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Caesars Sportsbook has officially launched after rebranding William Hill. If you already have a Caesars account, no need to worry; the update occurred automatically and all of your funds will still be in your account when you check.

This is ultimately an excellent upgrade through and through, both for Caesars users and for the greater Colorado sports betting market. Caesars’ mobile sportsbook is an excellent app overall thanks to its diverse betting markets, great odds, and generous opening bonus.

As of September 2021, app users can participate in Caesars Rewards, a six-tier rewards program that allows users to collect rewards points during gameplay and exchange them later for free gameplay, on-site benefits at 50 Caesars locations, and/or benefits with Caesars’ partners.

Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about Caesars Sportsbook in Colorado.

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Caesars Colorado Promo Code September 2021

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One of the big changes from Caesars over William Hill is the inclusion of a much more generous opening bonus: a risk-free bet worth up to $5,000. If you lose your initial wager, you’ll be able to get back up to this amount in site credit.

However, the opening bonus is only available until the end of September, so sign up for a new account quickly to take advantage of it. Furthermore, if you already have a Caesars Sportsbook account, you don’t qualify for this bonus.

But if you don’t have a Caesars account, all you have to do is make a $.10 wager or more within the first seven days of registering your account. Then you’ll be covered for up to $5,000 of site credit.

Even beyond this opening bonus, Caesars has one of the best rewards programs in the industry. Each wager you make no matter the outcome gives you rewards credits, which you can collect and eventually spend on special prizes or bonuses like free stays at Caesars hotels, free bets on the mobile app, and more.

Plus, every activity you do on a Caesars app, including the casino app, counts toward the shared rewards program. Purchases you make at Caesars casinos can also help qualify you to earn certain rewards.

All in all, this mobile app’s new rewards program is far and away better than what William Hill offered previously.



Caesars Sportsbook is also very well known for its player-friendly odds, especially for NFL bettors. That’s partly because Caesars Entertainment is one of the official partners of the NFL, so they get some of the best odds for both underdog and favorite betting lines as soon as games are announced. For NFL fans, Caesars might be the best book to get betting fast, especially for futures wagers.

But even aside from the NFL, Caesars provides great odds and excellent wagering opportunities for most major American sports leagues, and even some international leagues. Compared to other big sportsbooks like DraftKings and FanDuel, Caesars has competitive odds you can easily use to line shop between different mobile apps to find the best betting lines for a single wager across multiple platforms.



Caesars has plenty of sports markets to bet on. As mentioned, Caesars is one of the major partners of the NFL, so its mobile app naturally includes excellent football betting markets. But bettors can also find popular sports markets for leagues like basketball, and baseball. In addition, they can also find markets for table tennis, darts, and rugby as well as international sports like cricket and Korean baseball.

Bettors can also find different leagues within each sport. Once bettors select a sport, they’ll be taken to its betting lines. From there, Caesars lists betting lines in fully expanded lists. That means their lines start with the first league on the list, and bettors have to scroll past all the lines to get to the next league. Or, they can collapse the league’s menu to get to the next one.

Bettors may also like the market variety for soccer leagues. The Premier League and many more are available on Caesars Sportsbook. The one area where this book could improve is international betting markets. Some other operators offer slightly more variety and depth.



Caesars has several deposit methods that make funding its sportsbook accounts easy. Whether bettors want to deposit with their cards or link their PayPal accounts, Caesars has options for them. The full list of deposit options is:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • ACH/e-check transfers
  • PayPal transfers 
  • Cash cage deposits
  • PayNearMe terminal deposits

Unfortunately, Caesars does not let you make a direct bank transfer to your account, but this is slightly offset by the variety of other options available. You can also make deposits at the Isle Casino Hotel at Lady Luck Casino, which is the land-based partner for Caesars in Colorado.

Caesars’s cash-out options are a little less diverse. Bettors can withdraw their Caesars winnings by:

  • eCheck
  • PayPal transfers 
  • Cash Withdrawal
  • PayNearMe Terminal transfers

As you can see, there are fewer withdrawal options compared to deposit options, though this is unfortunately common throughout the industry. Still, Caesars Sportsbook loses a few points in this arena since you can’t directly withdraw cash to a credit or debit card account or a bank account. 



Caesars’s app has an elegant aesthetic that blends dark colors and clear, bright sports betting lines. It strikes a delicate balance that’s visually engaging but easy on the eyes. Bettors will be able to spend hours scrolling through Caesars’s lines.

Navigating Caesars’s app is easy, too. The home screen includes popular live bets and other premier sports betting lines. One tab over, bettors can scroll through Caesars’s full list of sports. The bet slip is in the middle of the bottom banner of the screen. Bettors can browse promotions one more tab over. And if bettors need support, they can find the support link in the bottom right corner of the screen. Everything is in an intuitive place.

Even better, the Caesars mobile sportsbook app is functionally identical to its desktop platform. Therefore, bettors can easily transition between the two platforms as often as they like without getting confused.

Furthermore, the mobile app offers an excellent in-play betting interface and live stream functionality. Bettors will additionally be able to cash out of their bets early if a wager looks like it’ll go south.

All in all, the Caesars mobile app is an excellent piece of hardware powered by Liberty technology, and it’s a significant improvement over the earlier William Hill platform.



