Colorado Esports Betting

How Popular Are Esports And Video Gaming In Colorado?

Esports is a rising star in Colorado. It earned over $1 billion nationwide in 2019, and its Colorado popularity can be gauged by Fountain-Fort Carson’s pilot esports program. In 2019, the Colorado High School Activities Association (CHSAA) picked a few schools to try an esports program. After one year of piloting it, Fountain-Fort Carson High School’s esports team had to split into a varsity and JV team. Esports is on the rise, and bettors should expect to see more of it.

Can Bettors Wager On International Esports Events?

Yes. Many professional esports events are global affairs. It’s common to see European and North American esports leagues when browsing esports lines. All these events are available for Colorado bettors to wager on. If their sportsbook offers it, bettors can wager on it.

Do All Sportsbooks In Colorado Accept Esports Bets?

No. Many sportsbooks do, but rarely at the same time. Oddsmakers must know a sport intimately to set probabilities for wins, losses, and match spreads. Esports is too new for widespread expertise like oddsmakers have in football. It’s also why esports availability across Colorado sportsbooks. Not everyone has a League of Legends expert on staff to keep up with every team, league, and competition.

What Is The Best Site For Esports Betting In Colorado?

DraftKings. It’s been one of the most consistent esports sportsbooks in Colorado. DraftKings is also known for its wide variety of sports and betting lines. Most Colorado sportsbooks don’t include cricket or cycling lines when the NFL is back in season. Bettors who want to find some esports event to wager on should keep DraftKings on their shortlists.

How Old Do Bettors Need To Be To Bet On Esports In Colorado?

21. It’s the minimum sports betting age, which shouldn’t be confused with the minimum fantasy league age. Users can sign up for fantasy esports betting when they’re 18. They just won’t be able to place real sports bets until they can legally drink.

Do Online Sportsbooks In Colorado Offer Live In-Game Betting On Esports?

Yes. Esports events and tournaments happen live just like any other sport. Accordingly, sportsbooks that offer esports lines also offer live betting. Bettors may or may not be interested in a live Counter Strike game. But if they are, they can find the live game section of their sportsbook and see what comes up.

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