Best Denver Nuggets Bets For The Rest Of The Season

Sports bettors in Colorado will be glad to see the Denver Nuggets get back to work following the All-Star break.

The Nuggets (33-25 SU, 27-31 ATS) will be among the first NBA teams to resume playing when they visit the Sacramento Kings (22-38 SU, 27-33 ATS) on Thursday night. Denver is listed as a 4.5-point favorite at most Colorado sportsbooks.

Luckily, however, there are more options for betting on the Nuggets than point spreads and moneylines. Here is a look at some of the futures odds available in case you want to place wagers on how Denver will do over the remainder of the regular season and in the playoffs.

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Denver Nuggets Betting Odds

Denver Nuggets Betting OddsDraftKingsBetMGMCaesarsBetRivers  
To Win NBA Finals+3500+3000+3000+3500
To Win Western Conference+1500+1600+1400+1400
To Win Northwestern Division+700+550+650+600
To Make The Playoffs Yes (-5000)
No (+1600)
Season win totalOver 47.5 (-135)
Under 47.5 (+105)
Over 47.5 (-115)
Under 47.5 (-105)
Nikola Jokic to win MVP+290+275+300+300

NBA Finals And Western Conference

The Nuggets are one of the better teams in the West this season, but the best? Eh, probably not. Denver has struggled against teams above .500 (11-18) but has feasted against teams below .500 (22-7).

If the pattern holds, the Nuggets will not make it past the first round. If they do, they are unlikely they make it past the conference semis.

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Northwestern Division

The Nuggets are three games back of the Utah Jazz in the Northwest division. It is not an insurmountable advantage, but can Denver overcome it? Well, the Nuggets are not scoring at the same rate the Jazz are, nor are they defending as well. However, the differences are minimal.

If a few shots go Denver’s way while a few more do not go Utah’s way, it is not hard to see the Nuggets winning the division.

Will The Denver Nuggets Make The Playoffs?

There is a good reason why only one of the four sportsbooks has odds on this market. Although it is mathematically possible for the Nuggets to miss the playoffs, it would require an epic meltdown the rest of the way for Denver not to make the postseason.

Possible? Of course. Probable? Umm, no.

Season win total

The last time the NBA played 82 games during the 2018-19 season, the Nuggets won 54 games. Last season, with the schedule paired down to 72 games, Denver won 47. With 24 games remaining and a record of 33-25, the Nuggets will have to win at least 15 games, so they will have to win at a slightly higher pace the rest of the way (.625 compared to .569 pre-All-Star break).

That could be asking a lot, especially if someone gets hurt, but they turned it up down the stretch last season. Why not this season?

Nikola Jokic MVP

It is not unusual for reigning MVPs to repeat in the NBA, and Jokic is having another excellent season. Denver’s big man averages 26 points a night, along with 13.8 rebounds and 7.8 assists. He leads the league with 46 double-doubles and 15 triple-doubles. Being on a lower-seeded team hurts his chances.

Voters tend to gravitate towards the best player from one of the higher-seeded teams, like Philadelphia’s Joel Embiid (+130 at DraftKings). The 76ers star is leading the league in scoring (29.0 points/game) something MVP voters love. However, he is not the rebounder Jokic is, and his assists numbers are unimpressive. Jokic also has him beat when it comes to double-doubles and triple-doubles (Embiid has 28 and two).

It would also be foolish to overlook Giannis Antetokounmpo (+400) or Stephen Curry (+850).

Denver Nuggets Playoff Seeding

If the playoffs were to start tomorrow, the Nuggets would be the No. 6 team in the West. So, the question is whether they will remain at the No. 6 seed or move up. Technically, they can still be the No.1 seed, but they are 15 games back of the Phoenix Suns. It’s possible, but it will more than likely not happen.

Here are the Nuggets’ odds to land at each specific spot in the seeding chart, via DraftKings Colorado.

  • No. 2 +10,000
  • No. 3 +6500
  • No. 4 +1200
  • No. 5 +200
  • No. 6 -110

Making up the difference with the Golden State Warriors is possible, but doing so would require the Warriors to go ice-cold while the Nuggets get ‘scorch-the-Earth’ hot. The same could be said for making up the difference with the Memphis Grizzlies at No. 3.

That leaves taking over the No. 4 spot from Utah or the No. 5 from Dallas as the best possibilities other than sticking at No. 6. Dallas point guard Luka Doncic was scoring at a torrid rate before the break. If he can pick up where he left off, he could do the Nuggets a favor with wins over the Jazz on Feb. 25 and March 7. Having six road games inside the first eight games following the break, however, will not do Utah any breaks. The Jazz are 15-12 on the road this season.

The Nuggets may be more likely to move up one spot to No. 5 over other possible scenarios.

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