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Bet365 is one of the world’s largest online gaming brands with over 45 million customers globally. Based in the UK, its gambling business offers several sports betting and casino-type games for users of its incredibly popular platform. Bet365 Group, the team behind Bet365, has seen immense success in UK-adjacent markets and has finally brought its operations to Colorado.

New Bet365 Colorado users can claim $200 in free bet credits by using our exclusive promo link and simply placing a $1 wager. 

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Bet365 Colorado Sportsbook Promo Code 2023

Bet365 is offering new Colorado users $200 in free bet credits.

Colorado Bet365 Promo CodeClick to Claim
Bonus AmountBet $1 Win $200 in Bet Credits
Which States Allow Bet365?CO, NJ, OH & VA
Bet365 Colorado Casino PartnerCentury Casinos
Promo Code Verified ForFebruary 2023

Although bonuses aren’t the most important part of a sportsbook, a strong welcome bonus can attract new bettors. Most welcome bonuses in Colorado usually award between $500-$1,000 depending on the type of bonus. A $200 offer isn’t competitive in Colorado. Bet365 will have to edge the competition out in some other way if it wants to attract bettors’ attention. 

Working in Bet365’s favor is the fact its bonus is simple to obtain. After using our promo link, all you have to do is deposit at least $10 and make a $1 wager. You’ll then receive $200 in free bet credits. It’s as simple as that.


Bet365 has a beautiful app and many strong qualities. However, Bet365’s odds are only average. There are plenty of sportsbooks that its odds beat out, but compared to some of the top sportsbooks Bet365 tends to fall a bit short. Here’s an example from World Series futures: 

 Bet365BetMonarchSBKCirca SportsBetfred Sports
LA Dodgers+450+450+540+480+400
NY Yankees+550+700+660+600+600
SD Padres+800+700+950+480+600
CHI White Sox+900+900+1,100+750+1,200
ATL Braves+1,100+1,050+1,250+775+1,000
NY Mets+1,200+1,000+1,399+1,075+2,000
TB Rays+1,300+2,000+1,500+3,000+1,000

Bet365 is in the middle of the market again, but its long-shot futures are low compared to the best odds on the market. Bettors may not get much out of Bet365’s odds compared to Colorado’s other sportsbooks. 


Bet365 has a strong selection of sports to choose from. Bettors can begin by looking through Bet365’s popular sports. Professional sports, like football, baseball, basketball, and hockey (and I guess soccer) are available with almost a dozen types of game lines. The prop bets are even more numerous. For example, available basketball props include: 

  • Team props
  • Main props 
  • Player props 
  • Quarter props 
  • Half props 
  • Game props

Each of these categories is further filled with anywhere from six to 30 types of wagers to choose from.

More obscure sports (at least to Americans) have this same breadth of betting options, too. Snooker, which is pool with more balls and different rules, also has many betting lines to choose from. Besides basic game lines, bettors can find at least 36 types of lines to wager on. 

From mainstream sports to niche favorites, Bet365 delivers for its bettors. It has more sports than most sportsbooks, but DraftKings still leads in the number of sports offered. But within each category, Bet365 comes into its own. Colorado bettors who download the Bet365 app will have easy access to wagers they may not have thought about before. It’s an excellent opportunity for bettors to expand their sports betting strategies and find new sports to wager on.


Although sportsbooks usually have many deposit options, Bet365 has a particularly long list of deposit options available. Bettors can deposit funds into their sportsbook accounts with: 

  • Debit/Credit Cards
  • Bank Transfer
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Bet365 Mastercard
  • PayNearMe
  • PaySafe Card 
  • Cash Deposit

Bet365’s deposit options include everything from cards and banks to online wallets specializing in foreign currencies. Each deposit option is processed instantly, which is common among deposit options. Every deposit option also has a $10 minimum deposit, although their maximum deposits vary dramatically. 

But Bet365 earns its 5/5 rating with its withdrawal methods. Most sportsbooks have two to three withdrawal methods, because awarding money is more difficult than receiving it. Here’s every way bettors can withdraw from Bet365:

  • Debit/Credit Card
  • Bank Transfer
  • Bet365 Mastercard
  • PayPal 
  • Skrill 
  • Cash 

That’s a generous selection of withdrawal methods. The list dwarfs many of Colorado’s other sportsbooks. However, only cash and Bet365 Mastercard withdrawals are processed instantly. PayPal and Skrill process within 24 hours. But cards and bank transfers take one to five banking days to process. 


