Betting on the Rockies in Colorado

Colorado Rockies betting is possible during the 2022 season. What are the Rockies’ odds to reach the World Series? The odds will change over the off-season for sure. It’s also become a bit more interesting since DraftKings announced a partnership with the Rockies in September 2020.

The 2020 MLB season was nothing short of unique. After months of delay amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Major League Baseball kicked off a shortened 60-game season on July 23. The unprecedented 2020 season was played over 66 days and culminated in an expanded 16-team playoff in the fall. The LA Dodgers took the title, setting them up as an early favorite for the 2021 World Series. Everything got back to normal during the 2021 season, and the Atlanta Braves won the World Series title.

Colorado’s online and retail sportsbooks offer extensive ways to bet on the Colorado Rockies. The Rockies’ history includes five playoff appearances, including National League Wild Card berths in 2017 and 2018.

A 2021 playoff berth didn’t materialize for the Rockies, but Colorado bettors can look forward to plenty of opportunities to bet on the Rockies for the 2022 season.

Can Bettors Wager On Rockies Games At Colorado’s Legal Sportsbooks?

Colorado bettors can finally bet on The Rockies at licensed sportsbooks in the state. Because the Rockies are a professional team, all types of bets will be fair game, including outcome bets and prop bets. 

The 2022 season is underway, and here’s a look at futures lines CO sportsbooks have on the World Series champion and the NL champions as of May 19.

2022 World Series Winner

Los Angeles Dodgers+450+460+450
New York Yankees+550+600+600
New York Mets+800+800+800
Houston Astros+800+900+800
Toronto Blue Jays+950+1000+900
Milwaukee Brewers+1100+1200+1200
San Diego Padres+1500+1800+1600
Atlanta Braves+1500+1500+1400
Chicago White Sox+1900+1700+1800
Tampa Bay Rays+1900+2000+2000
Colorado Rockies+35000+20000+15000

2022 National League Winner

Los Angeles Dodgers+225+220+225
New York Mets+400+400+390
Milwaukee Brewers+600+550+500
Atlanta Braves+700+750+800
San Diego Padres+800+850+750
San Francisco Giants+1000+1100+950
Philadelphia Phillies+1400+1500+1600
St. Louis Cardinals+1400+1500+1700
Miami Marlins+4000+4000+5500
Colorado Rockies+8000+10000+18000

Where Can Bettors Wager On The Rockies?

Many options for both online and in-person betting have emerged since the May 1 launch of sports betting in Colorado. 

Colorado bettors can place mobile wagers at no less than 14 different online sportsbooks. You can place futures bets on the World Series as well. These online platforms can be enjoyed as downloadable apps for both iOS and Android devices.

Mobile sports betting sites allow bettors to wager on the Rockies from anywhere within Colorado borders.

In-person betting can be found at several locations as Colorado’s live casinos. These sportsbooks are found in the towns of Cripple Creek, Central City, and Black Hawk. Tribal casino sportsbooks are also available in the southwest part of the state.

Best Colorado Online Sportsbooks for MLB Betting

DraftKings Sportsbook

Since expanding into sports betting from its roots in daily fantasy sports, DraftKings Sportsbook stands as one of the most popular sports wagering brands in the US. Online bettors in Colorado would do well to include DraftKings Sportsbook on the list of go-to mobile sports betting sites. This is particularly true due to its partnership with the Rockies. 

Visit: DraftKings Colorado


The Colorado market should emerge as one of the most competitive for online sports betting in the US. BetRivers got the jump on some of its competitors by launching among the first wave of Colorado mobile sportsbook to go live.

Since the May 1 launch, BetRivers has presented Colorado bettors with plenty of MLB betting options. 

Visit: BetRivers Colorado


BetMGM Sportsbook functions as the official sports betting brand of MGM Resorts. The international gaming powerhouse came to the Colorado market with a May 1 launch, putting it among the first mobile wagering brands to go live in Colorado.

Visit: BetMGM Colorado

All Colorado sportsbooks for MLB and Rockies betting:

Colorado’s Retail Sportsbooks For MLB Betting

Barstool Sports

The Barstool Sports brand is going big with a massive expansion into sports betting in the US. Colorado’s largest retail casino, Ameristar, plans on converting its on-property sportsbook into a Barstool-branded venue sometime before the end of the year.

