Sports Betting On The Rapids in Colorado

Soccer season has been postponed, disappointing Colorado Rapids fans everywhere. But hey, at least sports betting is now legal in Colorado. Here’s what Rapids fans need to know about the new sports betting market.

Can Bettors Wager On The Rapids At Colorado’s Legal Sportsbooks?

Any sportsbook that offers soccer bets offers Rapids bets. The Rapids had a strong 2019 season and are sure to return in full force, whenever that is. It’ll be a relief to anyone itching to get out of their living rooms and back into Dick’s Sporting Goods Park.

What Are The Most Popular Rapids Bets?

Soccer has the same bets on a match’s outcome as every other sport, but soccer bets go a few levels deeper by also considering the different ways a team can win.

For example, if the Rapids are behind 2-1 in the first half of a game, bettors can wager on the Rapids catching up in the second half, or “winning from behind.” Rapids fans can also bet on whether the game will end in a draw or go into overtime–and who will win from there. Even more specific bets include point spreads that either include or exclude overtime.

This is an important point. If a bettor places a bet on the Rapids winning in overtime, they’ll lose that bet if there’s no overtime. Similarly, if a bettor wagers that the Rapids will win a standard match, the bettor loses that bet if the game goes into overtime. This creates many combinations of bets with many levels of risk.

Soccer is a game of highly specific sports bets with many variations. Anyone interested in the new sports betting scene could have a great time exploring the many bets soccer has to offer.

Do The Rapids Have Partnerships With Any Colorado Sportsbooks?

There are no partnerships between the Rapids and any Colorado sportsbooks. However, as sports betting expands, there’s every chance that the Rapids could secure a partnership in the future. The Broncos and Major League Baseball have partnerships with DraftKings. The Rapids could secure one, too.  

How Popular Is Betting On The Rapids?

Major League Soccer is probably the least popular sport in Denver. It still draws plenty of fans, but it’s hard to compete with The Broncos, Rockies, Nuggets, and Avs. College sports are a popular draw that also compete for sports fans’ attention.

However, the betting landscape of soccer is unique in its sheer breadth and depth. The vast combinations of available bets could make the Rapids one of the most popular teams to bet on. It’ll be interesting to see what sports betting does to the Rapids’ popularity as the market matures.

Do All Of Colorado’s Sportsbooks Offer Betting On The Rapids?

All licensed Colorado sportsbooks offer betting on the Rapids. The only thing keeping sportsbooks from taking Rapids bets now are the lack of games being played.

Where Can Bettors Wager On The Rapids?

Whether Rapids fans enjoy watching games at the casino or watching games in their living rooms, Coloradans have plenty of places to wager on the Rapids.

For instance, The Midnight Rose Hotel and Casino has its sports betting license. Anyone who wants to swing by Colorado Springs can make their way to Cripple Creek and enjoy dinner and a Rapids game.

Remote bettors have good options, too. Anyone who wants to wager online can register on BetAmerica’s app or website. Once the Rapids resume playing, they’re sure to feature prominently in BetAmerica’s soccer section.

If You Learn Anything About Betting On The Rapids…

Sports betting is a brand-new attraction in Colorado, and soccer bets have important specifications of which to take note. Here are three things new bettors need to know before the Rapids play again:

1.  Soccer bets include first half, second half, and overtime bets.

2.  Betting on the Rapids may be more popular than the Rapids’ themselves.

3.  Bettors can wager on the Rapids online and at licensed casinos.

Once the Rapids start playing again, die-hard soccer fans will be able to profit off their passion for the game.

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