Colorado Sportsbooks Offering Lines With NHL Set To Skate Back Into Action

After pausing the Stanley Cup tournament on March 12, the NHL announced its Return to Play plan at the end of May. The plan is to start with an eight-round qualifier with 16 teams to figure out who is moving closer to the coveted Stanley Cup.

Naturally, Colorado sportsbooks took notice and offered lines on the new series of matches. Hockey fans who want to know where to put their money for the upcoming games should look no further. After analyzing what the sportsbooks have to offer, we’ve found which sportsbooks have the best odds on the upcoming NHL games.

Colorado Sportsbooks With The Best NHL Series Odds

Five of Colorado’s six sportsbooks offer betting lines on the upcoming NHL games (so far). However, only a couple of sportsbooks stand out. Overall, BetMGM has the best odds on the favorite to win for six of the eight games. The first exception is the Jets beating the Flames–BetMGM’s one good underdog line. The second is the odds on the Oilers beating the Blackhawks. Fox Bet has the best odds on that line. However, if you’re betting on the favorite to win, BetMGM is the sportsbook to turn to.

But if you’re an underdog bettor, you’ll have to adjust your betting strategy. BetMGM has the worst odds on the underdog (except for the Jets.) However, FanDuel and Fox Bet largely fill in the gaps. In seven of the eight games, FanDuel and Fox Bet offer best odds on the underdog. However, if you’re betting on the Coyotes over the Predators, DraftKings and BetRivers are the sportsbooks for you.

Colorado’s Sportsbooks’ NHL Playoff Odds 2020

 DraftKingsFanDuelFox BetBetRiversBetMGMBetMonarch
Calgary Flames-118-116-118-118-120N/A
Winnipeg Jets-106-106-105-106+100N/A
Carolina Hurricanes-136-136-133-136-125N/A
New York Rangers+110+112+110+110+105N/A
Edmonton Oilers-167-164-150-167-157N/A
Chicago Blackhawks+135+134+120+135+125N/A
Nashville Predators-143-134-133-143-125N/A
Arizona Coyotes+116+110+110+116+105N/A
New York Islanders-122-120-133-122-115N/A
Florida Panthers+100-102+110+100-105N/A
Pittsburgh Penguins-195-205-200-195-176N/A
Montreal Canadiens+155+166+160+155+145N/A
Toronto Maple Leafs-175-166-175-175-150N/A
Columbus Blue Jackets+140+136+140+140+125N/A
Vancouver Canucks-122-136-125-122-120N/A
Minnesota Wild+100+112+110+100+100N/A

Which Colorado Sportsbook Has The Best 2020 Futures?

The two casino sportsbooks dominate futures on the teams with upcoming matches. BetMonarch has the best odds on ten out of the sixteen scheduled teams, and BetMGM has the best futures on the remaining six. The other four sportsbooks don’t touch what the two casino sportsbooks offer on the scheduled teams.

However, there are eight remaining teams who don’t have scheduled matches coming up. On these lines, the casino sportsbooks lose their dominance. BetMGM and BetMonarch only have the best odds on half the lines, while Fox Bet and FanDuel pick up the slack on three of the remaining four. That leaves DraftKings and BetRivers with the best odds on the Colorado Avs.

Colorado’s Sportsbooks’ Futures

 DraftKingsFanDuelFox BetBetRiversBetMGMBetMonarch
Calgary Flames+3200+3500+3000+3200+3500+5000
Winnipeg Jets+5500+500+5000+5500+5500+5000
Carolina Hurricanes+4000+4200+3300+4000+4200+4000
New York Rangers+4000+4000+3000+4000+4000+8000
Edmonton Oilers+2300+2300+2200+2300+2300+4000
Chicago Blackhawks+7500+10000+8000+7500+10000+8000
Nashville Predators+3500+4200+3500+3500+4200+4000
Arizona Coyotes+4000+4500+5000+4000+4500+5000
New York Islanders+4000+4200+2800+4000+4250+8000
Florida Panthers+5000+6500+6000+5000+6500+8000
Pittsburgh Penguins+1700+1800+1400+1700+2000+1600
Montreal Canadiens+7000+10000+6600+7000+10000+8000
Toronto Maple Leafs+2700+3000+2800+2700+3000+3000
Columbus Blue Jackets+6000+6500+4500+6000+6500+8000
Vancouver Canucks+3200+3500+3000+3200+3500+4000
Minnesota Wild+4000+4000+3500+4000+4000+8000
Boston Bruins+650+600+700+650+600+600
Colorado Avalanche+900+800+750+900+750+750
Dallas Stars+1400+1500+1400+1400+1500+1400
Philadelphia Flyers+1000+850+1100+1000+1100+1200
St. Louis Blues+1000+1100+750+650+600+600
Tampa Bay Lightning+650+600+750+650+600+600
Las Vegas Golden Knights+800+850+700+800+850+600
Washington Capitals+900+900+850+900+900+1000

Which Colorado Sportsbooks Are Boosting The Avs?

The lines on all these other teams are fine, but Coloradans care about one team and one team only. Anyone interested in special bets on the Colorado Avalanche only have a few options available. Here are the two sportsbooks with deals on the Avs:

 Bonus Deal on Colorado AvalancheTerms
DraftKingsOdds Boost to +1500Max $25 bet
FanDuel$3 site credit bonus for each Avs win, up to $50Minimum $25 futures bet

Neither Avs promotion is very good. DraftKings won’t let bettors wager more than $25 higher on the boosted odds, which is a $400 payout at most. That leaves the FanDuel deal which is barely a dent in a bettor’s account. Unless bettors are making wagers that low, $3 for every Avs win is barely anything. Hopefully, as the NHL games get closer, Colorado’s sportsbooks will offer more and better promotions.  

Where To Bet On Each NHL Line

Whatever your risk tolerance, Colorado’s sportsbooks have betting lines with you in mind. Here are the best sportsbooks for each type of NHL bet.

Betting LineBest Sportsbook
Series Odds: Favorite to WinBetMGM
Series Odds: UnderdogFanDuel, Fox Bet
Futures: Teams With Scheduled GamesBetMonarch, BetMGM
Futures: Unscheduled TeamsBetMGM, BetMonarch, FanDuel, Fox Bet

Remember, these are trends and patterns, not hard rules. Always check the sportsbook’s odds up to the minute you bet. However, if you’re in a rush, this can help narrow your search for the best odds down. And if you’re an Avs fan, you can rejoice in the knowledge that Colorado’s six sportsbooks think the Avs have a decent shot at the Stanley Cup this season.

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