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FanDuel Sportsbook is great for casual bettors who want to switch back and forth between daily fantasy sports and sports betting. Bettors can wager as little as $1, giving low-stakes bettors a laid-back betting platform to enjoy. FanDuel’s $1,000 risk-free bet is great for bettors with some money to spend up front, too. With its reliable app performance, it’s little wonder that FanDuel is one of the two most popular sportsbook brands in legal sports betting markets. 

FanDuel’s push into New York in 2022 is a major move for the brand, too. It shows that it can continue to thrive in large competitive markets and serve the Colorado market sustainably. Bettors can redeem FanDuel’s welcome bonus with Colorado Sharp’s FanDuel Sportsbook promo by simply using our exclusive link —-> CLICK TO CLAIM.

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FanDuel Sportsbook Promo Code Colorado Offer May 2022

FanDuel Sportsbook offers new users a risk-free bet worth up to $1,000. This allows you to bet up to $1,000 and receive a $1,000 credit if you lose. However, this bonus is rewarded in site credits that can only be used for future sports bets. In order for your risk-free bet to be able to be withdrawn, you have to wager the site credit and win subsequent bets.    

Sportsbook Promo Code CO
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May 2022



The FanDuel Sportsbook welcome bonus gives new users a nice “safety net” in the event their first wager goes awry. If the first real-money wager you place results in a loss, FanDuel will match your bet in site credit up to $1,000.

While the new user promo offered by FanDuel is a vanilla industry standard, FanDuel does a notably better job offering ongoing promos for existing customers compared to rival sportsbook DraftKings.

Users can regularly expect to see ongoing bonuses and promotions each time they log in to the FanDuel Sportsbook app. This could be things such as parlay insurance, special wagers, or boosted lines.


Most of FanDuel’s best odds across its sportsbook are on the underdog. It maintained that pattern in its 2021 NFL Week 2 odds: 


FanDuel offered the best odds on the Lions in this line. But to do that, it sacrificed competitive odds on the Packers. This is the tradeoff that sportsbooks make for offering better odds on one side of the line compared to the other. So, bettors who find themselves eyeing an underdog should keep FanDuel on their shortlists. 


FanDuel got creative when sportsbooks were short on sports to offer betting lines on, but it’s back to business as usual, with all US pro sports leagues and events back in the mix. You will find as wide an array of bets to place on FanDuel as you can hope to find, with a deep bench of options.

Colorado’s Gaming Commission also has an Excel file of approved sports and wagers. It lists the types of sporting events and wagers that sportsbooks can offer, which limits variety. It includes predictable national and international sports leagues, as well as some of these lesser-known options.

FanDuel Teaser Bets In Colorado

However, not every sportsbook will offer the same type of wagers. FanDuel offers teaser bets as a possible bet, while others don’t. Teaser bets combine two different bets into one. However, FanDuel limits the combinations by sport and by wager type.

FanDuel’s teasers are only allowed on football and basketball, and bets on point spreads and total match points. If bettors are particularly enthusiastic about football, basketball, point spreads, and match totals, then FanDuel’s teasers are just for them.


As one of the largest sportsbook companies in the country, FanDuel’s perfect score here shouldn’t surprise anyone. Sportsbooks don’t become big unless it’s easy to put money in and take money out. After I created a FanDuel account, I was given the following options to deposit money into my account:

  • Debit/credit card (Visa and Mastercard)
  • Online banking
  • PayPal
  • FanDuel Prepaid Play+ card
  • PayNearMe
  • Cash at casino cage

All these online options make depositing funds easy.

However, bettors really want to know whether they can easily withdraw their winnings. Here are the options I got when I asked to select a withdrawal method:

  • PayPal
  • FanDuel Prepaid Play+ card
  • Check by mail
  • ACH eCheck
  • Cash at cage

All five of these options offer secure ways to receive winnings. PayPal and online banking are the most secure and reliable options. However, old-fashioned bettors who feel secure in a paper trail can request a mail-order check.

No matter how bettors deposit or withdraw funds, they have convenient online options at their fingertips.


The FanDuel Sportsbook app is one of the top sports betting apps across the industry. The app is easy to look at, quick to respond, and simple to navigate.

You don’t have to take our word for it, either. On both the App Store and Google Play Store, the FanDuel Sportsbook app boasts a near-perfect rating, with a 4.8 and 4.7 score, respectively. Even more impressive, the blue and white app has over 500,000 App Store ratings and 75,000 Google Play ratings.

You simply can’t go wrong with the FanDuel Sportsbook app.


FanDuel Sportsbook is a great app for laid-back bettors. It’s meant to be a fun sportsbook to spice up bettors’ favorite sports. It has a welcome bonus that encourages a large bet upfront, but bettors may not feel comfortable wagering $1000 all at once. However, when FanDuel’s odds differ from other sportsbooks, the odds tend to be a little higher.

But for all the nitpicking, FanDuel is a safe, reliable option for anyone interested in sports betting in Colorado. FanDuel is safer than bookies and offshore betting sites, and it goes to great lengths to protect its customers’ money and personal information.

Is FanDuel Colorado Sportsbook Legit?

Sportsbooks may or may not have a good reputation among new sports bettors, and they may have a serious question: What makes FanDuel legitimate? Here are five things that elevate FanDuel above illegitimate, illegal, or offshore sportsbooks.

FanDuel Sportsbook Is Licensed With The State Of Colorado

FanDuel is one of a few sportsbooks with a sportsbook operator’s license in Colorado. That means FanDuel has been vetted by state officials who’ve determined that FanDuel can operate legitimately and in the best interests of its patrons. The review process screens out people who’ve been convicted of gambling felonies or who work in a government position in one of Colorado’s gambling cities. Career offenders, convicted criminals, and conflicts-of-interests are screened out.

