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Chumba Casino is great for people who casually enjoy casino games but don’t want to spend money. Daily login bonuses give players all the coins they need to play tables games and slots. However, you may need to save a few days of login bonuses to play big.

Currently, sports betting or online poker are not available. Basically, if the free-to-play Facebook games from the mid-2000s were your thing, you’ll like Chumba Casino Colorado.

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Chumba Casino Promo Code 2022

At Chumba Casino, new players get a special $10 deal for 3,000,000 Gold Coins and 30 Sweeps Coins giving players the most per dollar on Sweeps Coins when they follow our Chumba Casino link with no promo code needed!

Coin packages are available for players who want to buy extra coins at Chumba Casino. Bettors can buy Gold Coins to play all the games they want. But many of these Gold Coin packages also come with Sweeps Coins, which are used to claim cash prizes. Naturally, the larger the pack of Gold Coins players buy, the more Sweeps Coins they’ll receive with their purchase. Here are the current purchase packages in Colorado:

PriceGold CoinsSweeps Coins

*This is a bonus deal that’s discounted from $30.

Once bettors decide on a package to buy, they have one form to fill with their name, birth date, and address before getting to the payment page. After that, purchase is as easy as filling in credit card or Skrill information to check out. There may be additional identity verification measures if players win a cash prize. However, over 90% of players play for free, so only a few players need to worry about stringent identity verification measures.


Playing online is never the same as playing at a retail casino. However, Chumba Casino offers flashy slots games and seamless gaming in their players’ browsers. The games are stable and run smoothly. The website is virtually glitch-free, which helps maintain gaming integrity. Players can let themselves go and pretend they’re at a Vegas slot machine or a table game.

However, some of the game displays make betting correctly a matter of trial and error. Changing my bet amount on roulette, for example, involved finding the hidden chips on the bottom of the screen. Some of the other games share that issue, too. That yanks players out of the immersive gaming experience that Chumba Casino is supposed to provide.


Chumba Casino offers 70 slot games. They all work similarly, but the different themes may excite some players. For example, Lucky Show is a slot game with three columns and three rows for a total of nine lines. When players decide how much they want to wager, it’s their stake times nine. (A detail I initially overlooked. Two million gold coins go quick when they disappear nine times faster than anticipated.) It’s a bare-bones slot game that could’ve come from anywhere.

Other games are more unique, even among slots. Western Gold is a western-themed slots game with 50 lines instead of nine. Keep that in mind when you choose your stake–a 250-coin stake is a 12,500-coin wager. Its theme makes it more interesting and engaging than a game like Lucky Show. Western Gold also has three jackpots steadily counting higher and higher at the top of the screen. It’s a tantalizing visual that keeps users playing in the hopes they’ll win one of the three jackpots. A 727,000,000-coin jackpot is eye-catching.

Even if it’s a fictional currency.

Finally, players can experience a few table games. There are two roulette tables and a game called Jacks or Better. However, the star of the table game section is blackjack. The chips are clearly marked on the edge of the table, so there’s no mistaking how much players stake on any hand. A sound blackjack strategy has the best chance of regaining lost coins. It’s by no means a guaranteed win. However, winning a few good blackjack hands is infinitely more gratifying–and likely–than crossing your fingers for a fortuitous slot spin.


Buying coins is easy in Chumba Casino. However, the options available lack the breadth that a traditional casino or a sportsbook may offer. Here’s how players can pay for additional coins:

  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Skrill Wallet
  • Instant Advanced Checking
  • Paysafecard

The credit and debit card options are self-explanatory. However, the remaining three options require a Skrill account to process payments. Skrill is an online payment platform similar to PayPal. Players may not have a Skrill account set up, but it’ll be necessary if players don’t want to use their credit or debit cards.

There are only two redemption options. The first is trading at least 10 Sweep Coins for a gift card. The second is trading 100 Sweep Coins for $100. However, these have to be Sweep Coins that players have played with. Chumba Casino tracks played and unplayed coins, so players don’t have to worry about keeping track. They just have to keep playing and hitting lucky streaks to win enough sweep coins to redeem rewards.


