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Like all of Colorado’s sportsbooks so far, BetRivers is designed with the casual bettor in mind. It doesn’t require large bets, although they will welcome them with open arms. BetRivers also has an extensive reward system that offers basic rewards for beginning bettors and mysterious luxury rewards at the top. It’s got an okay bonus, but excellent banking options.

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BetRivers Colorado Sportsbook Promo Code 2020

BetRivers Sportsbook offers one of the best sign-up bonuses when you use a BetRivers Sportsbook promo code in Colorado! New players will receive a deposit bonus matched 100% up to $250. Terms and conditions apply.

BetRivers Colorado Promo Code
250MATCH or Use our exclusive link to unlock bonus
Deposit Bonus
100% match up to $250
BetRivers Sportsbook States
Last Verified
October 2020


At first glance, it appears the BetRivers bonus has a lot to be desired. When looking at the terms and conditions, though, it is clear that its welcome bonus is pretty competitive. It’s one of the best sportsbook bonuses in Colorado because it is easy to meet its terms. Here’s what everyone else offers as welcome bonuses:

  • FOX Bet’s $500 risk-free bet and $500 deposit bonus ($1 for every $2 deposited, up to $500)
  • DraftKings’ $500 deposit bonus ($1 for every $5 deposited up to $500), and a $500 free bet
  • BetRivers’ $250 match with its welcome code, 250MATCH
  • FanDuel’s single risk-free bet of up to $500
  • BetMGM’s single risk-free bet of up to $500
  • BetMonarch has no welcome bonus (as of this writing)

The BetRivers total welcome bonus is half of every other sportsbook’s welcome bonus. However, its value is better than FanDuel’s and BetMGM’s. The single risk-free bets are only good for the one bet. That means if a bettor’s first bet is only $50, they’re only getting $50 back if they lose. That would leave $450 of value on the table.

In contrast, BetRivers’ deposit match allows bettors to wager at their own pace and earn site credits. They can get the full bonus value over time instead of leaving money on the table on one squeamish bet. Of course, DraftKings and Fox Bet have higher deposit bonuses. But BetRivers bonus beats out the other three sportsbooks.



BetRiver’s odds follow two distinct patterns. The first is that BetRivers tends to have better odds on the favorite to win than the underdog. There are some exceptions to this trend–that’s why it’s a trend, not a rule–but it’s consistent.

The second pattern is that BetRivers often has the same odds as DraftKings. That pattern holds consistently across the betting lines that I compared to write this review. However, BetRivers’ NFL lines buck its usual trend. It still has the same odds as Draftkings, but it has better odds on the underdogs than the favorites:

 TexansChiefs TitansBroncos
Fox Bet+350-450+105-125
Sky Ute Sportsbook+365-475+100-110
Bet Wildwood+305-500-105-135

Whatever causes the strikingly similar odds, bettors who habitually put money on the favorite should consider wagering at BetRivers. Again, it has the best odds on the favorite to win, and it has the exact same odds as DraftKings. It’s possible that BetRivers and DraftKings chose to balance their sportsbook risk similarly. That could lead to similar odds, but it’s weird to find sportsbooks that match point for point on every part of the line across multiple lines.



Colorado’s sportsbooks offer the same core sports, like tennis, soccer, and baseball. There are a couple, like BetMonarch, that offer tennis, but not table tennis. However, few offer all the core sports, their variants, and other sports like snooker. BetRivers offers all of those and more.

BetRivers has many different types of bets, too. Bettors will find moneyline bets, point spreads, and unique parlay bets. If you’re feeling outrageously lucky, you can try BetRivers’ jackpot parlay bet. Bettors can choose between three and eight random outcomes. If all the bets occur the way the bettor predicted, then they win the jackpot.

However, the odds on random lines coming together in a row is highly unlikely. A $1 bet on eight random lines would return $101,419.06 if the bets came together. They’re tantalizing bets, but BetRivers wouldn’t offer a jackpot like that if they thought anyone would win. However, it’s a unique bet type that sets BetRivers apart from the pack.



