Colorado Sports Betting Apps

As of May 1, 2020, sports betting apps are now legal in Colorado as long as bets are placed with licensed sports betting operators and within the Colorado border. You can sign-up and bet anywhere using your mobile phone, website, or bet in-person at Colorado sportsbooks but you must be over the age of 21.

With sports back in full swing, the market has grown quickly with sports betting sites from local casinos like BetMonarch and established national and international brands like DraftKings Sportsbook and BetRivers. Bettors have wagered more than $122 million in the first three months at legal Colorado sportsbooks.

Legal Colorado sports betting appsChoosing the best app can be quite overwhelming as there are over a dozen licensed sports betting operators to choose from in Colorado. We’ve put together a list of the best Colorado online sports betting apps available in the state along with their sign-up bonus and why you should choose them.

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  • We are local to Colorado, so we rigorously test and use the apps we write about
  • Just like the apps we cover, we are licensed and regulated by the Colorado Department of Revenue
  • We actively monitor local sportsbooks for the best Colorado sportsbook offers & odds



Best for New Bettors + Deposit Bonus


Sign-up Bonus: 100% up to $250

Bet on: iOS, Android and Web

betrivers CO ios appWhether you’re a casual bettor placing wagers on your favorite teams for fun, or a more serious risk-taker looking to lay down some serious cash, BetRivers has you covered. The app and website offer a functional and aesthetically pleasing mobile experience.

BetRivers offers an extensive reward system ranging from basic rewards for smaller bets, to mysterious high-end luxury rewards for top-tier bets. Its sign-up bonus, a $250 match with welcome code 250MATCH. This sign-up bonus may not seem generous as some other CO sportsbooks offer, but the 1x wager requirement and robust rewards program manages to make it an enticing package for new players.

In addition to the usual lineup of pro and college sports, Bettors will find moneyline bets, point spreads, and unique parlay bets on BetRivers. If you’re feeling outrageously lucky, you can try BetRivers’ jackpot parlay bet. Bettors can choose between three and eight random outcomes. If all the bets occur the way the bettor predicted, then they win the jackpot.

Best Mobile App

DraftKings Sportsbook

Sign-up Bonus: $500 Risk Free + 20% up to $500

Bet on: iOS, Android and Webdraftkings sportsbook app in Colorado

Having gotten its start running fantasy games, DraftKings Sportsbook has morphed into one of the top online sportsbooks available in the U.S., and it’s open for business for Colorado sports bettors.

DraftKings offers lines on virtually every sport, including football, soccer, basketball, boxing, UFC, and more. Additionally, you can place future and prop bets and wager on live sports for select events. DrafKings even offers teasers and parlays, which is essentially standard at brick-and-mortar books.

If you are a new player, you will undoubtedly have the option to take advantage of a new player bonus. The monetary value and offer varies from time-to-time. During the time of our review they were offering new players up to a $1,000 deposit bonus.

To get started, you can either access the sportsbook via your web browser or download their mobile app. We found the interface to be rather straight-forward and easy to use, which is especially helpful if you are new to sports betting.

Best for MGM Players


Sign-up Bonus: $500 Risk Free Betbetmgm colorado app

Bet on: iOS, Android and Web

One of the few CO sportsbooks tied to a physical casino brand is BetMGM. MGM is a household name, so you can have confidence that an upstanding company with a good reputation is behind this product. You’ll find all of the usual lines on BetMGM, for major pro U.S. sports as well as less-common events and competitions.

BetMGM offers a risk-free bet of up to $500 for new users’ first wager with a minimum $10 deposit. BetMGM’s app is straightforward and easy to navigate, with the most popular and timely lines clearly visible at the top of the screen. All of the menus are easy to access as well, and saves bettors time if they know exactly what they want to bet on.

Best Risk-Free Bet

FanDuel Sportsbook

Sign-up Bonus: $500 Risk Free Bet

Bet on: iOS, Android and Web

FanDuel Sportsbook ColoradoMuch like DraftKings, FanDuel Colorado was once solely known for fantasy sports but today is a fully functioning, legal online sportsbook. In Colorado you will find all major sports leagues available on their site, including the NBA, NHL, MLB, NFL, international soccer, tennis, and more.

At FanDuel, you have the ability to wager on the spread, the moneyline, the halves and quarters of select games, and the over / under.

