Bet Wildwood Sportsbook Review

BetWildwood is one of two Colorado sportsbooks to launch on July 1, along with Circa Sports. It’s one of many sportsbooks continuing to stake their claims in Colorado, even with fall sports in doubt. That means industry veterans and newcomers could end up competing with a smaller selection of sports for a smaller pool of bettors. Here’s how BetWildwood compares to the other sportsbooks rising to meet that challenge.

What Kind Of Bettor Is Bet =Wildwood Built For?

Like Colorado’s other sportsbooks, Bet Wildwood is for casual bettors. Bettors can enter their own bet amounts, so there’s no minimum bet excluding low-income bettors. The app opens with live in-game betting, which gives bettors the chance to watch odds change during a game in real time. It’s a dynamic homepage that could be built into something exciting.

Bettors seeking an online casino, however, are out of luck. Bet Wildwood doesn’t offer one, and online casinos are still illegal in Colorado.

BetWildwood Colorado Promo Code For July 2020

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BetWildwood: Bonus And Promotional Grade (3/5)

BetWildwood is ahead of many new sportsbooks by simply offering an opening bonus upon release. However, it’s a weak bonus compared to the other bonuses in Colorado. Bet Wildwood offers one $50 free bet.

That doesn’t mean $50 free, though. After a bettor places his first bet, he’ll earn site credits. However, bettors must read the fine print. The $50 is really a maximum amount of site credits bettors can get. Once a bettor’s first bet is settled, they’ll get the amount they wagered in site credits up to $50. If a bettor is timid and makes a $25 bet, then he’ll only get $25 in site credits. If a bettor wagers $500, he’ll get $50 in site credits.

Bettors must also place a bet on a line with at least -200 odds. That’s easy to do, since bettors won’t win much on negative bets anyway. However, bettors should know there are odds limits going in.

Although it has a page making these terms clear, new bettors probably don’t know to read the fine print. Most of them won’t know how much money they’ll leave on the table unless they start by betting big. It’s a bad bonus at a low value. If Bet Wildwood wants a competitive bonus, it should consider a deposit bonus worth $250 to $500, like the bonuses at DraftKings or FanDuel.

BetWildwood: Odds Vs The Competition Grade (3/5)

BetWildwood has the worst odds in Colorado so far. We compared moneylines across multiple sports leagues, and Wildwood doesn’t look good in any of them. Here are the lines on the Luton Town/Barnsley soccer match in the English Championship League:

 Luton TownBarnsleyDraw
Bet Wildwood+185+144+225
Fox Bet+175+150+230

BetWildwood has the worst odds on Barnsley and the second-worst odds on the draw. Normally, a sportsbook will sacrifice odds on one side of the line to offer better lines on another. However, the odds on Luton Town are:

  • 15 points short of the best odds.
  • 15 points better than the worst odds.

That’s not a good set of lines. However, it’s an improvement over its odds on the Twins/Bears South Korean Baseball game:

Bet Wildwood-105-135
Circa Sportsbook+104-122
Fox Bet+100-133

BetWildwood’s odds are low, but its expected profit margins on these lines are among the highest. It’s expected to make 1.36% more profit than the next most profitable sportsbook. That may not sound like much, that’s an extra $13,600 over $1 million in bets.

And that’s only on one line.

There may be exceptions somewhere, but bettors probably don’t have to check Bet Wildwood to make sure they have up-to-date odds.

BetWildwood: Market Depth And Variety Grade (4/5)

BetWildwood opened with a wide variety of sports. It has seventeen sports, each of which has live in-game betting available. Popular sports, like soccer and basketball, already have moneylines and spread bets. It’s a great start that most new sportsbooks don’t launch with.

However, just because a sport is listed, doesn’t mean it has betting lines available. Formula 1 racing is listed under “all sports,” but it doesn’t have any events listed. Some of these less popular sports don’t have the betting lines that staple sports like soccer do. Bettors will have to watch Bet Wildwood’s sports and line selection as popular sports leagues begin to return.

BetWildwood: Deposit And Cashout Grade (4/5)

BetWildwood has done most of its due diligence setting up deposit and withdrawal options. The deposit options are common, straightforward options:

  • ACH – Advance Checking
  • Play+
  • Skrill
  • Paysafe Card
  • Paysafe Cash

Credit Card deposits are on the way, but in the meantime, bettors have easy and convenient deposit options.

Withdrawal options will likely be similar to the deposit options. Bettors can use Play+ cards to withdraw winnings from an ATM. However, bettors will likely be able to use advanced checking as well, although that remains unconfirmed.

And it remains unconfirmed because of Bet Wildwood’s app.