BetRivers Colorado makes it easy for bettors to fund their accounts. In fact, the deposit screen includes the welcome bonus code filled into the bonus code box. That’s a bonus that makes me feel welcome. Here are all the ways that bettors can fund their accounts:

  • Online Banking
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • BetRivers Play+ (Prepaid card)
  • PayPal
  • Cash Deposit at:
    • 7-Eleven
    • CVS
    • Family Dollar Store

Plenty of withdrawal options are available too. Here are the three that BetRivers offers:

  • Online Banking
  • BetRivers Play+
  • PayPal

Everyone knows what online banking and PayPal are. However, the BetRivers Play+ is a little different. After bettors create an account online, they can request withdrawals through their BetRivers Play+ account at participating ATMs. Or wherever Discover cards are accepted,  apparently.

There isn’t much else to say about these options, and that’s a good thing. BetRivers, like the all of Colorado’s licensed sportsbooks, are exceptional at giving and receiving money. No one would bet at a sportsbook that was bad with money. Not on purpose, anyway.



There’s one standout issue with the BetRivers Colorado app. It’s only on Android. The iOS version is listed on the Apple store, but it’s not complete. BetRivers takes bettors to their mobile website instead of offering a complete app. The update button is just a link to the mobile site, so Apple users will have to continue waiting for a real BetRivers sportsbook app.

Although Android is the leading operating system for US phones, Apple iOS is right behind it. That means BetRivers is missing almost half the mobile market by not getting its sportsbook app on the app store.

However, accessing the website from a mobile device isn’t too bad. The menus are easy to navigate because all the main sections are available at the bottom of the screen. There’s a search option in the upper left corner for bettors who don’t want to manually scroll through the sports at the top of the screen. Best of all, there’s no lag between menus like there is with some other sportsbook apps.

When bettors choose a line to bet on, it gets added to their bet slip in the bottom right corner. Bettors then have to go into their bet slip and choose how much to wager on each line before any bet is officially placed. It’s great for bettors who want to shop around but irritating for bettors who want to wager as they go.

Overall, the mobile website isn’t bad. However, a mobile app for iPhones would be a vast improvement and a great convenience for bettors.



BetRivers is a solid sports betting option. It has a competitive welcome bonus, competitive odds, and a competitive selection of sports and betting lines. However, it’s iPhone app is just a link to its mobile website. This is a poor user experience for a sportsbook app. BetRivers Colorado is only available on Android devices. The mobile website is an okay surrogate for a mobile app, but a dedicated app would be much better.

With its unique rewards and bets, BetRivers’ offerings make it a powerhouse among the Colorado sportsbooks, it just needs some updating first.

Is BetRivers’ Colorado Sportsbook Legit?

For so long, offshore sportsbooks and illegal bookies dominated the sports betting industry. But now that sports betting is being legalized–and regulated–sports betting is gaining respectable industry players. Here are five reasons bettors can trust BetRivers as a business.

BetRivers Must Tell Colorado Who The Money Goes To

Per Rule Six of the Division of Gaming’s sports betting regulations, sports betting operators must report who gets sportsbook profits. Every year, Colorado authorities learn who specifically is profiting off sportsbooks. That way, they know that only legitimate business people are making money off the sportsbook.

BetRivers Must Respond To Complaints Within Ten Business Days

Licensed Colorado sportsbooks are required to accept patron complaints, and respond to them in a timely manner. Colorado won’t let sportsbooks leave their customers hanging. It wants its sportsbooks to operate as legitimate businesses with superior customer care.

BetRivers Must Limit Itself To Approved Betting Areas–And Times

To maintain control of online sports betting, Colorado limits where sports betting can take place. It’s primarily within state boundaries, but Colorado also specifies time limits. Per Rule Six sports betting is allowed 365 days per year, and 366 days during leap years. (Yes, the official government document really says that.)

BetRivers Cannot Offer Lines On High School Games

There are limits on what BetRivers can offer betting lines on. They cannot offer lines on high school sports events, because it could have adverse effects on high schoolers. (Would your parents putting money on your little league game have improved your childhood?) These restrictions keep high schoolers from adjusting their play to win money on a point spread. Bettors cannot place prop bets on college games for the same reason.

BetRivers Can Only Offer Lines On Approved Sports

Wouldn’t it be awful if a sportsbook created a sport with rules that gave bettors no chance to win? The Colorado Division of Gaming thinks so. That’s why they have a master list of legal sports and bets. The list ensures that sports with betting lines have rules that make wagers fair for bettors.