Additionally, the book offers parlay bets, teasers, future bets, live sports betting, and round robin bets. Round robin bets combine three or more selections into smaller parlay bets to cover all combinations into By 2`s, By 3`s, etc.

The most common new player offer at FanDuel is a $500 risk-free bet. However, as is the case with all bonuses, we recommend you understand the playthrough requirement before opting to take advantage of the offer.

You can access the FanDuel sportsbook via their website or their mobile app. I highly recommend FanDuel for Colorado sports bettors as their odds are competitive and they offer action on just about every sport imaginable.

Best for Betting Simplicity


Sign-up Bonus: $500 Risk-Free + $500 Deposit Bonus

foxbet sports betting appBet on: iOS, Android and Web

FOX Bet is a legal online sportsbook that is also affiliated with FOX Sports. Despite the corporate media affiliation, FOXBet holds its own relative to its competitors. I found the sports leagues available on FOX Bet to be on par with just about every other sports app available to residents of Colorado. Including but not limited to the NFL, NCAA, NBA, MLB, and much more.

Most wager options are available, such as ATS, over / under, parlay bets, and future bets. Additionally, FOXBet offers a Bet Boost feature, which is where the book provides improved odds on certain lines (mainly futures), which is beneficial to you as a bettor.

The new player bonus is valued at $1,000 and broken down to a deposit match of up to $500 and a risk-free bet of up to $500. Like every sportsbook mentioned here, wager requirements do apply to their new player signup bonus.

Simply put, FOXBet is a viable sports betting option. If you are a fan of the NFL you’ll particularly enjoy using FOXBet as the book integrates many of their TV personalities who cover the NFL on FOX. Thus, you can tail on their action or use their knowledge and expertise to help you determine your bet slip. The sportsbook is accessible via their website and their mobile app.

Many of the products featured on this page are from partners who compensate us. It does not influence our evaluations and our opinions are our own.

Terms and Conditions apply to all sign-up bonuses and promotions. Please refer to each online sportsbook for more information.

Full List of Live Colorado Sports Betting Apps 2020

Sports betting apps licensed and regulated in Colorado and available for download:

Sports Gambling Apps Launching Soon


Soon after Colorado legalized sports betting, PointsBet began preparing to enter the market. They secured a partnership with Double Eagle Casino in Cripple Creek have rolled out their mobile app in Colorado. PointsBet announced a partnership with the University of Colorado and we expect their launch to be imminent.

PointsBet offers odds on just about every sport you can think of, including basketball, football, golf, boxing, rugby and more. You can also place bets against the spread, on the moneyline, and on the over / under. And much like their competitors, they offer live in-game sports betting for select events. During the time of my review the new player signup bonus two risk free bets on any sport (up to $200).

PointsBet may lack brand recognition in the U.S., however, they are on par with their competition. I was hard-pressed to find discernible differences between other sports betting apps available in Colorado. Therefore, PointsBets comes highly recommended.


One of the largest online sportsbooks, boasting more than 45 million global customers, UK-based Bet365 is poised to enter the CO sports betting market through a partnership with Century Casinos, Inc., owners of Century Casino in Cripple Creek and Central City.

Through the partnership, Century Casinos will operate an online sportsbook in Colorado under the bet365 brand. Bet365 offers competitive lines on all the major sports you’d expect, as well as newer options like esports.

Bet365’s foray into the newly minted Colorado sports betting market marks the third U.S. state for the brand, the first two being New York and New Jersey.

The following sports gambling apps have been licensed or announced for a future Colorado launch, but are not operational just yet:

What Are The Benefits Of Using Online Sportsbooks?

In the age of the coronavirus, online sportsbooks are a boon to sports bettors and sportsbook operators alike. Bettors can wager from their homes, where they can isolate and social distance. And sportsbooks can build and satisfy their customers without relying on retail locations. It offers flexibility that’s vital to the pandemic-stricken marketplace.

Bettors can rest assured these online sportsbooks are fair. The Colorado Department of Revenue licenses each legal sportsbook in Colorado. Throughout their examination of each licensee, they determine whether a prospective sportsbook can operate fairly. The Division of Gaming’s rules governing sportsbook conduct include a mandated cash reserve to pay bettors their winnings and a security audit to ensure bettor information remains secure.

Whether bettors wager through an app or on a desktop, they have access to the same betting options. Bettors can enjoy sports betting remotely and get everything out of it.