Caesars has a beautiful app that new bettors can easily navigate. Its many deposit and withdrawal options give bettors flexibility that other sportsbooks struggle to keep up with. It also has many sports, leagues, and betting lines to choose from. Its odds are usually quite good, especially for NFL betting lines. Thus, this app is a must-check for NFL sports bettors and for those who like to line shop.

Don’t forget the excellent rewards program and opening bonus, both of which recently came to the app thanks to Caesars’ acquisition of William Hill. In total, this app is a net benefit to the Colorado sports betting market and a great pick for anyone looking to jump into the industry.

Is Caesars A Legitimate Company?

Yes. Caesars began as Eldorado Resorts in 1973 and quickly expanded into a multi-casino empire. Gradually, this company’s offerings grew to include online gambling apps and properties, and it only recently acquired William Hill.

Caesars Is Licensed By Colorado

All of Colorado’s licensed sportsbooks have this in common. A sports betting license signifies that a sportsbook has been studied by state regulators. Bettors can read Colorado’s licensing requirements to see how sportsbooks earn a license. But they can rest assured that licensed sportsbooks are, at a minimum, legitimate.

Why Bet At Caesars Instead Of An Illegal Sportsbook?

Legal sportsbooks must include the responsible gaming logo and problem gambling hotline on their websites. Colorado law wants to ensure help is near for bettors whose habits are out of hand. Licensed sportsbooks can’t cure problem gamblers. However, they can build safeguards into place for bettors to take advantage of.

And they do.

But illegal sportsbooks don’t care to limit their addicted gamblers. Bettors who only see potential rewards and never their losses are illegal sportsbook fodder.

Why Bettors Can Trust Caesars With Their Bank Accounts

So, Caesars is better than its illegal counterparts. But is it trustworthy enough to send money to? Based on its past performance, it can keep bettors’ money safe. It’s as secure as any other online business.

First, Caesars’s online security is tested before launch. Three months before it goes live, licensed sportsbooks are audited by independent auditors. They test server security and other behind-the-scenes performance issues. Once the auditors finish their report, they give a copy to the sportsbook and include recommended adjustments if needed. If a sportsbook is licensed by the Colorado Division of Gaming, its online security has been tested to ensure it can manage sensitive data.

Caesars is as secure a website as one can be. Bettors shouldn’t worry about depositing money into a Caesars account.

How To Register For A Caesars Account

Caesars starts the signup process easily. Bettors hit the gold ‘register’ button in the middle of their screens. First, they’ll enter basic information, including their names, emails, and phone numbers. Then they’ll set up their account passwords, security questions, and the last four digits of their social security numbers. Finally, bettors will give Caesars their addresses.

But that’s where the easy part ends. Caesars then requires a government-issued ID with a picture and a utility bill. It’s the first Colorado sportsbook–including the international sportsbooks–that requires a utility bill upload for betting. Bettors should have the paperwork ready before completing what should be a quick and painless signup procedure.

Caesars Sportsbook Fact Sheet

Colorado Sports Betting Age21
States With Caesars SportsbookAZ, NJ, NV, PA, IL, MI, IN, CO, IA, TN, VA, WV
Caesars Sportsbook Colorado Partner Eldorado Resorts

Caesars Sportsbook FAQ

How Do Bettors Collect Their Caesars Winnings?

All bettors have to do is withdraw their winnings from Caesars. The withdraw option is near the deposit option, so it’ll be easy to move money in and out. However, bettors can’t withdraw site credits from any of Caesars’s bonuses. Site credits are not the same as cash. It may sound unfair to some bettors, but Caesars won’t let bettors abuse bonuses for free cash.

Do Bettors Have To Be In Colorado To Bet At Caesars?

Yes. It’s illegal for bettors outside Colorado to wager at Colorado sportsbooks. The Wire Act outlaws gambling information between states. It’s why every sportsbook must have different apps for each state. Caesars locates bettors before allowing them to wager. Bettors outside their state won’t be able to place bets. That way, Caesars ensures their users comply with the Wire Act.

Does Caesars Have In-Play Betting?

Yes. Some of the first lines on Caesars’s home page are live games. If bettors only want to see live bets, they can filter the other lines out. Live betting is an engaging way to capitalize on the best odds. They change throughout the game, and surprise underdogs can create big wins for bettors.

Who Is Caesars Partnered With In Colorado?

The Isle Casino and Lady Luck Casino in Black Hawk. These were Caesars’s first retail sports betting locations. It provided kiosks to both these casinos. The kiosks are Caesars’s bread and butter, so they’re worth checking out.

Can Bettors Register For A Caesars Account From Anywhere In Colorado?

Yes. Bettors can complete the first half of the registration process from anywhere. They just need an internet connection. However, they’ll need their utility bill ready to upload, and bettors may need to be near a printer at home for that part. iPhones can scan documents more conveniently than a fax machine. (It’s the camera button hidden in the notes app.) Although it can be done from anywhere in Colorado, it’s probably best done at home.

What Is The Best Way To Deposit At Caesars?

PayPal transfer. This way, you can quickly and easily transfer cash from your PayPal account to your Caesars account without having to move money between multiple places. The less switching back and forth, the easier it is to track transfers. If sports betting losses outweigh the winnings, it’ll be easy to catch on your PayPal statement.

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