The Barstool name, combined with Ameristar’s stature in the Colorado casino industry, will likely yield one of the state’s most impressive physical sportsbooks. Black Hawk is located about an hour west of Denver.

BetFred Sports At Saratoga Casino

Betfred Sports at Saratoga Casino holds the distinction of taking Colorado’s first-ever in-person sports bet. The new era of retail sports betting at Colorado casinos started when Betfred Sports took that bet in June 2020.

The 1,400-square-foot sportsbook stands as the center of sports wagering activity at Saratoga Casino. The property resides in Black Hawk, within an hour’s drive of Denver.

How MLB Betting Odds Are Calculated

Now that MLB betting in Colorado is possible, it’s important to understand how odds are calculated. Most US sportsbooks use notations of “+” and “-” on all betting odds. Calculating potential payouts for each notation is fairly straightforward, but it’s important to understand how the math works for each.

For example, here’s a look at a line from a late-September MLB game between the Rockies and the San Francisco Giants on BetRivers:

 Run LineWinTotal Runs
Colorado Rockies+1.5     -141+163O 9.0
San Francisco Giants-1.5     +106-195U 9.0

The win column presents the odds on a straight-up bet on which team will win the game. The Rockies are the underdog in this example, as “+” odds always indicate a better than even-money payout on a bet.

The +163 odds mean a $100 winning bet on the Rockies would yield $163 in profit. To calculate a “+” bet for any amount, divide the odds by 100 and multiply that quotient by the amount of the bet.

A $50 bet on the Rockies, for instance, is calculated as 163 divided by 100 (1.63), multiplied by $50 ($81.50). A $50 winning bet on the Rockies in this example would return $131.50 to the bettor ($81.50 profit plus the $50 original wager).

The -195 odds on the Giants mean you’d have to bet $195 to win $100 in profit. Any “-” bet can be calculated by dividing 100 by the odds, then multiplying by the amount of the wager.

Using that formula, a $50 bet on the Giants is calculated as 100 divided by 195 (0.513 rounded off), multiplied by $50 ($25.64).

A $50 bet on the Giants at -195 returns $75.64 to the bettor ($25.64 profit plus the original $50 bet.)

What Types Of Rockies Bets Are Popular?


Moneyline bets present a straightforward wager on which team will win the game, with no point spread. The “Win” column in the Rockies vs. Giants example table above represents the moneyline odds offered by BetRivers on that game.

Odds on favorites and underdogs sometimes offer big payouts on the underdog if that team pulls the upset.

Run Line

The Run Line is baseball’s name for point spread betting. The run line evens out the odds between the underdog and favorite by adding runs to the underdog total and subtracting that same number from the favorite total.

Series Line

The MLB regular season schedule always groups games in series, with the same teams playing each other three or more days in a row.

A series line allows you to bet on which team will win the most games in a regular-season series. The MLB playoffs also present opportunities to make series line bets.


Totals, aka over/under bets, allow bettors to wager on the total number of runs scored in a game. 

In the Rockies-Giants example above, the “Total Runs” column offers a bet on whether the combined score between the two teams will end up under or over nine runs.


The time-tested parlay bet allows you to place multiple wagers on one ticket, increasing the payout odds with each added bet.

All bets on a parlay must win for the parlay itself to be a winner. Even one losing wager on a ticket results in a loss.

How To Place Prop Bets On The Rockies

Like all other sports, bettors can wager on the outcome of a game. Moneyline bets like these are straightforward and common. Prop bets are available too, but they’ll be much more interesting than a bet on a coin toss winner. 

Baseball is full of long lists of stats that make for exciting prop bets. A bet that Nolan Arenado will steal more bases than Anthony Rizzo is a potential head-to-head prop bet. If a bettor thinks Anthony Rizzo will make more runs in the fourth inning than Nolan Arenado–he’d be wrong–but a fluke could win that bettor some money. 

These head-to-head bets create a breadth of betting opportunities that can enliven a long Rockies game. This is particularly true when betting on the Rockies when they are out of the running for the World Series. 

How To Bet On The Rockies In Colorado

Betting On The Rockies At BetRivers

  1. Download the BetRivers app. For Apple iOS users, the BetRivers app can be downloaded from the App Store. Android users have to go to to find the app, as the Google Play store doesn’t allow for downloads of real-money gambling apps. BetRivers Sportsbook can also be accessed via desktop browser.
  2. Click the “Join Now” button at the top right of the main lobby.
  3. Fill in the fields that come up with your chosen screen name, valid email address, password, and any promo code you might be using. After that, BetRivers will request additional information to confirm your age and identity.
  4. After you verify the requested information, navigate to the Cashier, and make your first deposit.
  5. Click on the “MLB” tab among the sports listed on the left of the main lobby.
  6. Find the many different ways to bet on the Rockies, click on your desired wager, and make your bet.

