Betting on the Rockies in Colorado

Baseball season might not kick off until late June. It’s unclear for now whether baseball will end up starting even then, but sports betting officially launched in Colorado on May 1. Coloradans may not be able to bet on the Rockies’ 2020 season, but bettors can get their initial questions answered before baseball season is in full swing.

Can Bettors Wager On Rockies Games At Colorado’s Legal Sportsbooks? 

Once The Rockies play again, Colorado bettors will be able to wager on The Rockies at licensed sportsbooks. Because the Rockies are a professional team, all types of bets will be fair game, including outcome bets and prop bets. 

What Types Of Bets Will Be Popular?

Like all other sports, bettors will be able to wager on the outcome of a game. Moneyline bets like these are straightforward and common. Prop bets will be available too, but they’ll be much more interesting than a bet on a coin toss winner. 

Baseball is full of long lists of stats that make for exciting prop bets. A bet that Nolan Arenado will steal more bases than Anthony Rizzo is a potential head-to-head prop bet. If a bettor thinks Anthony Rizzo will make more runs in the fourth inning than Nolan Arenado–he’d be wrong–but a fluke could win that bettor some money. 

These head-to-head bets create a breadth of betting opportunities that can enliven a long Rockies game. Hopefully baseball returns soon so Rockies fans can try their hands at these bets. 

Do The Rockies Have Any Partnerships With Sportsbooks?

In 2019, DraftKings announced its partnership with Major League Baseball (MLB). This deal included some brand use rights, but the deal also gave DraftKings the rights to official MLB data. That data will improve DraftKings’ ability to generate odds for real-time bets. It’s also why the Rockies can partner with DraftKings to offer Rockies tickets to contest winners. Rockies fans who are particularly confident in their fantasy teams and gaming intuition should watch for contests like these. 

How Popular Will Betting On The Rockies Be? 

The Broncos will easily be the most popular Colorado team to bet on, but the Rockies are popular, too. 2.9 million Coors Field attendees don’t lie. The Rocky Mountain State loves its Rockies, and the delayed baseball season could be a competitive draw away from college sports. The Rockies could even be more popular than the Denver Nuggets. But if there’s one thing that’s certain, it’s that The Rockies will be more popular than The Avs and The Rapids. Hockey and soccer aren’t going to beat baseball. 

At least, not in Denver. 

Do All Legal Sportsbooks Offer Bets On The Rockies? 

Yes, all legal sportsbooks offer bets on The Rockies. DraftKings’ access to real-time MLB data will make for fantastic fantasy sports experiences and exciting in-game prop bets. However, FanDuel has a robust sportsbook, too. These online giants have also partnered with casinos to offer sportsbooks in person for bettors craving social contact after the coronavirus outbreak.  

Where Can Bettors Wager On The Rockies? 

After a string of stressful months, bettors looking for a change of scenery after weeks of social distancing can make the trek to Monarch Casino Resort Spa or the Saratoga Casino in Black Hawk; Dostal Alley in Central City; and Double Eagle Hotel and Casino, Brass Ass Casino, J.P. McGills Hotel and Casino, and Midnight Rose Hotel and Casino in Cripple Creek, all of which have either applied for or received sports betting licenses from the state.

DraftKings’ online sportsbook is another option for Colorado sports bettors, so anyone who wants to remain at home when baseball starts will have a remote option. However, DraftKings may run new contests when the Rockies play again to get people back to Coors Field after a long hiatus. It’s hard to turn down a chance to win Rockies tickets.

3 Takeaways For New Rockies Bettors

When baseball season returns, newly legal sportsbooks will be up and running. Anyone who wants to get in on the new sports betting action needs to know these three things: 

  1. Head-to-head prop bets will be among the most popular Rockies bets. 
  2. The Rockies’ partnership with DraftKings gives fantasy players the chance to win Rockies tickets. 
  3. Both casinos and online sportsbooks are now available statewide.

Once the need for social distancing has passed, the Rockies will return with a triumphant season. Charlie Blackmon and his legendary home runs are certainly worth waiting for.  

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