BetWildwood: Mobile App Grade (2/5)

There are parts BetWildwood that are not functional, beginning with the registration process. BetWildwood asks the same questions as the rest of Colorado’s sportsbooks. However, inputting bettor information is difficult. When I entered my birthday, the app selected the day before my birthday. So, I had to select January 21 so BetWildwood would input my correct birthday, January 20. That’s a serious glitch in an app that’s collecting personal bettor information.

But the biggest issue came after I submitted my information. I was taken to an identity verification site where I had to submit a picture of my driver’s license and a picture of myself for a program to compare. My driver’s license picture is eight years old, and I haven’t had a haircut since the pandemic started. My pictures were not a close enough match, it did not verify my identity, so I could not sign up for Bet Wildwood.

There are also smaller issues with different in-app menus. For example, the FAQ section at the bottom of the app’s pages brings bettors to a page instructing them how to access the FAQ section. It provides a web address to the FAQ page, but it’s not hyperlinked. So, the FAQ page is both outside the app, requires bettors to type the web address in, and it does not copy and paste from the app to the search bar.

New sportsbooks often come with missing pieces. However, Colorado’s other soft launches have included apps that are fully functional. Bet Wildwood can’t reliably sign bettors up, and it suffers from other glitches that make its app frustrating to use. It’s invested heavily in identity security to the detriment of its app and user experience. The app needs an overhaul to be serious in the Colorado sports betting market.

BetWildwood Overall (3.2)

Bet Wildwood has most of the sportsbook basics in place. Its back-end operations are strong enough to make it through Colorado’s licensing process, which is a strong step into the sports betting industry. Bet Wildwood also has the security to store and protect bettor data. It has secure money transfer options, and credit card functionality is coming soon.

But it’s front-end is not ready for prime time. Bet Wildwood’s odds are built for sportsbook profit, not for competitive odds. The app also has serious functional issues. Creating an account cannot work eight or nine times out of ten. None of the other sportsbooks’ identity verification processes make creating an account a hit or miss opportunity. Bet Wildwood has poured a lot into its app’s security and its company’s anti-money laundering commitments. However, those areas seem to have come at the cost of the app’s functionality.

Bet Wildwood could become a strong sportsbook choice if it fixed its app and improved its odds. It will surely improve over the next few months. But in the meantime, bettors should look elsewhere for a reliable sportsbook.

Is BetWildwood A Legitimate Business?

Yes. Their rollout was rough, but the business behind it is safe and legitimate. Here are five reasons bettors can trust that Bet Wildwood is a real business instead of a crime syndicate.

Bet Wildwood Is Licensed By the State of Colorado

Colorado has a thorough licensing process that examines each aspect of a sportsbook’s business. Regulatory authorities ensure that legitimate companies are awarded licenses, giving bettors safe alternatives to Waffle House bookies.

Colorado Knows Bet Wildwood’s Business History

Bet Wildwood and Wildwood Casino aren’t mysterious organizations. They’re required to submit background information to Colorado during the licensing process, including:

  • Delinquent payments.
  • Past legal complaints or violations.
  • Any involvement in a past lawsuit.

The licensing board learns enough about each applicant to make an informed decision about whether they can operate responsibly. It’s a great way to filter bad actors out of the process and give bettors legitimate sports betting options.

Hiding Information Can Prevent Licenses From Being Awarded

Even if information is considered “confidential,” sportsbooks are still required to turn that information over to state investigators for a chance at a sports betting license. Sportsbooks can choose to withhold information, but the Director may not approve a license for them if they do. The licensing process draws out any sensitive information that may impact the Division of Gaming’s ability to provide safe sports betting for Coloradans.

Betting Activities Are Controlled And Limited

There’s a list of approved sports and bets that sportsbooks can offer. There’s also a list of terms in the Colorado Division of Gaming’s first rule that standardizes betting terms across the sports betting industry. This prevents sportsbooks from changing definitions to con bettors. It puts every licensed sportsbook on the same page.

Bet Wildwood’s System Assessment

During the licensing process, Bet Wildwood must undergo a systems assessment that ensures:

  • Proper sportsbook function and security.
  • Corrective steps are taken before opening.

Bet Wildwood won’t unfairly eat bettors’ money. Its system works according to clear and consistent rules that pay winners fairly and consistently.

Why Wager With BetWildwood Instead Of A Waffle House Bookie?

Sportsbooks haven’t had government oversight in Colorado until May 1, 2020 when sports betting went live in the Rocky Mountain State. However, illegal sports betting is still out there, and bettors need to be aware of it. Illegal sports betting operations have different structures, but they all carry similar dangers.

The most immediate danger to most bettors is not getting paid.