How To Bet On The World Series In Colorado

Even if the Rockies don’t make it to the World Series in 2021, Colorado bettors can still find plenty of action betting on the teams that do make it to the MLB championship. 

Before the final two teams are determined for the World Series, the MLB futures betting market allows wagers on any teams still in contention. You can also try to bet on which two teams will meet in the MLB finale.

Once the series begins, the prop betting market opens up a world of additional betting opportunities. The different ways to prop bet include betting on who will win the World Series MVP, how many games the series will go, who will hit the most home runs, and many other prop bets.

If you’re looking for a higher risk, bigger reward prop bet, try wagering on whether any pitcher will throw a complete game in the series. Most sportsbooks offered many different props on the 2020 World Series between the LA Dodgers and Tampa Bay Rays.

Do The Rockies Have Any Partnerships With Sportsbooks?

In 2019, DraftKings announced its partnership with Major League Baseball. This deal included some brand use rights, but the deal also gave DraftKings the rights to official MLB data. 

That data will improve DraftKings’ ability to generate odds for real-time bets. It’s also why the Rockies can partner with DraftKings to offer Rockies tickets to contest winners. Rockies fans who are particularly confident in their fantasy teams and gaming intuition should watch for contests like these. 

The DraftKings MLB partnership took a further step forward in September 2020, when they announced a partnership with the Colorado Rockies. DraftKings is the Rockies official sports betting and DFS operator. DraftKings will have branding rights at Coors Field and it looks like they will be partnering for unique digital content for Rockies fans.

The announcement included the news that DraftKings opened the doors on September 25 to is retail sportsbook at Mardi Gras Casino and Resort as well. 

Colorado Rockies Betting FAQ

How do sportsbooks determine odds on baseball games?

All sportsbooks employ bookmakers, and the lone purpose of that job is to determine the lines and odds for sports contests. Once lines are set, betting action by the public can push the odds and lines one way or the other.

In-play betting, which allows bettors to wager on a game as it’s happening, uses computer algorithms to determine the rapidly-changing odds.

How popular is betting on the Rockies?

The Broncos will easily be the most popular Colorado team to bet on, but the Rockies are popular, too. 2.9 million Coors Field attendees don’t lie. The Rocky Mountain State loves its Rockies and after a strange 2020 season, Rockies betting in 2021 could become a lot more popular.

The Rockies could even be more popular than the Denver Nuggets. But if there’s one thing that’s certain, it’s that The Rockies will be more popular than The Avalanche and The Rapids. Hockey and soccer aren’t going to beat baseball.

At least, not in Denver.

Do all legal sportsbooks offer betting on the Rockies?

Yes, all legal sportsbooks offer bets on The Rockies. DraftKings’ access to real-time MLB data will make for fantastic fantasy sports experiences and exciting in-game prop bets. However, FanDuel has a robust sportsbook, too. These online giants have also partnered with casinos to offer sportsbooks in person for bettors craving social contact after the coronavirus outbreak.

What is the closest sportsbook to Coors Field?
The mountain towns of Black Hawk and Cripple Creek are the closest places to Denver that host legal retail casinos. Both towns offer in-person sports betting at numerous locations. It’s unclear if the DraftKings-Rockies partnership will mean an eventual retail sportsbook at Coors Field, but nothing has been announced. 
Where can I bet on the World Series in Colorado?

While Black Hawk, Cripple Creek, and Central City host Colorado’s land-based casinos, betting on baseball can be done from anywhere in the state. Legal mobile casino apps offer MLB betting on all games, up to and through the World Series.

By the end of the 2020 MLB season, more than a dozen online sportsbooks were live in Colorado, with more to come before the start of the 2021 MLB season.

Is DraftKings Sportsbook legal in Colorado?

Yes. DraftKings Sportsbook went live in Colorado on May 1, 2020. Operating as a licensed partner of Mardi Gras Casino, DraftKings Sportsbook allows legal betting from anywhere within Colorado borders. And, their partnership with the Rockies means that they are betting on Colorado fans to bet big on MLB games.

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