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Circa Sportsbook is yet another sportsbook for casual bettors. Minimum bets are accessible to bettors of any income level. It also offers many different types of bets, including teaser and round robin bets. Bettors have plenty of betting options with Circa Sportsbook.

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Circa Sports Colorado Sportsbook Promo Code 2021

Circa Sports currently offers no promo code or bonus offer when signing up. We expect this to change as the app finds its place in the market.

Circa Sports Colorado Promo Code
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Deposit Bonus
Circa Sports States

Circa Sportsbook doesn’t offer any bonuses yet, but bettors should look for Circa Sportsbook’s offerings to improve over time. However, there are two ways that Circa Sportsbook could offer a competitive bonus.

The first way is to offer a bonus worth $250 to $500. DraftKings has one of the best bonuses in Colorado with two $500 bonuses. Colorado’s lowest bonus is currently worth $250, so the Colorado sportsbook market has set its competitive bonus range high. (That’s not counting signup bonuses. They’re tiny.)

The second way for Circa Sportsbook to offer a competitive bonus is to offer a deposit bonus. DraftKings offers a deposit bonus that adds one dollar of site credit for every $5 bettors deposit, up to $500. It also offers a deposit match up to $500, encouraging bettors to make a large deposit up front.

Circa Sportsbook could offer a competitive bonus by offering a deposit bonus worth $500. The deposit bonus allows bettors to wager at their own pace, instead of forcing them to make a large bet or deposit up front. Free bets and risk-free bets alienate risk-averse bettors, because bettors who don’t want to spend much up front lose the full value of the bonus. Circa Sportsbook has a chance to craft a competitive bonus. Hopefully, they take it.


Does Circa Sports Offer Competitive Odds?

Circa Sports is known as a market maker in Las Vegas along with Westgate Superbook. They are often the first to post odds on games and commercial sportsbooks tend to fall in line with their offerings. Circa does offer competitive odds that stack up well against DraftKings and other big name books.

How Do Spreads, Totals, and Moneylines Work?

Let’s use Circa’s betting line for the first Monday Night Football game of the 2022 NFL season to show how these odds work.

Broncos-5O 41.5-216
Seahawks+5U 41.5+190

The Denver Broncos and new QB Russell Wilson travel to Seattle to face his former team. Denver is laying five points on the spread as a road favorite. The Broncos need to win by at least six points to cover the spread.  Seattle can lose the game by as many as four points and still cover the spread.

The total for the game is set at 41.5. Bettors can choose to go under or over this number. If the combined number of points by both teams is at least 42, over bettors will cash their tickets. Under bettors need a maximum of 41 points to be scored.

Moneyline odds are offered on the outright winner of the game without regard to the final score. In this case, a $216 bet on favored Denver would pay out $100. A $100 wager on Seattle would return $190.

Sportsbooks charge a commission to handle your bet. It’s called the vig or juice. At standard odds of -110 on each side of the bet, the vig translates to 4.36%. Given these moneyline odds for Broncos-Seahawks, the vig computes to a an ultra low 2.84%.

It’s always important to compare the odds being offered at different sportsbooks before making your bet. DraftKings, for example, was offering Denver -4 in this game as of late June. You’re betting on the Broncos at DraftKings because it offers the best odds for your bet.

Shopping for the Best Futures Odds

Futures odds are available for championship-deciding events like the World Series or Super Bowl. Here were the Super Bowl futures odds on the Broncos as of this writing.

Broncos Super Bowl 57 Futures Odds







Circa offered the best odds on the Broncos here. A $100 bet will return $1,900 if Denver wins Super Bowl 57. Sportsbooks are always monitoring their theoretical hold. That’s the amount of money they expect to keep from a given betting market. If the theoretical hold is lower, bettors will receive higher odds and payouts and vice vera.

Updated 6/29/2022


Circa Sports offers lines across all major pro sports, from auto racing to UFC, but of course has a wide selection of other sports like baseball, golf, hockey, football (pro and college), and soccer.

Because soccer, auto racing, baseball, and golf have international games, they have more moneyline bets available than professional football. There are spread bets and futures on the scheduled NFL games, but moneylines aren’t available yet. That’s unfavorable compared to DraftKings and FanDuel, which do have moneylines available on professional football.

Circa Sportsbook falls short in both its breadth and depth of betting lines. It’s far from the only soft launch in Colorado, but there are other sportsbooks who are fully fleshed out and already live.

DraftKings and FanDuel aren’t the only sportsbooks in Colorado, but they have some of the most brand recognition in Colorado. They’ve also got a complete sportsbook and a base of bettors hungry for sports to return. Circa Sportsbook will improve its selection over time, but it’s not where it needs to be in order to be competitive right now.


