Cripple Creek Might be Getting a New Casino and Sportsbook, Sir William’s Casino

The Colorado Limited Gaming Commission (CLGC) is set to discuss the licensing of a new casino called Sir William’s Casino at its upcoming Aug. 27 public meeting. Assuming it’s approved, it could mean some fresh blood in the Colorado casino market.

The item for discussion during the Commission’s public session is for a first retail license and first master license for Sir William’s Casino, which is owned by Full House Resorts, owner of Bronco Billy’s in Cripple Creek.

Bronco Billy’s is home of the Christmas Casino & Inn, which closed last year and has since reopened under reduced hours. A Bronco Billy’s representative said the Christmas Casino was closing forever in “a few weeks.”

Making only a slight logical leap, it seems likely that the soon-to-be former location of the Christmas Casino & Inn is slated to become Sir William’s Casino, assuming the license applications are approved. A CLGC representative confirmed the meeting will include discussion around transferring the licenses currently held by Christmas Casino to the new Sir William’s.

We will be attending the virtual meeting next week and will report back additional findings as they develop.

A message sent to Full House Resorts seeking comment was not immediately returned.

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