Betting on the Denver Nuggets in Colorado

Professional basketball took a hit during the coronavirus outbreak. The NBA postponed games, and the Nuggets had to get creative. They resorted to hosting a 2K20 tournament and a joining an NBA H-O-R-S-E game. Navigating the age of social distancing hasn’t been easy for anybody.

However, sports betting is coming to Colorado no matter how long we need to distance ourselves from each other. Here’s what interested bettors need to know about betting on the Nuggets.

Will Colorado Offer Betting Lines On The Nuggets?

NBA betting lines will be open everywhere after May 1. Since the Denver Nuggets are a professional team, there will be no restrictions on the bets you can place. The bets on Nuggets games will certainly be better than the socially distant H-O-R-S-E game.

What Are Popular Nuggets Bets?

Nuggets betting will be straightforward. Moneyline bets that wager on a game’s winner are among the most common types of bets. Point spreads add some new stakes since the teams have to win or lose by a certain amount for the bet to count. Point totals–the total number of points scored between both teams–are also great ways to shake bets up.

Finally, bettors can place parlay bets. They can bet on the outcome of multiple games in a row. But there’s no partial credit. If you bet on the Nuggets winning game one, losing game two, and winning game three, it had better happen that way. Although, if the Nuggets win that second game, you’ll get what you deserve for doubting the Nuggs.

Do The Nuggets Have Partnerships With Any Sportsbooks?

The Nuggets don’t have their own partnerships with sportsbooks. Instead, the NBA secured a deal with William Hill in October 2019. William Hill got exclusive rights to use certain NBA data and in return, the NBA will promote William Hill’s sportsbook.

At the time of that partnership, Colorado was still a month away from barely passing Prop DD (the sports betting and taxing law) and William Hill was operating in a fifth of the country. The NBA rode the wave of sports betting legalization, and Colorado bettors will reap the benefits of that preparedness beginning May 1.

How Popular Are The Nuggets In Colorado?

They aren’t the Broncos, but the Nuggets draw a pretty good draw. In fact, the Broncos are one of the only teams more popular than the Nuggets (without factoring in college football loyalties).

However, YouGov ranks the Nugget’s popularity well below the Rockies. An all-American baseball game seems to edge basketball out in Colorado. Basketball fans may disagree, but there’s one thing fans can agree on unambiguously. The Nuggets are far more popular than the Avs and the Rapids.

Do All Colorado’s Sportsbooks Offer Lines On The Nuggets?

All major reputable sportsbooks will offer betting on the Nuggets. The Nuggets are a massive presence in Denver and part of a national league, making them a standard to expect from sportsbooks across the state.

Where Can You Bet On The Nuggets?

Currently, there are almost two dozen approved casinos in Colorado that will have sports betting available starting May 1. These options will continue to expand up to and beyond the threshold of legalization.

Online options like DraftKings, FanDuel, and other online sportsbooks will also have offer odds on the Nuggets. Nuggets fans can rest assured that their favorite online sportsbooks will have Nuggets lines available.

3 Takeaways For Nuggets Betting

Hopefully, once the Denver Nuggets are done with their H-O-R-S-E and 2k20 games, the NBA season will resume normally. Anyone who wants to capitalize on the late Nuggets season should take these three things away:

  1. The Nuggets are trying to remain active until social distancing restrictions are lifted.
  2. The NBA has partnerships in place for sports betting.
  3. There are many options for betting on the Nuggets in person and online.

The Nuggets are a fantastic team to follow for anyone interested in picking a strong Western Conference winner for their office bracket. Hopefully the Nuggets will prove to be reliable teams to bet on as well.

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