Colorado Officially Opens the Gates to Sports Betting

Colorado officially opened its legal sports betting market this week, in a launch somewhat hampered by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Despite several casinos being licensed and ready to begin operating their retail sportbooks, a public health order in Colorado will keep their doors shut until at least May 26.

On the other hand, a handful of online sportsbooks have the green light to officially start taking wagers and will be available immediately.

Colorado is now the 19th state in the U.S. to legalize sports betting.

Here’s Where You Can Bet Online In Colorado

With in-casino retail sportsbooks remaining inaccessible this month, online sportsbooks are the ones to watch for today’s launch.

Four major online sportbooks went live in Colorado effective May 1:

A handful of others are also expected to launch their online platforms and sportsbooks for Colorado gamblers later this month.

Over time, there may be up to about two-dozen online sportsbooks open for business in Colorado. So far, the state has received 32 applications for master sports betting licenses.

What Can Sports Bettors Wager On In CO?

Of course, one significant issue remains – most sports around the world have been put on hold due to COVID-19.

This leaves sports betting enthusiasts with an unusually narrow selection of events to wager on over the next month or so. Currently, it appears that betting markets for eSports will be made available, as well as future markets for major leagues such as the NBA, NFL and more.

MMA and motor-racing fans may also want to keep an eye out for UFC 249 and NASCAR, which are among a small variety of further events scheduled this month.

The Long Road To CO Legal Sports Betting

Colorado’s journey towards legalizing sports betting was not a straightforward one. Its foundations were built upon a precedent set in a legal saga in New Jersey, which began in 2011 and lasted several years. This eventually resulted a Supreme Court ruling in 2018 which enabled the state of New Jersey to offer sports betting.

Colorado itself had to pass a bill in 2019 that enabled voting to take place to determine whether or not sports betting would be made legal. This bill was necessary due to a law in Colorado which required a popular vote for the implementation of any new tax – in this case, a tax on sports betting revenue.

Sports betting and its tax implications were finally approved in November 2019, in a narrow voting win.

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