Chumba Casino does not have an iOS or Android app. However, users can play Chumba Casino games in-browser on their smartphones. Players can log in with Facebook or an email and password, so getting on is easy.

Once they’re logged in, players can scroll through different game categories. Players can browse the categories at top of the screen, which include slots, jackpot games, and table games. However, players can also scroll down to find recently played games, top games, recommended picks, and new games.

Several games have to be played horizontally, but that’s a small annoyance compared to the lack of a ‘back’ button. To get back to the home page, players have to click the Chumba Casino logo in the top left corner of the screen. There’s no indication that logo does anything, so it’s easy to miss. However, it’s a vital navigation tool that’s hidden in both the computer and smartphone displays.

Overall, the mobile website is a strong substitute for an app. But having a dedicated app would reduce the need for loading screens and–executed well–would streamline players’ gaming experiences. It could also fix a few of the website’s display and navigation issues.


There are two readily available ways to reach Chumba Casino’s customer service. The first is the online submission form where users can type a message and send it to the customer service team. The second is the FAQ page buried in the website with a few answers to some common questions. The FAQ page is sparsely populated, so players are better off reaching out to customer service directly.

An office phone number and a clearer and fuller FAQ section would’ve been a stronger show of customer support. But overall, Chumba Casino’s customer service is accessible.


Playing at Chumba Casino isn’t the same as going to Vegas and hitting the Strip. However, it’s a fair substitution for players who want to scratch their casino game itches. It’s free-to-play, but users can buy in-game currency if they want to make bigger plays. It’s a fun pastime, but it could improve in a few areas. More games would make it feel more like a casino, and an app would potentially improve site navigation and performance. Players can trust Chumba Casino to pay winnings as advertised. It’s not easy to win, but all players have the same chance to win.

Even if they don’t buy any of the coin packs.

Five Minute Guide To Colorado Sweepstakes Casinos

Colorado may not have online casinos, but it does have websites where players can play casino games for free. Chumba Casino lets players play casino games with gold coins they receive upon signup. However, players can also buy packs of gold tokens and get sweeps coins as part of those purchases. Sweeps coins can be used to redeem cash prizes, which makes them valuable to ambitious players.

But these purchases are optional. Users can play these games without spending a dime.

Colorado doesn’t allow online casinos, because state law “prohibits the transmission or reception of gambling information by any means.” However, Chumba Casino is a free-to-play sweepstakes gaming site, so it is not an internet gaming site as defined by Colorado law.

Sweepstakes casinos may seem foreign to many players. However, anyone who’s interested in playing casino games without the required financial risk should know how they work. Here are a few common points of confusion we can clear up.

How Do Colorado’s Sweepstakes Casinos Work?

Colorado’s sweepstakes casinos offer players the chance to win cash prizes without having to pay to earn them. Users who want to play for free can rack up daily login bonuses. However, they can also buy coin packages to play with more coins at once. If players get enough sweeps coins, they can redeem them for cash, regardless of whether they paid for those coins.

Chumba Casino uses these prizes to promote their coin packs. However, players who play with and win enough coins can make it to a cash prize without paying. That’s what makes Chumba Casino a sweepstakes casino.

How Do Purchases Work At Chumba Casino’s Colorado Site?

Buying coins is as easy as clicking the option to buy at the top of the screen, filling out a form, and entering payment information. Players can choose from seven purchase options and buy the pack they think they’ll get the most value out of. They’ll have to fill a form out with a few bits of personal information for their first purchase. However, players can use a credit card, debit card, or a Skrill account to complete the transaction when that’s done.

How Can Players Participate In Entry By Mail?

For players who want to request sweep coins by mail, Chumba Casino has an entry by mail option in their sweeps rules. First, players must mail a 4×6 card in a #10 envelope to:

PO BOX #8486

Then, players must include their name, account’s email address, and this statement from Chumba Casino’s sweeps rules section:

“I wish to receive Sweeps Coins to participate in the sweepstakes promotions offered by Chumba Casino. By submitting this request, I hereby declare that I have read, understood and agree to be bound by Chumba Casino’s Terms and Conditions and Sweeps Rules.”