Why Would Bettors Choose BetRivers Over Some Illegal Site?

There are plenty of reasons not to bet at an illegal sportsbook. However, one of the biggest reasons is the sports betting patron’s wellbeing. Licensed Colorado sportsbooks are required to link to problem gambling resources to keep bettors from blowing their life savings on Broncos bets.

The most identifiable step sportsbooks take to help their problem patrons is displaying the responsible gaming logo on their website. It links to the problem gambling hotline and to the self-exclusion list.

The self-exclusion list is particularly effective. Bettors who feel like they’ve been sinking too much money into BetRivers can submit their information to the self-exclusion list. Once their name is on that list, no sportsbook can accept money from them. Sportsbooks are also forbidden from sending self-excluded bettors any marketing materials. Bettors can completely cut themselves off from sports betting if they need to.

Illegal sportsbooks, on the other hand, don’t care whether bettors bet the mortgage on long odds. They’ll let bettors sink every dollar into their sportsbook without giving them the resources to stop.

Although sportsbooks cannot force problem gamblers to take advantage of the available resources, they can provide them easily. Licensed sportsbooks can also honor the self-exclusion list. Bettors who choose to take control of their gambling habits can count on licensed sportsbooks to turn them away. They cannot count on illegal sportsbooks to turn business away when problem gamblers move to take control of their gambling.

How BetRivers Keeps Their Patrons’ Money Safe

BetRivers keeps its customers safe, but how do they keep their customers’ money safe? Nothing is unhackable, and bettors may feel skittish about a new app or website asking for their credit card numbers.

The backbone of BetRivers–and all secure websites–is SSL. It’s a fancy name for a type of web security that does two things:

  • Proves the website is who they say they are.
  • Encrypts user data from end to end–no one can read your data except you and the website receiving your data.

SSL prevents hackers from sneaking into a website and viewing the data users send to the website. All the hackers would find in an SSL certified website is some code, instead of the plain text that websites without SSL certificates send back and forth. The website with the SSL encryption has the only key to decrypt the data.

BetRivers offers additional security measures, but SSL is what keeps hackers from shopping with bettors’ debit cards. The rest of the account security largely comes from actions that bettors take for themselves, like adding security questions or keeping their login credentials private.

BetRivers Quick Fact Sheet

Age to Bet21
Legal StatesColorado, Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania
BetRivers' Colorado PartnerJ.P. McGill's Hotel and Casino


Can Bettors Sign Up For BetRivers Sportsbook From Anywhere In-State?

Yes. They can sign up from anywhere in the world if they want to. However, they can only place a bet in Colorado. BetRivers tracks your location while you’re using it to make sure you’re a legal Colorado bettor. Good luck sneaking around that.

Is BetRivers’ Website Legal?

Yes. Online sports betting is legal in Colorado with licensed sportsbooks. However, online casinos remain illegal in Colorado.

How Old Do Bettors Have To Be To Bet At BetRivers?

21. Some bettors confuse the sportsbook age with the fantasy sports age. Now that DraftKings and FanDuel have sportsbooks in Colorado, it’s an easy mistake to make. However, fantasy sports players only need to be 18. Sportsbook bettors must be 21.

Can Bettors Wager On Esports At BetRivers?

Yes. It’s one of the sports tabs on top the screen. The NBA 2K League is going on at the time of this writing, and BetRivers has plenty of betting lines on it. BetRivers has moneyline bets, point spreads, point totals, and specials available. There are also half-time bets for bettors who’ll only catch part of the live stream.

Is BetRivers’ Sportsbook Licensed In Colorado?

Yes. Colorado’s Division of Gaming has a section on their website that lists the licensed sportsbooks in Colorado. Right now, there are only 10. That number will increase to at least 19 by the time all the licenses are awarded.

Does BetRivers Offer In-Play Betting?

Yes. Live betting is its own tab on BetRivers’ website. US pro tennis has some live lines while I’m writing this review. Besides the standard moneyline, point spread, and point total bets, there are plenty of bets on the score at the end of different sets. It’s an engaging way to play if you’re into watching your sports while you bet on them.

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