Denver Broncos Odds: Stage Of Elimination In 2021

The start of a new season for the Denver Broncos brings a plethora of possibilities. Maybe they break the stranglehold the Kansas City Chiefs have on the AFC West division title. Making the playoffs as a wildcard team is a definite possibility as well. Once the playoffs start…anything can happen.

Is there a chance they make it to the Super Bowl and possibly even win the game? Of course, but it would have been easier to see had they pulled off a trade for Aaron Rodgers. But with Teddy Bridgewater at the helm, Super Bowl may be too lofty an aspiration.

That means they will have to be eliminated somewhere along the way. Along with betting on the Broncos to win their division, the AFC, and/or the Super Bowl, sportsbooks are carrying odds on what stage of the season Denver will get eliminated in:

Stage Of Elimination: Denver BroncosDraftKingsBetMGMBetRivers
Not Make Playoffs-145-165-200
Lose In Wildcard Round+250+275+350
Lose in Divisional Round+550+700+700
Lose in Championship Round (AFC Conf)+1300+2000+1800
Lose In Super Bowl+3000+3000+3300
Win Super Bowl+4000+5000+5000

What To Expect From The Denver Broncos

Denver appears to be a team that could be decent this season. Defensively, they have not had the personnel to become the dominant unit they were just a few years ago. But between the draft and free agency, they may have added enough pieces to become elite once again—if everyone can stay healthy.

On the offensive side of the ball, it all depends on whether the offense can gel around Teddy Bridgewater. During his time in New Orleans and last season in Carolina, Bridgewater has played well. With the Broncos, he will have more talent at wide receiver and tight end than he has ever had.

If Bridgewater can get the passing game on track, it will be easier to open lanes in the run game for Melvin Gordon. Should that happen, the offense could become quite productive– which would take some pressure off the defense. With less being demanded of the defense, they should be able to play better.

That means the Broncos could make some noise this season.

Enough to make it to and possibly win the Super Bowl? Eh—doubtful. They will still have to get past the Kansas City Chiefs in their own division, not to mention the Buffalo Bills, Cleveland Browns, Baltimore Ravens, or the Tennessee Titans in the conference title game just to make it to the Super Bowl.

Right now, it is hard to see them do so.

But even if fortune smiles down on the Broncos this season and they do make the big game, it is hard to see them beating the NFC’s top contenders.

Betting Recommendation

So, if they are not going to make it to the Super Bowl (or win it), they will not win the AFC title game either. With the Kansas City Chiefs in the division, it is unlikely the Broncos win the AFC West. But can they make the playoffs? If so, when will they lose?

Their chances of making the playoffs look a little better with three wildcard teams. But last season, the No. 7 seed in the AFC (the Indianapolis Colts) had 11 wins. Denver managed just five. Can an improved defense and better play at quarterback result in six additional wins?

It is possible—but unlikely.

Should they make the playoffs, it will be as a wildcard team which will mean facing someone like Buffalo, Kansas City, Cleveland, Tennessee, or Baltimore in the wildcard round. They will probably not make it past the wildcard round (if they make it there).

So—how should you bet? The safe bet would be to take the Broncos not to make the playoffs. But if you are feeling optimistic, take them to lose in the wildcard round (but keep your wager small).


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