Bet365’s mobile app showcases its diversity of betting lines. The app opens to the list of upcoming games with point spread lines front and center. Scroll down, and bettors can find Bet365’s live games, for those who want to dive straight into the action. Bettors often wager on what’s available rather than what they know about the game and the sport. (Presumably, it’s why sportsbooks are so profitable.) Regardless of the chosen category, betting lines dominate the screen. Bet365 doesn’t waste space. It’s all dedicated to the lines that bettors are there to see. 

Navigating the app is easy, too. Bettors can either slide through the sport categories at the top of the screen or select the A-Z list in the upper-left corner of the screen. Anyone who wants to jump to live bets or perform their own search can select those options from the bottom of the screen, too. 

But the most unique app feature is live stream. For some sports, bettors can select a game line and watch the game play out on the screen. Select a professional basketball line, and bettors can watch the game play out on a simulated court sitting above the betting lines. Player names and the type of shot attempted update along with the game’s score. Its app will be a strong contender in Colorado. 


Bet365 has a lot going for it. It has a great app, many deposit and withdrawal options, and a vast selection of sports, leagues, and wagers. But its odds and bonus are weak points in a market as competitive as Colorado. Colorado sportsbooks pushed hard to buy market share through competitive bonuses. 

Especially before the NFL season. 

Bet365 will enter Colorado’s market toward the middle or end of the sports betting industry’s rapid growth stage. It’ll be playing catchup with big brands and homegrown sportsbooks alike. Its functional components are top-of-the-line. But the basics need some work. 

Is Bet365 A Legit Sportsbook Brand? 

Yes. There are several factors that set Bet365 apart from its illicit counterparts. Here are only five of them. 

Bet365 Has An Age Restriction

No one under 21 can wager on Bet365. Illegal sportsbooks don’t need to care about their bettors’ ages. They certainly don’t need any restrictions. It’s a low bar to clear, but Bet365 clears it. It’s one of the first things that bettors looking for a legitimate sportsbook company would want to see. 

Bet365 Offers Responsible Gaming Resources

Colorado sportsbooks are required to offer bettors responsible gaming resources. Bet365 can’t force every problem gambler to gamble responsibly. But they do have to keep the resources front and center. Although, when U.K. bettors suddenly wager more than usual, some sportsbooks will require bettors to prove they can afford those wagers. Keeping those resources is a show of good faith on the sportsbook’s part. 

Bet365’s State And Local Partners

Bet365 isn’t sneaking into new states. It’s going through the proper procedures. Those procedures aren’t easy, either. There’s a mountain of paperwork, three years of financial records, and background checks on the people running the sportsbook. That’s a strong signal that Bet365 is a legitimate company behaving well in the marketplace. 

Bet365 Is An Award-Winning Sportsbook

In 2016, Bet365 won the award for bookmaker of the year. It beat companies like Unibet, Sky Bet, Pinnacle, and 10bet. It’s another signal of quality for Bet365. Illegal sportsbooks don’t get awards. They operate in the shadows and don’t worry about their standings compared to legitimate brands. 

Bet365 Has Rules For Bets And Sports

Bet365 tells bettors exactly what the rules are for their bets and when certain rules apply. For example, it has a clear policy on when bets will result in pushes. Bet365’s transparency stands in stark contrast to illegal sportsbooks. Illegal sportsbooks don’t mind ambiguous rules about special circumstances. Ambiguity is a great way to swipe bettors’ money. Bet365’s clear terms should reassure anyone thinking about creating an account. 

Why Bet365 Is A Better Choice Than Illegal Sportsbooks

If a licensed sportsbook gets enough consumer complaints or is shown to have behaved badly in the industry, the state can take action. In Colorado, there’s a commission under the Division of Gaming in charge of doling out consequences. Consequences include fines, license suspensions, and even license revocations. But the Colorado Division of Gaming can only do that because its state’s sportsbooks, including Bet365, agreed to the Division’s industry rules. But illegal sportsbooks aren’t subject to those consequences. Often, because regulators can’t shut down a whole illegal betting operation. 