How Different Are Sportsbooks From Each Other?

All sportsbooks offer the same core bets and lines. However, there are important differences among Colorado’s sportsbooks. The most important differences are odds and deals.

Odds Differences

Not all sportsbooks offer the same odds. Odds are usually set by oddsmakers who calculate the odds of an event happening, then build in a house advantage. They weigh risk to ensure sportsbooks bring in more stakes than they have to pay out in winnings. Each variable and house advantage is weighed differently at every sportsbook.

For example, here are some bets on who’ll win the Padres/Rockies game:

Circa Sports-102-108
Bet Wildwood+100-110
Fox BetN/AN/A
Sky Ute SportsbookN/AN/A

Anyone betting on the Padres would get the best odds at the sportsbooks offering +100 odds. The best Rockies odds are at SBK, which offered -105 odds. Two sportsbooks didn’t offer odds on that game at all, so understanding the breadth of options in the industry is vital. Some bettors have multiple sportsbook accounts to take advantage of odds differences. Since all the apps are available to download, bettors can easily compare odds and make informed choices.

Unique Boosts And Deals

Some sportsbooks offer special bets called ‘boosts.’ At first glance, they’re the same bets with higher odds. For example, Fox Bet offered a boost on the Dallas Mavericks scoring over 25.5 points in each quarter. It was originally +205, but it was boosted to +220. That increases the winnings a little bit. And sometimes, it really is just a boost in odds.

However, other boosts are secretly parlay bets. DraftKings offers an odds boost on the Islanders, Penguins, and Flames to win their games on August 1. Since all three teams must win, this boost is technically a parlay bet.

Boosts encourage bettors to place bets on certain games at increased risk. It’s a clever tactic to increase bets on wagers that are unlikely to win. That translates to money in the sportsbook’s pocket.

But sometimes, bettors win instead. How’s that for sneaky?

What Makes An Online Sportsbook Good?

Besides good odds and great deals, there are a few things that set the best sportsbooks apart.


When there’s a lag between pages loading, betting becomes very frustrating very quickly. Great sportsbooks, like SBK, smoothly transition between pages. Whether bettors are prospecting lines or adjusting their bet slips, speedy apps make a massive difference.


It must be easy for bettors to find the sports they’re looking for. Hiding the ‘all sports’ list in a menu in a hidden corner of the app is not good work. But if a sportsbook makes it easy to browse different events, bettors could stumble upon new bets that excite them. That’s a good deal for sportsbooks trying to engage bettors, and for bettors who want to branch out.


If a sportsbook app crashes, bettors aren’t going to trust that sportsbook to take care of their money. It’s a judgement that’s not completely fair. A great sportsbook could just have a bad app. However, bettors will take a glitch and judge the rest of the product accordingly. App stability is imperative to earning consumer trust.

Seamless Deposits And Withdrawals

Bettors want to win money, and sportsbooks want to earn it. However, bettors need to be able to move money back and forth between accounts to fund their accounts and collect their winnings. Sportsbooks know that transfer process must be seamless. Even bad sportsbooks make it easy to deposit and withdraw funds.

How Bettors Can Deposit Money In Colorado’s Online Sportsbooks

There’s no sports betting without a first deposit. Here’s how most online sportsbooks accept bettors’ funds.

Common In-App Deposit Methods

Since sportsbooks must comply with anti-money laundering laws, there are only a few ways to deposit funds. Luckily for bettors, these standard options are among the most convenient and reliable.

Most sportsbooks accept bank transfers, whether it’s a direct account transfer or an advanced check deposit. Credit and debit cards are also common ways to fund accounts. Bettors input their card information like they would for any other online portal. PayPal is usually a deposit option, too. There are a few other deposit options, but most of them are variations of bank transfers or transfers between third-party services like PayPal.

Apple iOS Users

Since there are standard deposit options that link a transfer to a person’s identity, there aren’t any operating system-specific deposit options.

That means Apple Pay and iTunes gift cards cannot fund sportsbook accounts. Apple Pay is probably too new for sportsbooks to accept. iTunes gift cards are linked to users’ iTunes accounts, so they definitely can’t fund a sportsbook account. Apple users will have to be content with the standard options available from their banks, cards, and PayPal accounts.