Circa Sportsbook has all the standard deposit options that seasoned bettors expect from their sportsbook. Their deposit and withdrawal options are:

  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Bank Transfer
  • PayPal

These three options make depositing money easy. However, bettors must enroll in Circa Play+ to gain access to these options. It’s a program that facilitates financial transactions and verifies bettors’ personal information. Once bettors confirm their information, they can fund their accounts.

Circa Sportsbook is missing the 7-Eleven cash withdrawal option, but there’s no need for in-person cash options during a pandemic. Hard cash is nice to have, but the virtual cashless options are better fits for the current environment. Circa Sportsbook’s deposit and withdrawal options are pandemic-proof and ready for bettors.


The Circa Sportsbook app has navigation tools that are common among Colorado sportsbooks. Finding all the sports, the bet slip, and the bettor profile is as easy as browsing the app’s bottom tab. There are featured bets on the home page, so bettors can jump into the most popular events. Upcoming events also have their own tab on the homepage, so it’s easy to find whatever bettors are looking for.

However, the display is too dark. White text on a black background is hard to spend a lot of time reading. Smarkets’ sportsbook, SBK, has a dark theme, too. However, its lines are displayed with black text on white boxes. It’s how Circa Sportsbook should’ve displayed its lines to make it readable.

The responsible gaming section, however, is easy to read and access. It’s under the menu tab at the bottom of the app. It includes the problem gambling hotline number and instructions for placing users on the self-exclusion list. It’s all done from within the app, which is a strong show of good faith in the sports betting industry.

Circa Sportsbook has some awkward display issues, like its dark theme and a couple text boxes that don’t fit on the screen. However, it’s a functional app with the basics in place. It just needs to improve the bells and whistles before it’s ready for prime time.


Circa Sportsbook has some of the best odds on the favorite to win. It’s made itself a force of nature days into its Colorado launch. And like all sportsbooks, Circa Sportsbook makes it easy to deposit and withdraw funds.

However, the rest of the app needs work. The display is too dark, and it has no bonuses or bet boosts yet. Finally, there are few sports to bet on, and the number of sports listed changes throughout the day. (There were four sports when I started writing, five in the middle of the article, and three when I finished. All within 36 hours.)

These are all fixable issues, though. If Circa Sportsbook can smooth its rough edges out, it’ll be a formidable player in the Colorado sports betting market. They’ve already got competitive odds. They just need to put the rest of the package together to rise to the top.

Is Circa Sportsbook A Legit Company?

Sports betting has a bad reputation, but that’s only because its worst actors have had the run of the industry for so long. Now that it’s legalized, legitimate companies have been vetted by state officials to give bettors safe alternatives to illegal sportsbooks. Here are five reasons bettors can feel safe betting with Circa Sportsbook.

It’s A Vegas Sportsbook

Circa Resort and Casino is building the world’s largest sportsbook and accepting reservations for it. It’s a massive investment, and Circa Resort can’t afford to jeopardize its existing commitments in Las Vegas. Violating Colorado law would delegitimize their upcoming sportsbook opening. The Colorado launch must be received well.

Circa Sportsbook Is A Licensed Colorado Sportsbook

Circa Sportsbook has been awarded its Colorado sports betting license. That means it’s been investigated and vetted by State officials. They’ve determined that Circa Sportsbook operates legitimately, and officials can hold Circa Sportsbook accountable for any objectionable behavior they observe. There’s a safety net that gives bettors safe places to bet.

Circa Sportsbook Must Abide By Legitimate Business Guidelines

Rule 6 of the Division of Gaming’s regulations lay out licensees’ responsibilities. For example, Circa Sportsbook’s founders must submit to background checks to ensure they haven’t committed any gambling felonies or other disqualifying crimes. That keeps criminals from running sportsbooks and funneling money to criminal enterprises. It’s a massive step up from the dangers of sports betting before legalization.

Circa Sportsbook Must Be A Meticulous Record Keeper

Colorado’s Division of Gaming standardized the details of each bet that sportsbooks must display and record. That includes information like:

  • The amount of money wagered.
  • The time the wager was placed.
  • What the wager was placed on.

That prevents sportsbooks from withholding vital bet information from bettors. It keeps the playing field fair and level.

Circa Sportsbook Must Display Responsible Gaming Resources

Sports betting is fun, but it can be taken too far. Bettors who need to control their betting can either:

  • Contact the problem gambling hotline.
  • Add themselves to the self-exclusion list.

Colorado’s sportsbooks are required to display their responsible gaming logos clearly. They also have to make their problem gambling resources easy to find. That way, sportsbooks do their part in making sports betting fun, safe, and enjoyable.

Why Choose Circa Sportsbook Over An Illegal Sportsbook?