Illegal sportsbooks can avoid being shut down completely by putting different parts of the business in different countries. So, they could put a sportsbook server in Hong Kong, host the website in Singapore, and keep staff in the Philippines. If one part of the operation goes down, illegal sportsbooks are limber enough to put themselves back together if needed. They can also avoid the jurisdiction of any one country, further complicated prosecution. 

That means illegal sportsbooks can avoid being held accountable for bad marketplace behavior. That means if a bettor can’t collect their winnings or have their social security number hacked at an illegal sportsbook, that bettor has no legal recourse. There’s nothing a bettor can do besides admit that they were betting at an illegal sportsbook. 

Similar dangers surround bookies. They used to be the only way to place sports bets. But now that there’s a legal sports betting industry, they’re obsolete at best. At worst, they could be: 

  • Working for a criminal outlet. 
  • Mismanaging their money so winners can’t get paid. 
  • Getting ready to be arrested, leaving bettors’ money in limbo.


Bet365 carries none of these dangers, making it an infinitely better choice for bettors than any illegal sportsbook or bookie. 

Why Bet365 Can Be Trusted With Bettors’ Money

Every sportsbook has tight security measures that keep bettor money and personal information safe. But Bet365 has its own security feature that further protects bettor accounts. 

Upon registration, Bet365 requires bettors to create a four-digit security code. It can be any four numbers chosen by the bettor. (Please don’t pick 1234 or the same number four times.) But significant account changes require that four-digit security code. That means bettors’ bank accounts, social security numbers, and winnings are kept under even tighter restrictions than other sportsbooks. It can be reset if bettors have many details ready, including their most recent deposits and withdrawal data. 

Aside from that, Bet365’s security measures have been tested prior to launching in Colorado. Independent auditors test sportsbook security three months before the sportsbook goes live. The Colorado Division of Gaming and the sportsbook get the findings and recommendations. By agreeing to those terms, Bet365 is committing to robust security measures. 

Bet365 Sportsbook FAQ

Can I Access My Bet365 Anywhere In Colorado?

Yes. Bettors can access their Bet365 accounts from anywhere in the state. They can access the account outside of Colorado, too. But bettors will only be able to view the sportsbook and manage their accounts. They won’t be able to place wagers unless they are inside Colorado’s borders. The geofence around Colorado is impenetrable. 

What Games Can Bettors Wager On At Bet365?

Being an international brand, Bet365 offers a comprehensive set of global sports. The following sports are a few options available for wagering on Bet365’s mobile betting app:

  • Baseball 
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • Mixed Martial Arts
  • Rugby
  • Motorsports
  • eSports
  • Soccer
  • Tennis

Live streaming is also available for select events, making betting on the platform particularly immersive.

Is Live In-Play Betting Available On Bet365?

Yes, live betting is made available on the Bet365 platform. It works in conjunction with Bet365’s live streaming. Bettors can place live bets while a simulated field or court shows bettors what’s happening during the game. It’s a great way for bettors to place informed live wagers even if they can’t watch the live game itself. It could be the feature that helps Bet365 cut through Colorado’s sportsbook market, too. 

What is the Bet365 Colorado bonus?

Bet365 offers new users $200 in free bets when bettors place a $1 wager. Use our link to claim the Bet365 offer – bet $1, get $200

Who Is Bet365’s Colorado Partner?

Bet365 announced a partnership with Century Casinos, owners of Century Casino & Hotel in Central City and Cripple Creek. Every licensed Colorado sportsbook has a casino partnership that gives it market access. It’s one of the ways the Colorado Division of Gaming regulates the sports betting industry. It makes it harder for illegitimate sportsbooks to secure footholds in Colorado. 

How Do I Get Paid Winnings From Bet365?

Go to the account section, then the withdraw section. Bettors can follow the prompts to process withdrawals from there. Bet365 is one of the only sportsbooks that comes close to offering the same withdrawal options as deposit options. It’s a convenience absent from most Colorado sportsbooks. It could be another feature Bet365 talks up to try to reach increasingly seasoned Colorado bettors. 

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