Android Users

Like iOS users, Android users have to download their sportsbook app of choice. Then they can sign up and find the option to deposit money in the app. Android Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay are not viable sportsbook deposit options. Android users are in the same boat that iPhone users are. They’re limited to the common deposit options and can’t take advantage of their operating systems’ unique approaches to payment.

It should go without saying that gift cards to the Android Marketplace are not valid sportsbook currency, either. Much of this is self-explanatory when bettors open a sportsbook app and complete the signup process.

Is Using A Legal Online Sports Betting App Safe In Colorado?

Yes. When Colorado passed Proposition DD, the Colorado Division of Gaming wrote rules governing the state’s new sportsbooks. Those guidelines offer bettors some of the following protections.

Are Legal Sportsbooks Safe To Install On Bettors’ Phones?

Yes. No one is coming for you if you download a sportsbook app on your phone. However, bettors must make sure they download the right sportsbook app for their state. A New Jersey app won’t work in Colorado because it’s geofenced around New Jersey. Similarly, bettors can’t use their Colorado app abroad.

Bettors can download the app and create their accounts from anywhere. But if they aren’t in Colorado, then bettors cannot place wagers.

These apps may be available publicly, but it still restricts users. Online sportsbooks’ signup processes verify bettors’ ages. Even if a minor downloads a sportsbook app, they won’t make it through the signup process. Inputting a fake date of birth is one thing. But faking a social security number with a corresponding birthday is far harder.

And super illegal.

How Do Legal Sportsbook Apps Protect Bettor Information?

Online sportsbooks have standard security measures in place, like SSL certificates. These are encryption protocols similar to online stores. Bettor information is encrypted when they put it into the sportsbook and it’s not decrypted until it makes to the server on the other side.

That means the only people who can read that information are the bettor and the sportsbook.

Licensed sportsbooks also undergo security audits shortly before launch. Sportsbooks won’t be licensed without a security system that can reliably protect bettor information. Bettors can rest assured that their information is protected throughout the entire betting process.

How Can Bettors Secure Their Mobile Sports Betting Accounts?

Keep your account to yourself. Don’t give anyone else your password or login information. It’s far from a high-tech solution, but it’s the easiest way to keep unwanted bettors out of your account.

Accessing Mobile Sports Betting In Colorado

Colorado sportsbook apps for App Store & Google PlayYou may think because sports betting is a regulated activity it may be difficult to access sportsbook apps on your phone. However, you can easily download and start betting at legal Colorado sportsbooks in minutes, instructions are below.

Install a Colorado Sportsbook App on your Phone

  • Download the sports betting app via their website or by searching the App Store (iPhones or iPads) or Google Play (Android Devices)
  • Install and run the app on your device
  • Allow access to location (legally sportsbooks need to know that you are in Colorado before they can allow you to place a bet)
  • Register for an account

The experience on sportsbook apps is relatively the same compared to any web interface. In other words, you’ll have access to the same sports leagues, lines, and bets, but you may notice a difference with the layout and navigation.

Colorado Sports Betting App FAQ

Can I use a sports betting app anywhere in Colorado? 

Yes, you can place online sports betting wagers via a mobile app or on your computer anywhere in Colorado as long as it’s a licensed operator by the State of Colorado and you are physically in the state.

Why should I use a sports betting app? 

Mobile apps provide a level of convenience. With an app, you are able to access everything you would at a brick-and-mortar sportsbook provided that you are connected to the app within the state of Colorado as apps are required to implement geotargeting technology to regulate access. You can also use your web browser on your phone or computer to access the sports betting sites.

Are real money sportsbook apps available on the iPhone and iPad?

Yes, you can download real money sportsbooks through the Apple app store.

Can I download Colorado sportsbooks on my Android device?

Yes, although they are not in the Google Play Store. You will need to download the app directly from a Colorado online sportsbook’s website.

What is the difference between a sports betting app, a website, and a brick-and-mortar sportsbook? 

In short, sports betting apps are not very different from an online sportsbook or a physical sportsbook and are related as they are all licensed and regulated by the state of Colorado. Sports betting apps are optimized for mobile devices in terms of their usability and how they interact with your internet connection and / or cell phone service provider.

Online sportsbooks is a term used that refers to sportsbooks that are accessed via a website and brick-and-mortar sportsbooks are physical locations that are licensed to operate as a bookkeeper.

Do sports betting apps cost money? 

No, apps are free to download. You will only be charged when you decide to make a deposit.

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