FanDuel Sportsbook’s Expansion Depends On Legitimacy

FanDuel cannot expand across the US unless it runs a business that adheres to the highest ethical standards. As more states legalize sports betting, they’ll monitor sports betting in neighboring states. If FanDuel wants to continue expanding into new markets, it cannot endanger its future state license requirements. It must maintain a sterling reputation for the sake of its business. A criminal or civil violation in one state could be a deal-breaking condition on the next state licensing application.

Bettors Have Government Recourse

Licensed sportsbooks are also held accountable by the State of Colorado. In fact, FanDuel paid out a massive bet based on a mistake before. A miscalculation in odds making at the end of a Raiders-Broncos game resulted in a New Jersey bettor winning $82,000 from a $110 bet. FanDuel had to pay after “consulting” with state authorities about whether to pay out from what they thought was a clear miscalculation. We can’t promise 750-to-1 payouts (neither can FanDuel) but bettors can rely on state support in a payment dispute.

FanDuel Sportsbook’s Robust Customer Support

FanDuel offers 24/7 live chat, email, and phone support. Bettors connect to real people who will help with issues that cannot be resolved in the extensive FAQ pages. This is a positive signal among many that FanDuel Colorado is interested in happy and satisfied customers.

Why Choose FanDuel Sportsbook Over A Bookie Or Offshore Website?

So, FanDuel is the golden standard of a legitimate sportsbook. But why choose FanDuel over a bookie or offshore website? Are they really that bad? At their worst, yes. At their best, they’re iffy.

Independent bookies are individuals who took sports bets and distributed winnings before sports betting legalization. The bookies were often inconsequential. The larger concern came from the organized groups for whom the bookies worked. The bookies knew the odds came from on high, but they didn’t know exactly from whom. But it was the people ‘on high’ who, in at least several hundred cases around the world, fixed sports games to maximize their profits. The fear of those syndicates expanding has been one of the driving forces behind sports betting legalization.

However, there are independent bookies who are bookies as a side-gig. They probably don’t have the manpower to bring violence against bettors who have a bet go awry. But if those bookies are short on cash, they won’t pay out winnings. That leaves bettors short on cash, denied of winnings, and without legal recourse. That’s not a good outcome.

Offshore websites, on the other hand, come in all shapes and sizes. Some are mafia-run, and others are ostensibly legitimate. However, even the nicest offshore website has one glaring flaw. It is outside of United States jurisdiction. No matter how nice bettors think that site is, it is accountable to no one. (No one who can get your lost money back, anyway.)

In contrast, FanDuel is not only required to pay bettors. It’s also required to meet digital security requirements to protect bettors’ money and personal information. Offshore sportsbooks don’t have to go to the trouble–and expense–of securing their apps and websites. FanDuel is a far safer option in Colorado than any offshore sportsbook for that reason alone.

How Bettors Can Trust FanDuel With Their Money

We’ve mentioned the security requirements that Colorado sportsbooks have to meet to become licensed. But what does FanDuel have in place to protect bettors’ money? Its stand-out security feature is its proactive approach to digital security.

Nothing is unhackable. Tech-savvy consumers know it, and FanDuel admits it in its security section, too. Companies like FanDuel employ hackers to discover vulnerabilities that unscrupulous hackers could take advantage of. That way, FanDuel can secure their website before customers’ security is compromised. In return, hackers are paid for finding vulnerabilities in their clients’ websites.

If Colorado’s license requirements, commitment to bettor payouts, and proactive approach to digital security aren’t enough, then skeptics may never be satisfied. FanDuel is as legitimate a sportsbook as can be found in the US.

FanDuel Sportsbook Colorado Fact Table

Minimum Colorado Sports Betting Age21
States Where FanDuel Sportsbook Is LegalAZ, CO, CT, IL, IN, IA, LA, MI, NJ, NY, PA, TN, VA, WV & WY
FanDuel's Colorado PartnerGolden Gates Casino, Black Hawk

FanDuel Colorado Sportsbook FAQ

Can Bettors Wager On eSports At FanDuel Colorado?

Yes. It’s one of the approved sports in Colorado, and FanDuel has offered eSports lines in the past. However, not every state is so open-minded about eSports. For example, Indiana doesn’t allow eSports betting because it doesn’t recognize esports as a sport.

Thankfully, Colorado allows eSports, so League of Legends and Call of Duty fans can watch for professional matches.

Can Bettors Sign Up From Anywhere In Colorado?

Yes. Bettors can create the account from anywhere, but they cannot place bets outside of Colorado. FanDuel has a geofence around each state its sportsbook operates in to make sure that they only operate in legal states.

What Is The Best Way To Deposit Funds In FanDuel?

Bank transfer. Bettors already have a bank account, and it’s digital. It’s the most direct way for bettors to transfer funds to FanDuel. PayPal isn’t a bad option if bettors already have the account. However, a check in the mail feels a little laughable in modern times. A direct bank transfer is the way to go.

Can Bettors Withdraw Their FanDuel Deposits?

Yes, but they need to call customer service. Money deposited into FanDuel is meant to be used for betting. It’s a pool of money for bettors to pull from to place bets. Bettors will have to contact customer service if they change their mind about having too much money in their FanDuel account.

So, How Do Bettors Withdraw Winnings?

Bank transfer. Winnings can go directly to the bank. It’ll be in a separate menu from bettors’ FanDuel deposits. It’s a little confusing, but that’s how FanDuel separates funds.

Does FanDuel Offer Live In-Play Betting?

Yes. It has a full section of live games to bet on. It’s an exciting, dynamic way for bettors to hedge their bets until they’re sure how the game is going to go. But once bettors put money down, that bet is cast. They’ll have to wait to see how their bet plays out.

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