Colorado Among States to Nix Betting on Ukrainian Table Tennis After Irregularities Reported

Following an ESPN report about possible match-fixing in Ukrainian table tennis, several states including Colorado have suspended betting on matches.

Colorado joins New Jersey, Nevada, and Indiana in disallowing wagers on Ukrainian table tennis matches until further notice. The suspension came after the Sports Wagering Integrity Monitoring Association alerted Colorado gaming authorities about potential betting pattern irregularities originating from an unnamed foreign country.

“The Division received credible information, from integrity monitoring, of potential match-fixing and inconsistencies in betting patterns in at least one foreign country on Ukrainian table tennis,” the Colorado Limited Gaming Commission said in a statement.

The Commission emphasized the move was out of an abundance of caution, not because of specific match-fixing going on in Colorado’s newly launched sports betting market.

“Not having any specific issues with betting in the US, as a precautionary and preemptive action, the Division of Gaming has suspended betting on Ukrainian table tennis until more evidence is received one way or another. The Division does not have any evidence that match-fixing or any unusual betting patterns have surfaced in the Colorado market. The Division of Gaming will continue to monitor every sport within the approved catalog to ensure the integrity and honesty in the industry for the people of Colorado.”

Table tennis figured prominently into Colorado’s official first-month sports betting revenue totals, representing more than a quarter of the state’s $25.6 million in bets from May 1-30.

While Colorado, Nevada, and New Jersey immediately suspended wagers on Ukrainian matches, Indiana took the additional step of suspending betting on any table tennis matches not officially sanctioned by the International Table Tennis Federation or European Table Tennis Union, according to ESPN. Colorado will still allow bettors to wager on leagues like Setka Cup.

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