Denver Broncos Betting Odds at Colorado Sportsbooks

Whether the coronavirus outbreak delays the Broncos’ 2020 season or not, this will be the first NFL season Colorado sports bettors will be able legally wager on Broncos games in the state. Although games may be delayed–and Mile High Stadium empty–bettors need to know a few things about betting on the Broncos.

Colorado’s new legal sports betting market launched May 1, giving fans four months to watch the Broncos team come together before the 2020 season. Even better, there are no restrictions on the types of bets they can place on the Denver Broncos.

Denver Broncos Betting Odds to win Super Bowl LV (2/7/21)

 DraftKingsFanduelFox BetBetRiversBetMGMBetMonarch
Denver Broncos+5000+6000+5000+5000+5000N/A

Denver Broncos Betting Odds for NFL Week 1 & Week 2 in 2020

 DraftKingsFanduelFox BetBetRiversBetMGMBetMonarch
TEN Titans @ DEN Broncos (9/14)-1.5 (-107)-1.5 (-115)-1.5 (-110)-1.5 (-107)-2.5 (-106)n/a
DEN Broncos @ PIT Steelers (9/20+5.5 (-110)+5.5 (-110)n/an/an/an/a


What Kind Of Bets Will Broncos Nation Place On The Broncos?

Futures bets are bets on the outcome of the entire season. They’re long-term, high-risk bets that can be placed months in advance. Die-hard Broncos fans can bet on the Broncos winning Superbowl LV before the NFL season even starts. Less confident bettors can bet on the Broncos winning their conference or division. Finally, Broncos fans who really know the players can place futures bets on who will be the season’s MVP. Good luck to anyone who thinks they can pick the season’s MVP in May. 

Bettors can place other types of proposition bets as well. Proposition bets–or prop bets–are bets on individual events. For example, FanDuel offered bets on who the first draft pick will be. Bettors were able to get more specific by betting which player would be picked first in each position.

Finally, Bronco Nation can make the standard bets on point spreads, point totals, and the winners of NFL games (hopefully, the Broncos). 

The Prizes Bettors Can Win From DraftKings’ Broncos Partnership

At the height of DraftKings’ Fantasy Football Millionaire series, DraftKings secured partnerships with different NFL teams. After DraftKings secured a partnership with the Patriots, DraftKings got one with the Broncos. The deal included ad space in Mile High Stadium and exclusive ad space on the Broncos’ website. 

However, Broncos fans get something out of that deal too. That partnership allowed DraftKings to offer exclusive Broncos prizes. For example, this DraftKings contest from 2016 awarded $800 and four Broncos tickets to the winner. Anyone who’s especially confident in their fantasy football team should keep DraftKings’ contests in mind. 

How Popular Is Betting On The Broncos?

The Broncos enjoy one of the most rabid fan bases in the country. Even after their rough 2019 season, betting on the Broncos is sure to be popular. With the wide range of prop bets available – a sharp difference from college football – the Broncos will likely dominate Colorado’s budding legal sports betting scene. They’ll easily be more popular than college teams and all of Denver’s other professional sports teams. (Sorry, Rapids.)

Do Colorado’s Legal Sportsbooks Offer Betting On The Broncos? 

All the casinos and online sportsbooks that have secured their sports betting licenses offer betting on the Broncos. DraftKings remains the king of fantasy sports, but FanDuel has a lively sports betting service. If games are being played, bettors will be hard-pressed to find a sportsbook that doesn’t offer bets on the Broncos this summer. 

Where Can You Bet On The Broncos?

Between the casinos in the mountains and the flexible online options, bettors in the Rocky Mountain State have no shortage of sportsbooks to choose from. 

Black Hawk is still one of the main centers of gambling in Colorado. In fact, Twin River Worldwide Holdings (TRWH) recently acquired three casinos in Black Hawk

  1. Golden Gates
  2. Golden Gulch
  3. Mardi Gras

TRWH has also secured three sports betting licenses for these casinos, which has attracted a prominent online partner: FanDuel. 

FanDuel’s app and online sportsbook won’t just be promoted at TRWH’s casinos. It became available statewide on May 1, 2020. First-time bettors will have an easy time signing up for FanDuel. New bettors will also be able to read up on sports betting rules on FanDuel, too. FanDuel is well-prepared for its new sports bettors.

Reviewing The Basics Of Broncos Betting 

Bronco fans have strong opinions about their team, and those opinions will show in the sportsbook turnouts. The three biggest takeaways for the new wave of Broncos bettors are: 

  1. All types of bets will be available to place on the Broncos.
  2. Broncos fans can win tickets from DraftKings’ fantasy sports contests. 
  3. The Broncos will probably be the most popular Colorado team to bet on. 

Coloradans will just miss their chance to bet on the NFL draft, but they’ll have the rest of the season. As long as the Broncos can put their 2019 season behind them, bettors in the Mile High City will have great odds to bet on in 2020.

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