino to complete your sportsbook registration. Just download the app and register while within Colorado state lines and you’ll be set.

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