How To Bet On The BIG3 League In Colorado

For those of you who don’t know, Ice Cube co-founded a basketball league in 2017. It’s a basketball tournament with three-on-three matches played during the NBA’s off-season. It has also been the tentative subject of a Big Brother-type reality show.

What a time to be alive.

However, in an environment of delayed sports seasons, the BIG3 creates new betting opportunities for sportsbooks and bettors. Coloradans interested in betting on BIG3 games should brush up on a few basics.

Can You Bet On BIG3 Games In Colorado?

Legal sports betting in Colorado kicked off on May 1, 2020, and sportsbooks will offer betting lines on BIG3 games. Since it’s a professional league, there are no restrictions on betting. That gives basketball bettors a betting outlet outside of the NBA season for bettors needing a fast and furious basketball fix.

What Are Popular BIG3 Bets?

Since the BIG3 is a basketball game, the betting lines resemble the NBA’s. Bets on the game’s winner are common–like every sport. But betting on point totals could be more interesting than betting on the winner. Point total bets wager on the total number of points scored by both teams during a game. Both teams have to pull their weight for you to win. It’s a great wager for bettors who don’t feel strongly about either team playing that day.

Parlay bets are available, too. If you can guess which team will win or lose over a set number of games, you can win massive payouts. They’re common in sports like basketball and hockey where there are multiple games in a short period of time. Not that the time frame particularly matters. It’s just nice to know whether you’ve won or lost in a matter of days instead of a matter of weeks.

Does The BIG3 Have Any Partnerships With Colorado Sportsbooks?

The BIG3 does not have any sportsbook partnerships yet. The league is only three years old, and likely needs to prove itself before DraftKings or FanDuel commit to a commercial partnership. However, the BIG3 has recently secured a broadcasting deal to have its third season of games on CBS. It’s a promising sign for the young league that could be a taste of lucrative deals to come.

How Popular Is Betting On BIG3 Games?

The BIG3 won’t be as popular as the old professional leagues in Colorado. However, its season occurs during the NBA’s off-season, so it doesn’t directly compete with an established league. The BIG3’s popularity could also spike by being one of the only American sports leagues holding games in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak. Alternatively, the BIG3 could struggle to earn viewers if it’s forced to compete with the professional leagues whose games have been delayed for months.

The BIG3’s popularity growth will be one of the most interesting patterns to watch unfold in 2020.

Do All Of Colorado’s Sportsbooks Offer Betting Lines On BIG3?

Colorado sportsbooks will offer bets on BIG3 games. The BIG3 may also one of the few leagues playing at all by the time Colorado casinos reopen. That narrows down sportsbooks’ options for generating betting revenue. Since the games are in June, Coloradans will be able to legally bet on BIG3 games, so bettors can expect to find BIG3 betting lines in several sportsbooks.

Where Can Bettors Wager On The BIG3?

Colorado bettors can register accounts on online sportsbooks. FanDuel offers betting on BIG3 games, so they’ll be a natural choice for Coloradans. But once the casinos open again, Coloradans can head to Lady Luck Casino in Black Hawk for a mountain getaway. A public place to enjoy sports and wager will be a welcome treat after months of quarantine.

3 Takeaways For Betting On The BIG3

Anyone interested in betting on Ice Cube’s basketball league should keep a few things in mind:

  1. There are no restrictions on BIG3 wagers.
  2. BIG3 games will be broadcast on CBS.
  3. By the time BIG3 games begin, Coloradans will be able bet on online sportsbooks.

The NBA’s season may have been postponed, but there’s still a chance for basketball fans to get their basketball fix. Ice Cube couldn’t have started a basketball league at a better time.

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