Betting on eNASCAR in Colorado

The coronavirus took sports away from many fans, but one league found an ingenious solution. NASCAR drivers couldn’t gather with their crews and sponsors at the track, so they raced online.

Thanks to a partnership with iRacing, NASCAR drivers were able to race virtually. Aside from Bubba Wallace’s Lap 11 ragequit, the races have gone smoothly. eNASCAR fans can now wager on these virtual races at Colorado’s newly legal sportsbooks. Here’s what interested bettors need to know.

Will Colorado Sportsbooks Offer Betting Lines On eNASCAR?

Yes. eNASCAR is among the esports that received approval by the Colorado Limited Gaming Control Commission to be eligible for sports betting. William Hill received approval in Nevada and New Jersey to offer eNASCAR betting lines, so there’s potential for Colorado to gain access to eNASCAR through them, too.

What Are Popular eNASCAR Bets?

eNASCAR has some unique twists on familiar bets. Bettors can wager on the winner, but choosing from 40 to 60 cars is a long shot. However, you can make head-to-head bets where you pick the winner between two drivers. You can also bet on a podium finish based on who you think will break the top three. Finally, there are bets on who will have the fastest lap time and futures where you bet on the championship winner.

No matter the kind of bettor you are, you’ll have bets compatible with your risk tolerance.

Does eNASCAR Have Any Partnerships With Colorado Sportsbooks?

eNASCAR secured a wave of deals during 2019’s surge in sports betting legalization.

Penn National Gaming secured a NASCAR deal at the beginning of 2020. It’s a massive gaming operator with locations in 19 states. As part of the deal, Penn National will promote NASCAR and its sports betting offerings. Penn National also has a sports betting app coming out sometime during 2020. There’s a lot to look forward to in that partnership.

eNASCAR also has an exclusive deal with Genius Sports. They actually extended their existing deal in 2019. This deal gave Genius Sports exclusive rights to distribute NASCAR data to sportsbooks for bookmaking. Since eNASCAR betting lines will be based on Genius Sports’ data, this is a great deal for both companies.  

How Popular Is eNASCAR In Colorado?

eNASCAR’s virtual race at Texas Motor Speedway drew a respectable showing. 1.3 million viewers isn’t bad for a sport whose viewership has declined through the 2010’s. The viewership crisis can be summed up by looking at the Daytona 500. It had about 10 million fewer viewers than its high point during the early 2000’s. That’s quite the drop.

NASCAR’s biggest fans and people desperate for a sports fixed tuned into eNASCAR’s first races. eNASCAR could build a massive following during the social distancing months. If eNASCAR becomes popular enough, sportsbooks will certainly capitalize on its popularity. It’ll be hard for eNASCAR to compete with Denver’s other professional teams, though. With Colorado’s sports betting market so new, we’ll have to wait and see how eNASCAR fares against the other mainstream sports.

Where Can Coloradans Bet On eNASCAR?

eNASCAR in Colorado will most likely be available through William Hill’s online sportsbook. It’s the provider for Nevada and New Jersey eNASCAR betting, and has been approved by Colorado gaming authorities. These state approvals indicate that William Hill is enthusiastic about opening eNASCAR betting lines and expanding them.

However, casinos could offer eNASCAR, too. The Brass Ass in Cripple Creek, among more than a dozen other Colorado casinos, received approval for a sports betting license in February 2020, well before the state’s legal sports betting market launched on May 1. Other operators approved for sports betting licenses in Colorado include:

3 Things To Know About eNASCAR Betting

If Colorado bettors are interested in eNASCAR, they need to know:

  1. eNASCAR is primarily for NASCAR to social distance without disappearing.
  2. If it becomes popular (and profitable) enough, eNASCAR could become a permanent fixture in the racing scene.
  3. Online sportsbooks will probably be the most reliable eNASCAR betting options.

The coronavirus outbreak could be the start of an era of online racing. eNASCAR’s developments will be worth watching as the pandemic progresses and ultimately ends.

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