Finding the Best Broncos Futures Bets at Colorado Sportsbooks

Even though fall sports have been cast into doubt amid rising coronavirus cases, sportsbooks have set futures for the Broncos’ 2020 season. With the NFL season set to begin Sept. 10, bettors will have a chance at long odds on a Broncos Superbowl win. Futures payouts are particularly large, so it’s important to find the best odds. Here’s where Colorado’s sportsbooks stand on a Broncos Superbowl win and what the Broncos must do to pull it off.

What Do Colorado’s Sportsbooks Think Of The Broncos?

The Broncos are coming off a bad 2019 season. Their nine-loss season was disappointing, but the way they lost was worse. Take the Vikings game where the Broncos gained a 20-point lead and lost 27-23, for example. It was heartbreaking.

That kind of record has shaken sportsbooks’ confidences in Denver’s shot at a Superbowl win. For example, DraftKings Sportsbook has futures odds of +5,000 on the Broncos winning the NFL season. That’s a 2% chance that DraftKings is putting on a Broncos Superbowl win.

There are long odds on every team, but the Broncos’ fierce Division rival is viewed more favorably. DraftKings’ futures bet on the Kansas City Chiefs is only +600. That’s infuriating to Broncos Nation because:

  • DraftKings thinks the Kansas City Chiefs have a 14.3% chance at the Superbowl.
  • The Chiefs have the lowest odds in DraftKings’ Superbowl futures.

That’s right. DraftKings thinks one of the Broncos’ biggest rivals is seven times more likely to get a Superbowl win than the Broncos. However, DraftKings thinks the Chiefs have the best chance to win out of all the listed NFL teams, so ostensibly it’s nothing personal. The Broncos compare favorably to the poor Jaguars, who have +15,000 odds. That’s a 0.7% chance at winning one of the biggest championship games in the world.


Colorado’s Sportsbooks’ Broncos Futures

Colorado’s sportsbooks have a broad consensus about how much risk to put on the Broncos. They all offer about the same odds, but Sky Ute Sportsbook is the clear leader in Broncos NFL Futures:

 Broncos FuturesChance to Win
Fox Bet+5,0001.96%
Sky Ute Sportsbook+6,5001.52%
Circa Sports +6,0001.64%
Bet Wildwood+4,9002.00%

A 1,600 point lead may seem like a lot, but compared to other futures bets, it’s a small difference. (Jaguars futures odds varied by as much as 10,000 points among Colorado’s sportsbooks.) Bettors will find the best odds at Sky Ute Sportsbook, but those odds can change throughout the season. Colorado’s sportsbooks have the same amount of lukewarm confidence in the Broncos, so this probably isn’t the Broncos’ Superbowl year.

What About Division Winner Futures?

A 2% chance at a Superbowl victory isn’t a ring of confidence. However, the Broncos came second in their division in 2019. How do the sportsbooks feel about the Broncos coming in first I the AFC West this year?

Not very confident, as it turns out:

 Broncos FuturesChance to Win
Fox Bet+1,0009.09%
Circa Sports+1,1008.33%

The Broncos are one of four teams who could come in first. An eight to ten percent chance is a bad chance. In contrast, the odds on the Kansas City Chiefs coming in first in the AFC West Division range from -450 to -455. That’s just under an 82% chance of the Chiefs winning the Division.

Double ouch. The Broncos can’t catch a break from the sportsbooks.

Where’s All The Love For The Broncos?

Like I said, the Broncos’ last season was disappointing. The biggest flaws in their game were in the second half of the game. (It made watching the Broncos dominate in the first half profoundly sad.) They just couldn’t get the ball downfield in the last thirty minutes of the game.

However, the Broncos’ draft picks may inject some faith into the sportsbooks–and disgruntled fans. It’s no coincidence the Broncos’ first draft pick was a wide receiver from a southern football school. The Broncos need to transform their late-game offense. Jerry Jeudy is expected to divert attention from Courtland Sutton. Between the two of them, the Broncos have a better chance of completing late-game passes and making progress downfield. That should improve their offense enough to maintain any lead they establish in the beginning of the game.

Or better yet, reclaim a lost lead in a close first half.

What To Expect From Broncos Futures

Colorado sportsbooks aren’t optimistic about the 2020 Broncos season. After a whole season of losing early leads and ending with more losses than wins, who can blame them? However, they’ve found two important points of agreement:

  • The Chiefs are the favorite to win the Superbowl and, of course, their Division.
  • The Broncos hold a mediocre place in the sportsbooks’ futures sections.

The Broncos aren’t the favorite to win anything in 2020, but fans still have hope for a winning season. Whether the pandemic delays the 2020 season or not, the Broncos have a strong lineup that fans could profit from. Just because sportsbooks feel lukewarm about our beloved Broncos doesn’t mean that we have to. (My editor never said I had to be neutral.)

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