Required Cash Reserves

Cash can get tight when an underdog with long odds comes through. Licensed sportsbooks are required to keep a cash reserve on hand to make sure they can pay large bets out. In fact, the Colorado Division of Gaming’s sixth rule dictates the formula sportsbooks must use to calculate how much cash to keep on hand.

However, a local bookie may not be prepared to pay for an underdog win. Any miscalculation on a bookie’s part could leave him with empty pockets. If a bettor gives their money to a broke bookie, the bettor is out of luck. You may trust your local bookie to pay you back later, but you can’t sue the bookie if he doesn’t come through for you. It’s a gamble that bettors don’t have to worry about with licensed sportsbooks.

Separate Financial Accounts

Licensed sportsbooks must also keep bettor money and business money separate. That means when a bettor deposits $100 into their sportsbook account, that money remains untouched until the bettor uses it. DraftKings can’t use the $100 in a bettor’s account to give an hourly intern a tiny raise. Sportsbooks must keep its operational money separate from bettors’ money.

In contrast, Waffle House bookies don’t have to keep bettor money separate from their personal funds. If bookies are cash-tight and behind on their utility bills, they can use your bet to pay the light bill instead of saving it to pay winnings out. That’s fine if everyone loses, but if an underdog comes through, your bookie is going to be deep in debt to some angry bettors. And you’ll have no legal recourse, because you wagered with an illegal sportsbook.

Double bummer, right?

How Secure Is BetWildwood?

Although its app has functional problems, Bet Wildwood has a robust system that’s been analyzed and tested since before it went to market. Within 90 days of going live, Bet Wildwood had to submit to a security assessment. An independent auditor examined Bet Wildwood’s security systems and submitted findings to the sportsbook and Division of Gaming. If there’s anything the independent auditor found objectionable, then the auditor would’ve submitted corrective actions, too.

The Division of Gaming won’t award a gaming license to a sportsbook that mishandles sensitive information. Bet Wildwood’s gaming license is a stamp of approval from Colorado’s Division of Gaming.

Colorado also requires sportsbooks to have guidelines for different business situations, including:

  • Paying winning wagers if the sports betting goes down.
  • Denying service to bettors who put themselves on the self-exclusion list.
  • Implementing sports betting server security.

The full list of requirements is much longer. However, there are safeguards in place that ensure every licensed sportsbook is prepared for the same contingencies. Bettors can rest assured that Bet Wildwood will keep their data secure and that they have contingencies in place to operate a safe and fair business.

BetWildwood Fact Sheet

Legal Betting Age21
Bet Wildwood States of OperationColorado
Bet Wildwood Colorado PartnerISI Race & Sports
Bet Wildwood Colorado Launch DateJuly 1, 2020

BetWildwood FAQ’s

Is It Legal To Bet On Sports Online At BetWildwood?

Yes. It may sound obvious, but there is some confusion about internet gambling. Gambling at online casinos is still illegal. Sports betting is the exception to the internet sports betting ban. Sports betting apps are fine, but Coloradans won’t find online casinos on the app store any time soon.

Can I Sign Up For BetWildwood From Anywhere In Colorado?

Yes. You can even sign up from outside Colorado. (If you’re among the eight or nine out of ten bettors who can register.) However, bets won’t go through if bettors try to bet from outside Colorado. The location tracking is strict, because the Wire Act prevents wagers from crossing state lines. No sportsbook wants to run afoul federal law. If you don’t believe me, you can try crossing the Kansas border and placing a bet. The app will track your location and it won’t let you place a bet.

How Do I Get Paid From BetWildwood?

First, you have to win. After that, bettors will see the amount of money in their betting accounts increase. All it takes is an account transfer to move money from the app to a bank account or credit card. Bettors will find the withdraw option in their bet slip.

Is Live In-Play Betting Available At BetWildwood?

Yes. The strongest part of its app is that it opens with live betting. The full list of sports also has a tag if there’s an ongoing live game. It couldn’t be easier to find live betting opportunities in Bet Wildwood. It should keep that feature as it improves its app.

Who Is BetWildwood’s Colorado Partner?

ISI Race & Sports. Wildwood Casino owns the Master Sports Betting License to operate an in-house sportsbook. However, ISI Race & Sports built and marketed the Bet Wildwood app. Outsourcing parts of the sportsbook operation is common among casinos trying to score valuable sports betting real estate. But now you know who’s behind the app’s hardware, software, and marketing.

Does BetWildwood Offer Esports Lines?

Not yet. They may offer esports lines in the future, but they’re not part of the initial release. Based on the other sportsbooks’ offerings, esports will likely become an option in later versions of the app.

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