How Can Players Win Cash Prizes At Chumba Casino?

Cash prizes come from redeeming sweeps coins. However, sweeps coins only count toward rewards if they’ve been risked in a game. That means customers must play those sweeps coins to make them eligible for prize redemption. That ensures free-to-play users have the same chance to win as their high-paying counterparts. Buying coin packs may give players more coins in their account, they still have to win with them. Players of all stripes will need luck on their side to reap cash rewards.

Is Colorado’s Chumba Casino Site Safe?

Yes. Chumba Casino is a legitimate business. Here are a couple ways that Chumba Casino follows through on its business obligations.

Is The Colorado Chumba Casino A Legitimate Business?

Yes. Chumba Casino is run by Virtual Gaming Worlds (VGW). VGW’s prospectus outlines how Chumba Casino’s sweepstakes model complies with local gambling laws. For example, sweepstakes in Colorado must meet the following requirements:

  • Product purchases may not be a requirement for participating in a sweepstake.
  • Prizes must be awarded based on chance.

Chumba Casino’s business model follows these tenants precisely. Players can get coins for free, making purchases optional and cash prizes within reach of free-to-play players.

VGW’s compliance and transparency is uncharacteristic of illegitimate businesses. It follows the law and has nothing to hide about its business model. Players can trust that Chumba Casino is a legitimate product run by a legitimate company.

Can Players Trust Chumba Casino To Reliably Pay Winnings?

Yes. Ethics aside–they should be a given since VGW is legitimate–Chumba Casino’s business model runs just fine by awarding payouts in a responsive, timely manner. Sweepstakes payouts–players’ cash prizes–come out of Chumba Casino’s gross revenue. Even after these subtractions, Chumba Casino’s Gross Margin is 40-45% of its Gross Revenue.

Chumba Casino is more than profitable enough to award cash prizes. Its business model allows players to play at Chumba Casino redeem rewards if they’re lucky enough to accumulate enough sweeps coins. Whether it’s a gift card or a $100 cash prize, players can depend on Chumba Casino to award prizes reliably.

Chumba Casino FAQ

Can Players Win Real Money At Chumba Casino?

Players can win cash prizes at Chumba. Players have to collect 100 sweeps coins that’ve been used in-game to redeem $100 in cash prizes. If players blow their sweeps coins on roulette, they probably won’t have much luck. But blackjack offers a chance that players will eek some winnings out of Chumba Casino.

How Old Do Users Have To Be To Play At Chumba Casino?

18. Anyone with an email account can play at Chumba Casino for free. However, Chumba Casino will not award money to a minor. Anyone who wants a cash prize has to pass an identity verification process. That way, Chumba Casino knows they aren’t encouraging minors to spend money to win cash prizes.

Does Chumba Casino Have A Colorado App?

No. Chumba Casino is only available in-browser. Users can access Chumba Casino from their phones or computers, but there’s no dedicated app. Since Chumba Casino hasn’t had an app since its 2012 inception, it’s unlikely there will be one now.

Do Players Have To Make Purchases To Play At Chumba Casino?

No. Chumba Casino offers a daily login bonus of 200,000 gold coins and one sweeps coin. Players can accumulate these daily bonuses to play big or they can use a few coins at a time and play it safe. If players keep at it long enough, they can presumably win enough to earn a cash prize.

What Other States Allow Chumba Casino?

Every American state except Washington and every Canadian province except Quebec allows Chumba Casino. Washington has a few extra sweepstakes requirements, but Quebec’s requirements often aren’t worth it for companies. No one wants to pay a fee that’s worth 10% of the prize value. However, Coloradans can access Chumba Casino’s games and redeem rewards without a problem.

How Do Colorado Players Get Paid Their Winnings?

Once players hit ‘redeem,’ they can either redeem a gift card or a cash prize. Gift card prizes go to the user’s email. Cash prizes go to the financial account or online wallet associated with the account.

Players just have to hit ‘redeem,’ click their desired redemption option, and fill in whatever information Chumba Casino asks for.

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