Back-To-Sports Bonus Bets At Colorado Online Sportsbooks

Sports are back, and the sportsbooks are ready to get back to business as usual. Online sportsbooks have opened throughout the pandemic, so they’ve been available. However, only a few sportsbooks have offered bonuses for the return-to-sports this late summer and early fall. DraftKings and FanDuel have a long list of bonuses designed to tempt bettors to place wagers on this much-anticipated sports season. However, Fox Bet and BetMGM have a couple things to offer, too. Here’s what’s available:

DraftKings Sportsbook

DraftKings Sportsbook has many bonuses for the start of the new sports season. Their bonuses span the major sports leagues that are starting soonest.


DraftKings’ first bonuses are on baseball. If a 2019 all-star player hits a home run on one of the MLB’s opening days, bettors get $5. For example, Charlie Blackmon’s first home run could put $5 in Coloradans’ DraftKings accounts. The Rockies games to watch are the Colorado Rockies vs. the Texas Rangers on:

  • July 24 at 6:05 PM MT
  • July 25 at 2:05 PM MT
  • July 26 at 12:35 PM MT

Betting at least $25 on a team winning the World Series also awards bettors a $25 free bet for any opening day MLB game. Bettors can check DraftKings for opt-in details.


Whether you’re a Nuggets fan or not, DraftKings has basketball bonuses for their return-to-play. Betting at least $25 on any team to win the championship–like the Nuggets–gets a $25 free bet for any NBA game opening weekend. However, DraftKings also offers a +500 odds boost to a bettor’s choice. Bettors can opt in to boost any opening weekend game to +500 odds, which turns a $20 bet into $100 in winnings. Bettors can only choose once though, so make it count.

But that’s as close to a Nuggets-specific bet that DraftKings offers. DraftKings’ other two NBA bonuses include two boosts. The first is a bet with 4:1 odds that the Pelicans will make the playoffs. The second is a choice of boosts to +500 odds between two possible finals match-ups:

  • Bucks vs. Lakers
  • Bucks vs. Clippers

There’s not much for people committed to the Nuggets. But these bonuses are meant to encourage betting in the season’s early games. There’s plenty of engaging action on basketball, anyway.


DraftKings has a bonus for hockey fans, too. If bettors wager $50 on a team winning their Qualifying Series match, they’ll get $5 towards a free bet for every goal their team scores. The Colorado Avalanche is a good hockey team for betting on qualifying and scoring goals, so CO hockey fans are in luck.


DraftKings has two more notable bonuses. One on golf and the other on NASCAR. The golf boost is a 30% profit boost on any bet on the 3M Open. The NASCAR boost is a 10% profit boost for the Super Start Batteries 400. Both are among the first major sports events to return, so DraftKings wants to make sure bettors are in on the action.

FanDuel Sportsbook

FanDuel Sportsbook has its own selection of sport-specific return-to-play bonuses. However, it began with one bonus that was purely for customer engagement.

Ten Free Dollars

FanDuel spent over $80 million putting $10 worth of site credits in every user’s FanDuel account. (Yes, really. Check your account.) It’s a large investment, but its goal is to get bettors to wager on upcoming games and generate more interest in the return of sports.


Bettors can place a pre-game moneyline wager and get insurance if the bet goes south. If the chosen team is winning at the top the seventh inning but loses the game, bettors will get a refund in site credits. The refund maxes out at $50, but it’s a nice cushion for an upset like that.

Bettors can also earn $5 in site credits for every game their chosen team wins. All bettors have to do is wager $50 or more on a futures bet. This bonus maxes out at $50, so find a team that can win ten games–like the Rockies.


There’s one deal FanDuel has on the Broncos going into the return season. If bettors wager at least $25 on the Denver Broncos making the playoffs, bettors will get $5 in site credits for each game the Broncos win. Those $5 wins are good even if the Broncos don’t make the playoffs, so this is a bonus to watch.


If bettors bet at least $25 on the Denver Nuggets making it to the finals, bettors will get $3 in site credits for every game the Nuggets win. The Nuggets don’t have to make the finals for the site credits to come through, either. Bettors just have to place an unlikely bet upfront to reap these smaller rewards over time.


BetMGM offers preset parlay bets on a few MLB games on opening night and the Friday games. Here’s what they have so far:

Yankees and Dodgers win+135
Mets, Phillies, and Red Sox win+300
Cardinals, Astros, and Athletics win +260

It’s a small promotion, but it might be fun to wager on all these teams. Hopefully, these wagers pay off and draw bettors to BetMGM in time for Opening Day.

Fox Bet

Fox Bet hasn’t gone to the lengths that DraftKings and FanDuel have to reel bettors in ahead of the return of sports. However, it still has two notable bonuses for bettors to cash in on.


If bettors wager $5 on a point spread or moneyline bet, they’ll get a $5 free bet for every run the team scores during their opening game. That means a $5 bet on the Rockies could go a long way toward additional bets on Fox Bet.


In exchange for a $10 futures bet on the Denver Broncos winning their NFL season, bettors will get a $10 free bet every week that Denver wins a game. That’s a good deal for bettors who think the new offensive picks will elevate the Broncos above their 2019 season performance.


BetRivers is offering free bets heading into the 2020 MLB season opener on Thursday, July 23, when the New York Yankees take on the Washington Nationals.


Through Sunday, July 26, bettors will receive a free $5 live (in-play) MLB bet when they place a single $25 pre-game wager on any MLB game of the season (up to two free bets per player).

What Colorado’s Other Sportsbooks Are Missing

The rest of Colorado’s sportsbooks either don’t offer promotions or they only offer their usual welcome bonuses. The bonuses tailed to the triumphant return of sports are designed to get bettors to put some money up front that they’ll probably lose. Futures bets are unlikely to win, so sportsbooks will likely keep a big chunk of that money. The money they receive in futures bets will likely outweigh what they give away in site credits and free bets.

The sportsbooks who aren’t vying for these bettors’ funds could be sacrificing a large cash infusion that sportsbooks are probably starved for after a slow start in Colorado. Hopefully, their fall seasons are strong enough to make up for not drawing in bettors at the beginning of the new sports season.

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