Here Are All The Colorado Sportsbook Deals And Partnerships We Know About So Far

One of the ways Colorado sportsbooks reel bettors in is by offering tournaments with unique rewards. Prizes could include VIP experiences during professional sports games. Exclusive offers like those come from partnerships between sportsbooks and sports leagues. Not every sportsbook boasts a long list of impressive partnerships. But the ones have unique offerings. Here are some of the major partnerships between Colorado’s sportsbooks, sports teams, and media partners.


Bettors shouldn’t be surprised to see DraftKings on this list. It’s one of Colorado’s most recognizable sportsbooks. Accordingly, it has an extensive list of partnerships including:

  • Denver Broncos
  • NFL
  • MLB
  • PGA Tour
  • Sportradar
  • Mardi Gras Casino

That’s an eclectic mix of partnerships, each with its advantages. Their partnership with the Broncos allows DraftKings to offer things like VIP tickets to Broncos games. It’s a heck of a prize for sports bettors and Broncos fans to take advantage of. The league partnerships are similar, so bettors can expect exclusive prizes for certain events.

However, the Broncos and the professional leagues are partnered with DraftKing’s fantasy sports section. That means bettors can’t win VIP trips through the sportsbook. Bettors could get that one day, but for now, the sportsbook awards cash only.

But sportsbook users have perks, too. DraftKing’s partnership with Sportradar allows bettors to live stream games in the DraftKings sportsbook app. Bettors must have some money in their sportsbook account to access this feature–even if it’s $0.01. But bettors who enjoy in-game betting will find this feature well worth it.

Finally, the Mardi Gras Casino gives DraftKings a retail location for bettors who want to wager in person. The pandemic may not be the best time to take advantage of this offering. However, it’ll be a boon for stir-crazy bettors once the pandemic ends.


FanDuel’s deal list looks like DraftKings. They also have a fantasy sports deal with the Broncos, and they’ve partnered with many of the same leagues. However, bettors will notice a few different leagues on FanDuel’s list:

  • Denver Broncos
  • PGA Tour
  • MLB
  • NHL
  • NBA
  • XFL
  • DRL

FanDuel’s Broncos partnership is different from DraftKing’s. While DraftKing’s Broncos deal is limited to fantasy sports, FanDuel got a sports betting partnership. In fact, the Broncos/FanDuel deal is the NFL’s first sports betting partnership. The NFL didn’t have the option to partner with sportsbooks until May 2020, so FanDuel lucked up. That means FanDuel can offer VIP tickets and other prizes through its sportsbook.

All the other leagues except two are sports betting partnerships. The XFL and DRL are fantasy only. The XFL is Vince McMahon’s football league that made it about six weeks into its season before the pandemic ended it. The DRL is an experimental Drone Racing League. Whether that partnership expands to include sports betting will depend on how popular drone racing becomes. What a world.


BetMGM has a smaller list of partnerships than DraftKings and FanDuel. However, bettors can still find value out of their partnerships:

  • Denver Broncos
  • Detroit Lions
  • PGA Tour
  • VSiN

BetMGM’s Broncos deal is similar to FanDuel’s. Bettors can win VIP tickets and work toward Mlife rewards through BetMGM play. But BetMGM casts a wide net that includes a partnership with the Detroit Lions. That could be a sign of more team partnerships to come. Whether they’ll be with teams in major cities that boost betting traffic for BetMGM or any team that’ll take them remains to be seen.

But NASCAR creates new betting avenues. This partnership allows bettors to place live in-race bets–something that was previously unavailable in other sportsbooks.

Bettors probably won’t know VSiN by name. However, they may know the brainchild of that partnership, Betting Across America. It’s a show available on VSiN that offers betting analysis and strategies for interested viewers. The show pulls data from BetMGM, so fans of the show will find a natural synergy between their viewership and a BetMGM account.

Fox Bet

Fox Bet has the advantage of a Fox Sports partnership. That gives it three charismatic hosts to offer analysis right off the bat. However, there are a few other partnerships that impact its bettors, too.

  • MLB
  • XFL
  • Philadelphia 76ers

The MLB deal is a standard data-sharing deal. Fox Bet gets official MLB data, which influences the sportsbook’s odds. However, the XFL deal offers more substance for bettors. As part of the XFL deal, Fox Bet offered a Fox Sports Super 6 game throughout the season. It’s a separate app where bettors predict six games for a chance at a cash prize. It’s not part of the sportsbook, but predicting winners is integral to sports betting. Bettors will find it similar during the next season.

Fox Bet’s 76ers partnership was also the first sports betting deal in the NBA. It creates some new betting offers and bonuses for bettors in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. However, Fox Bet could offer something similar for a Colorado team one day.

theScore Bet

theScore Bet is Colorado’s newest entrant–as of this writing–but it already has two major league partnerships:

  • MLB
  • NBA

The MLB partnership is the same data-sharing and marketing deal as the others. The MLB doesn’t have an exclusive partnership with any of these sportsbooks. theScore Bet’s NBA deal is a similar data-sharing deal. These will be critical for offering competitive odds in these leagues. It’s brand new, so it has room to court partnerships in Colorado.

Deals Summary

 Team PartnershipsLeague PartnershipsMedia PartnershipsCasino Partnerships
DraftKingsDenver BroncosNFL
PGA Tour
SportradarGolden Mardi Gras Casino
FanDuelDenver BroncosMLB
PGA Tour
N/AGolden Gates Casino
BetMGMDenver Broncos
Detroit Lions
PGA Tour
VSiNMidnight Rose Hotel and Casino
Fox BetPhiladelphia 76ersMLB
Fox SportsLady Luck Casino
theScore BetN/AMLB
N/AThe Gilpin Hotel

Why Sportsbook Partnerships Are Important For Bettors

Sportsbook partnerships are more than stuffy corporate deals. They create new opportunities for bettors. Bettors could have a shot at VIP tickets or play at a sportsbook with more competitive odds. live-streamed games. Sportsbooks can use game data to generate more competitive odds, too. Press releases don’t just announce partnerships. They also clue bettors into the unique prizes and opportunities lurking in the fine print of each sportsbook partnership.

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