Central City Colorado Casinos

Feel like a gambling getaway, but want to stay away from busy Black Hawk? Just up the road in Central City is the perfect place to kick back and stay relaxed, but still, scratch that gaming itch. Sharing the same rich history from the gold-rush days as its neighbor, Central City has plenty of history to see along with a handful of friendly and captivating casinos.

Central City Sportsbooks & Online Sports Betting

Sports betting is open for business in Colorado, with sportsbooks on casino premises, as well as a wide selection of online sports betting apps.

There are no retail sportsbooks in Central City just yet. However, Maverick Gaming LLC, owners of the Grand Z Casino Hotel and Johnny Z’s Casino, recently struck up a deal with IGT that would place self-service PlaySports kiosks in each location (along with Z Casino in Black Hawk). Its IGT-powered app, branded Play Maverick Sports, will also likely launch in the coming months.

As for online sports betting, several Central City casinos have announced partnerships with global sports betting brands. Circa Sports has already partnered with the owners of The Century Casino & Hotel in Central City. The Dostal Alley Casino, despite being one of the smallest casinos in the state, has partnered with Betsson for sports betting to launch in 2021.

Central City Colorado Casinos

Johnny Z’s Casino

Address: 132 Lawrence St, Central City, CO 80427

Johnny Z’s Casino is one of two casinos in Central City owned by Maverick Gaming LLC, the other being The Grand Z Casino Hotel. It was opened in 2010, now specializing in slot and video machines with a collection of over 350 games. It features two dining options, with one café and one full-service restaurant. Although it has no hotel or table games, both of these can be found at The Grand Z Casino Hotel, just a short walk away.

Grand Z Casino Hotel

Address: 321 Gregory St, Central City, CO 80427

The Grand Z Casino Hotel (formerly The Reserve Hotel & Casino) is the larger of the two Maverick Gaming properties in Central City. It features a recently-renovated 119-room hotel, providing accommodation for a large proportion of Century City’s visitors. The casino is open 24/7, with more than 700 slot machines and 14 table games to choose from. There are two restaurants and one café on the property.

Century Casino & Hotel Central City

Address: 102 Main St, Central City, CO 80427

The Century Casino & Hotel is the largest casino in Central City aside from the Grand Z Casino Hotel. It was opened on the site of the former Tollgate Casino in 2006. The casino features 500 slot and video machines, as well as 7 table games including poker, blackjack, craps, and roulette. The hotel offers 26 boutique-style rooms and suites, along with a restaurant and a deli to cater to guests’ dining needs.

Dostal Alley

Address: 116 Main St, Central City, CO 80427

The family-owned Dostal Alley Casino opened back in 1991. It is both the smallest and the oldest casino in Central City, containing just 60 slot and video machines. Its most unique feature is the fact that it is also a brewery – the only one in Gilpin County! The casino features its own restaurant, serving pizza, sandwiches, and more, along with its very own beer.

Easy Street Casino

Address: 120 Main St, Central City, CO 80427

The Easy Street Casino has been owned by a local family since 2000, who also owns The Famous Bonanza Casino across the road. The property has a modest 180 slot and video machines, as well as a designated arcade-area to accommodate those under 21. The casino has a diner-style eatery, Millie’s Restaurant, which is open Thursday to Sunday.

Famous Bonanza Casino

Address: 107 Main St, Central City, CO 80427

The Famous Bonanza Casino was one of the very first casinos in Central City, opening back in 1992. Sharing the same family owners as The Easy Street Casino, it delivers a matching friendly atmosphere and customer service. It is slightly larger than its sister property, featuring 238 slot and video machines but no table games. The Famous Bonanza Casino has its own restaurant, called the Stella Café.

Central City Colorado Casino Map

A Quick History of Central City, Colorado

Central City rose to prominence around the very same time as Black Hawk, situated on the opposite side of the gold-bearing vein discovered by John H. Gregory way back in 1859.

At the peak of the gold rush, Central City actually became the more inhabited of the two towns, peaking at a population of well over 3,000 heading into the 20th century.

Around this very time, however, the gold deposits became exhausted and resulted in a subsequent drop in the popularity of the area. By 1920, Central City’s population had dropped all the way back to under 600, its lowest number since the gold vein discovery.

Fast-forwarding a few decades, a 1991 Colorado ballot referendum to amend the state constitution legalized gambling in three towns: Central City, Black Hawk, and Cripple Creek. This has led to a new surge in the town’s popularity, now hosting thousands of casino visitors on a daily basis.

Despite its larger beginnings, Central City has now taken a back-seat to Black Hawk in terms of popularity and has just one-third of the number of casinos. This, however, has its own benefits, providing Central City with a more relaxed vibe and small-town environment – with numerous historical buildings and sites for visitors to explore. The casinos in Central City also tend to focus more on personal service, making any visitor feel like a high roller.

Central City Colorado Casinos FAQs

How far is Central City from Denver?

Central City is ever so slightly further away from Denver than Black Hawk, about 38 miles. It takes under an hour to drive.

What is the maximum bet amount in Central City?

As with all casinos in the State of Colorado, bets are capped at a maximum of $100 on any single wager.

What games are offered in Central City?

Many of the casinos in Central City are slot machines only. Table games at the two largest casinos, the Grand Z and Century Casino include blackjack, poker, craps, and roulette.

Which casinos provide hotel accommodation in Central City?

Only two casinos in Central City offer hotel accommodation: The Grand Z Casino Hotel (119 rooms) and the Century Casino & Hotel (26 rooms).

Are casinos in Central City open 24 hours?

Only The Grand Z Casino Hotel and the Century Casino & Hotel are open 24/7. The remaining casinos are open from morning until late, in most cases shutting their doors at 2-3 a.m.

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