Illegal sportsbooks have been bettors’ only option for decades. However, legalized sports betting has created legitimate sports betting options for bettors. The licensing process weeds out some bad actors, but bad actors are still out there. The most obvious bad actors are crime syndicates who either:

There are variations of illegal sportsbook operations. Some sportsbooks pay a “protection fee” to organizations that finance the sportsbook. Otherwise legitimate sports betting operations outsource debt collection to dangerous organizations. Sportsbooks need hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash to pay bets with long odds, so sports betting is a massive draw for criminal organizations.

Why Can’t Criminal Sportsbooks Just Be Shut Down?

Even if legal authorities discover criminal organizations, shutting them down is difficult. Many sportsbooks are run from online websites, but it’s not as easy as finding the website owner. For example, a crime syndicate in Hong Kong and Macau uses its criminal activities to fund its sports betting operation. However, the operation is spread across multiple countries:

  • The servers are in Taiwan.
  • The license registration is in the Philippines.
  • Its customers come from across east Asia.

Jurisdiction would be a nightmare. There are also many ways for criminal organizations to evade law enforcement and restart their sportsbook somewhere else. Meanwhile, bettors who play at these sportsbooks may not know they’re funding criminal activity. It may be fun for bettors, but it’s a disaster for the drug and human traffickers who may be funded by illicit sports betting.

In contrast, licensed sportsbooks must report where their earnings come from and where they go. Financial transparency ensures no illegal activities are funded by state-supported businesses. It prevents illegal activities from spreading and keeps bettors–and their communities–safe.

Not a bad reason to ditch your Waffle House bookie, huh?

How Bettors Can Trust Circa Sportsbook With Their Money

Bettors may not feel comfortable letting an app hold onto their money, bank information, and social security number. However, Circa Sportsbook has data security measures in place to protect their patrons’ data.

For example, sportsbooks must submit their internal controls during their license applications. Sportsbooks may also be required to encrypt information that passes through third-party networks. There will likely be information that’ll be encrypted anyway. However, it’s an extra measure the Colorado Limited Gaming Control Commission takes to ensure its licensees protect bettors.

That’s all good news for bettors. Encryption prevents hackers from gaining any meaningful bettor information. If a hacker pulled any data, they’d get a coded string of characters instead of a bank account number. The data would have to make it to its intended recipient to be decrypted, and there are additional security measures to keep the data safe when it arrives.

Circa Sportsbook has been vetted by the State of Colorado to ensure it can protect user data. Bettors can bet in peace, knowing their data is as secure as it can be.

Circa Sportsbook Fact Sheet

Legal Betting Age21
Circa Sportsbook States of OperationColorado & Nevada
Circa Sportsbook Colorado PartnerCentury Casino Cripple Creek

Circa Sportsbook FAQ

Do I Have To Physically Be In Colorado To Sign Up For Circa Sportsbook?

No. Bettors can sign up from anywhere they want. However, they can only bet in Colorado. Circa Sportsbook won’t allow bets to go through if they come from outside Colorado. The app also won’t allow bets to go through if it can’t determine bettors’ locations. That means reliable Wi-Fi and a location at least a few miles inside Colorado’s borders are necessary for peak app performance.

How Do I Get My Money If I Win?

There’s a button inside the app that’ll transfer money back to your card, bank account, or PayPal account. Sportsbooks make it easy to move money back and forth between accounts. No one wants to bet at a sportsbook where getting money back is difficult, and sportsbooks know it. Bettors just have to go through all the necessary registration steps to get it all set up.

Does Circa Sportsbook Have A Lot Of Sports?

Not yet. This is being written a few days after Circa Sportsbook’s release, but all the sportsbooks are planning for busy fall seasons. Circa Sportsbook is one of several Colorado sportsbooks doing soft launches to debug before the big Fall season. Bettors should check back with Circa Sportsbook as sports seasons return for a fuller picture of the sportsbook’s true breadth and depth.

Does Circa Sportsbook Have Esports Lines?

Not yet. However, most Colorado sportsbooks do. Circa Sportsbook will likely offer esports lines by late 2020. If the rescheduled Fall sports are cancelled, then esports will likely make a comeback along with sports like darts. (And who doesn’t love a riveting esports and darts season?)

How Old Do I Have To Be To Bet?

Sports bettors must be 21. However, they only have to 18 to participate in fantasy sports contests. Bettors shouldn’t mix these two age thresholds up, but it doesn’t matter if they do. Sportsbooks ask for bettors’ birthdays and social security numbers upon signup. Circa Sportsbook will know whether bettors are old enough to wager.

Does Circa Sportsbook Have Any Bonuses?

Not yet. Bonuses and bet boosts are typically added after sportsbooks have the basics in place. Circa Sportsbook appears ready to add these features next. If they’re offering bonuses, Circa Sportsbook will probably strive to have them ready by the Fall. However, we’ll just have to wait and see what they end up offering.

And when.

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