Betting on the Rockies in Colorado

How do sportsbooks determine odds on baseball games?

All sportsbooks employ bookmakers, and the lone purpose of that job is to determine the lines and odds for sports contests. Once lines are set, betting action by the public can push the odds and lines one way or the other.

In-play betting, which allows bettors to wager on a game as it’s happening, uses computer algorithms to determine the rapidly-changing odds.

How popular is betting on the Rockies?

The Broncos will easily be the most popular Colorado team to bet on, but the Rockies are popular, too. 2.9 million Coors Field attendees don’t lie. The Rocky Mountain State loves its Rockies and after a strange 2020 season, Rockies betting in 2021 could become a lot more popular.

The Rockies could even be more popular than the Denver Nuggets. But if there’s one thing that’s certain, it’s that The Rockies will be more popular than The Avalanche and The Rapids. Hockey and soccer aren’t going to beat baseball.

At least, not in Denver.

Do all legal sportsbooks offer betting on the Rockies?

Yes, all legal sportsbooks offer bets on The Rockies. DraftKings’ access to real-time MLB data will make for fantastic fantasy sports experiences and exciting in-game prop bets. However, FanDuel has a robust sportsbook, too. These online giants have also partnered with casinos to offer sportsbooks in person for bettors craving social contact after the coronavirus outbreak.

What is the closest sportsbook to Coors Field?
The mountain towns of Black Hawk and Cripple Creek are the closest places to Denver that host legal retail casinos. Both towns offer in-person sports betting at numerous locations. It’s unclear if the DraftKings-Rockies partnership will mean an eventual retail sportsbook at Coors Field, but nothing has been announced. 
Where can I bet on the World Series in Colorado?

While Black Hawk, Cripple Creek, and Central City host Colorado’s land-based casinos, betting on baseball can be done from anywhere in the state. Legal mobile casino apps offer MLB betting on all games, up to and through the World Series.

By the end of the 2020 MLB season, more than a dozen online sportsbooks were live in Colorado, with more to come before the start of the 2021 MLB season.

Is DraftKings Sportsbook legal in Colorado?

Yes. DraftKings Sportsbook went live in Colorado on May 1, 2020. Operating as a licensed partner of Mardi Gras Casino, DraftKings Sportsbook allows legal betting from anywhere within Colorado borders. And, their partnership with the Rockies means that they are betting on Colorado fans to bet big on MLB games.

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