Sports Betting During The Coronavirus Outbreak

The global sports world has been mostly put on hold due to the spread of COVID-19. Major sports leagues in the U.S. including the NBA, NHL, and MLB have all suspended their seasons and other leagues around the world have done the same.

This comes just a month before Colorado is set to open its first legal sportsbooks after winning approval at the ballot box last November. Depending how the next few weeks unfold, May 1 is still set to be the first day sports bettors can start placing wagers online and in-person.

As a result of the outbreak, both brick-and-mortar and online sportsbooks have lost business. However, a handful of international sports leagues are still operating. That means there are still are sports to bet on during coronavirus, but options are limited.

Sports Leagues To Bet On During Coronavirus

Belarusian Premier League Soccer

Belarus is an Eastern European nation between Poland and Russia, and the Premier League is the top soccer league in the country. The league consists of 16 teams and there is typically a slate of games every five to eight days. Sportsbooks are offering bettors the ability to wager on the total goals scored (over / under), the moneyline, and the spread. 

Liga Primera de Nicaragua

The Central American nation of Nicaragua still has soccer during the coronavirus pandemic. The country’s top league, Liga Primera de Nicaragua, has soccer games to bet on about every three to five days. You can bet on the spread, the moneyline, and over / under for total goals.


Since esports are played digitally their leagues are still able to operate during the ongoing virus pandemic. As such, sportsbooks are still offering the ability to bet on esports. Games you can bet on include League of Legends, Counter Strike, Overwatch, Dota 2, and Rainbow Six.

Within each game are leagues and tournaments with sportsbooks mainly offering lines on European and North American leagues. Typically, there are eSports games to bet one just about every other day. With eSports betting, it’s par for the course to only be able to wager on the moneyline. 

Future & Prop Bets

Despite major sports leagues being shut down, some sportsbooks are still allowing you to place future and prop bets. For example, you may be able to find a prop bet for when the NBA season may resume or a future bet on who will win the Rookie of the Year.

Final Thoughts

It’s a positive that sportsbooks are doing what they can to offer a form of entertainment and action to their customers. But the lack of mainstream sports leagues such as the NBA has resulted in fewer customers and losses for books.

Sportsbooks and online sportsbooks have adapted by offering lines on more obscure sports leagues and esports to help keep them afloat. In addition, you can still place wagers on current events and politics, and books in Vegas are even starting to offer bettors the option to bet on the weather.

If you are looking for sports to bet on during the coronavirus pandemic you’re in luck, because there are indeed options, however, you may lack the necessary knowledge as the leagues available are small compared to major ones such as the NBA or MLS.

It may go without saying, but we recommend doing your research on the soccer leagues still operating as well as esports prior to betting. Hopefully, major sports will resume soon and sports betting will continue to thrive. 

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