FOX Bet Offers Colorado Sports Bettors Colorado Odds Boosts

It’s a busy season for Colorado sports. The Colorado Buffs and the Denver Broncos are both struggling. However, the Broncos’ surprise win against the Cowboys has lifted Denver’s spirits after a series of disappointing games. Beating Washington was also encouraging, but it was nothing compared to overcoming +440 moneyline odds against Dallas.

For newly engaged and elated Colorado bettors, FOX Bet is offering odds boosts that are either on Colorado teams or offered to Coloradans. Here are the odds boosts that bettors can find for teams inside and outside of Colorado. 

FOX Bet’s Colorado Odds Boosts

Colorado bettors love their Colorado teams, and FOX Bet knows it. FOX Bet offers these odds boosts on upcoming games with Colorado teams: 

CU-Boulder @ UCLA 

  • UCLA to Score 2+ Passing TDs & 2+ Rushing TDs: -120 boosted to +100 
  • First Score to be a Colorado Touchdown: +230 boosted to +265
  • Final Score: UCLA 31, Colorado 21: +7,500 boosted to +9,000

Air Force Academy @ CSU

  • Colorado State to Score Points in Every Quarter: +300 boosted to +350
  • Final Score: Air Force 21 – Colorado State 20: +7,500 boosted to +9,000  

Eagles @ Broncos 

  • Double Your Money Eagles to Score a TD in Each Half 
  • Max Bet: $25 

This is a great selection of odds boosts to consider, especially for Colorado bettors keeping a close eye on college football this weekend. 

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FOX Bet’s Out-Of-State Odds Boosts

FOX Bet is offering Colorado bettors several odds boosts on other major games this weekend: 

Maryland @ Michigan State

  • Double Your Money Michigan State to Score Points in Every Quarter
  • Max Bet: $10  

Michigan @ Penn State

  • Double Your Money Michigan to Score the first Points of the Game, Max bet $25
  • Double Your Money Penn St to Score the first Points of the Game, Max bet $25

Lions @ Steelers

  • Triple Your Money Detroit Lions to Score a TD & FG in the 1st Half
  • Max Bet: $25 

The promotions for these games look more similar to each other than the Colorado odds boosts. These out-of-state promotions’ added structure may make risk-averse bettors feel more comfortable putting money down on these matches. So, they’re worth considering for antsy bettors. 

Leveraging Odds Boosts

Odds boosts are usually parlays or prop bets in disguise. That’s certainly the case with the Colorado odds boosts. However, bettors who were on the fence about the value of those bets before may reconsider their bets in the face of noticeable odds increases.

In contrast, the out-of-state odds boosts are special deals with low bet limits. There’s a decent chance that Michigan State will score a point in every quarter, so FOX Bet is limiting its liability on that offer. However, the NFL’s worst team this year may not score a touchdown or a field goal in the first half. So, FOX Bet is willing to take a greater chance on the Lions having a good game than Michigan State showing a consistently strong performance.

There’s an offer compatible with bettors of all risk-tolerances on this list. So, bettors should consider these odds boosts as they build their bet slips for the weekend ahead.   

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