Sports Betting on Buffs College Football in Colorado

While the Colorado Buffaloes are hoping to improve upon their 4-8 season in 2021, sportsbooks and oddsmakers aren’t betting on it. The Buffs 2022 win total currently sits at 3.5 as we’re inching closer to football season. If you’re a Buffs fan searching for something positive, the Buffaloes did have the fifth-ranked 2022 recruiting class amongst the Pac-12, per 247Sports.

Betting on college sports in Colorado will be popular once again, and this page will lay out everything you need to know about wagering on Buffs football – even if that means betting against them.

Can You Bet On The Buffaloes At Colorado’s Legal Sportsbooks?

Bettors can wager on the game’s outcome, but they cannot place proposition bets. Proposition bets – or prop bets – are bets on little actions within a game that aren’t necessarily tied to the outcome of a game. They’re bets on things like the number of yards a certain player will rush for or which field goals will be missed. Those types of bets cannot be placed on the Buffs (or any college team or sport) this fall.

This limitation comes from the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s (NCAA) opposition to sports betting. The NCAA’s resistance stems from point-shaving scandals, where individual players would ensure their team didn’t cover the point spread or lose the game altogether to win bets. For financially vulnerable athletes, this raises fears about corruption within college games. As a result, Colorado is one of several states that limits college bets to the outcome of games, not individual moments that can be fixed by players.

What Kind Of Bets Can Bettors Place On The Buffs?

If bettors believe that the Buffs will beat the Rams, then bettors can place a moneyline bet. Bettors can also place point spreads, over/unders, and futures. However, bettors are limited to bets on the outcome of games.

The NCAA prohibits student-athletes from placing any type of bet or sharing information about their teams. This protects college athletes from exposing themselves to potential bribes or fixing games to win bets that they have control over. As a result, Colorado’s sports betting law prohibits prop bets for college games.

Do The Buffs Have Any Partnerships With Colorado’s Legal Sportsbooks?

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has been among the most vocal critics of legalized sports betting. In fact, it was the defendant in the U.S. Supreme Court case that paved the way for sports betting legalization. However, CU Boulder has embraced sports betting as a key part of Colorado’s sporting landscape. It secured a partnership with PointsBet in September 2020. In return for an infusion of cash during the pandemic, CU Boulder has become one more outlet for PointsBet to market from. It was a surprising embrace of sports betting that shows how quickly it integrated itself into mainstream sports culture post-legalization.

How Popular Is Betting On The Buffs In Colorado?

The Colorado Buffaloes are among the most popular teams to bet on. The Broncos are the most popular since they’re Denver’s NFL team. (And since sportsbooks offer a large breadth of prop bets on them.) During the height of its season, it’s one of the top ten sports bet on by Coloradans.

However, college football is still wildly popular in Colorado. The Rocky Mountain Showdown, until its final game in 2019, was a 22-year-old tradition where CU Boulder faced off against Colorado State. It was a massive event for college football, and that same rivalry reminds a popular target for sports bettors. However, no college sport compares to NCAA basketball. With March Madness a well-engrained tradition, the money that flows through sportsbooks on the Buff’s basketball team rivals even professional football.

Do Colorado’s Legal Sportsbooks Offer Betting on the Buffs?

Yes, bettors can bet on the Buffs through the licensed casinos and their affiliated mobile apps. Bettors can place bets from their phones or the casinos. As other sportsbooks receive their operating licenses, the list of sports betting venues will likely expand.

Where Can You Place Bets On The Buffs?

Coloradan bettors are in a luckier position than many other states. Bettors can place bets both in person at casinos and online.

Some of bettors’ options include the Ameristar Casino in Black Hawk, which offers retail sports betting. For anyone who’s willing to drive into the mountains, the mountain views are spectacular and great places to hang out and bet. However, major sportsbook brands like DraftKings, FanDuel, and BetMGM have been available in Colorado since day one of legalized sports betting too. Colorado has many retail and online sportsbooks though. Bettors can find the full sprawling list of them here.

Reviewing Guidelines On Bets On The Buffs

While betting on professional sports has no strings attached, there are three major rules bettors should remember for college sports betting:

  1. Bettors can bet on Buffs’ games, but will not be able to place prop bets.
  2. Bets on the Buffs rival the popularity of bets on professional sports teams
  3. Bettors can place bets both in person at retail sportsbooks and online through licensed sportsbook apps and websites.

Bettors can decide how they think the Buffs will do during the 2021-22 football season and bet accordingly. Whether they’re for the Buffs or the Rams, college football is a major attraction for sports bettors across Colorado.

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