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Brian Carlton

Brian Carlton is an award-winning journalist who has covered casinos, the gaming and finance industries for more than a decade. His work has been published by the BBC and a variety of newspapers across the U.S.

How WIll Colorado’s Casinos Change After COVID-19?

April 24, 2020 | By: Brian Carlton

The biggest question facing Colorado’s casinos isn’t when they’ll reopen, It’s how customers will respond when they do. That second part is the bigger problem and something politicians and gaming companies alike have to consider. There is talk among politicians that the state’s businesses, including casinos, might reopen in mid-to-late May, with the argument that […]

Will Colorado Move Towards Esports Betting?

April 21, 2020 | By: Brian Carlton

Despite the pandemic, Colorado still plans to launch online sports betting on May 1. There won’t be any baseball to wager on or basketball playoffs. The NFL Draft will be a week old at that point and the Kentucky Derby has been postponed. What the state will have, however, is both a growing interest in […]