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Colorado Sports Betting Launch Information

When Will Colorado Sports Betting Launch?

Legal sports betting in Colorado is launching on May 1, 2020. Click below for the launch details including where you will be able to bet at online sportsbooks as well as retail sportsbooks.

Colorado Sportsbook Launch

Will Coronavirus Impact The Start Of Sports Betting?

There is a chance that the launch of retail sports betting may be delayed due to casino closures. Online sports betting may be able to launch even if physical casinos remain closed. 

Coronoavirus Updates

Who Will Be Offering Sports Betting In Colorado?

Colorado’s licensed casinos and their authorized partners will be offering legal sports betting. Click below for a full list of the sports betting brands expected to launch in Colorado.

Colorado Sportsbook Sites

Colorado Casinos

With over 30 casinos spread out across the state, Colorado has one of the most diverse gambling menus available in all of the United States. Learn more about each casino and the plans casinos in Black Hawk, Central City, and Cripple Creek have for legal sports betting in Colorado.


Black Hawk Casinos

Learn more about Black Hawk and the multiple casinos that call the city home with our guide to sports betting in Black Hawk.

Black Hawk 


Central City Casinos

Central City will play a significant role in Colorado sports betting. See how Central City’s casinos are prepping for legal sports betting.


Cripple Creek Casinos

Casinos in Cripple Creek are already getting a head start on their sportsbooks. Read more about Cripple Creek sports betting.


Colorado Sports Betting Information

Colorado is poised to soon join over a dozen US states with some form of legal sports betting. Experts expect Colorado’s legal sportsbooks to span a wide array of brands, including nationally-known names like DraftKings, FanDuel, PointsBet, MGM, and more.

In the rush from sports betting legalization to launch in Colorado, many players have questions about legal sports betting in the state. Who can play? Who makes the rules? What’s the difference between a legal sportsbook in Colorado and an illegal sportsbook?

At ColoradoSharp.com, our goal is to answer those questions while also providing a broad set of resources for getting the most out of legal sports betting in Colorado.

When is sports betting going to launch in Colorado?

Legal sports betting in Colorado is set to launch in May of 2020. It’s possible that we might see online sports betting launch a bit later than retail sports betting. That’s been the case in a few other states, and generally happens simply because regulation of the online product is less familiar territory for policymakers and regulators. That newness can cause slight delays in the rollout of legal sports betting products.

If there is a delay, history suggests that it will be minor and that Colorado will launch legal online sports betting well in advance of the 2020 NFL season.

Is sports betting legal in Colorado?

Yes. Sports betting became legal after voters approved Proposition DD in November 2019. Following that vote, regulators moved swiftly to establish rules and regulations for sports betting, and operators began applying for licenses.

That quick pace has put Colorado on track to launch legal sports betting only a few months after voters gave their approval, one of the faster paths to market of any U.S. state to date.

How did sports betting become legal in Colorado?

Colorado’s path to legal sports betting was a little more complicated than the path of a typical state.

The first step in Colorado toward legal sports betting was the passage of HB 1327, which authorized a ballot measure that would determine whether or not sports betting could be legalized.

The ballot measure – Proposition DD –  was required thanks to a requirement in Colorado law that any new tax be put to a popular vote. Since lawmakers intended to place a tax on sports betting revenue, the measure had to be approved by popular vote.

That approval came by an unexpectedly narrow margin in November of 2019, squeaking out a win by just a few thousand votes.

Can you bet on sports online in Colorado?

Yes. As part of the law and the subsequent public ballot measure that authorized sports betting in Colorado, online sports betting was legalized.

It’s important to note that the law didn’t make every online sportsbook legal. Rather, only sportsbooks that are licensed by Colorado regulators are legal to use in Colorado.

Is there a legal sportsbook in Colorado?

Not yet. Sports betting is expected to launch in Colorado in May 2020.

Can I bet on sports using my phone in Colorado?

Yes. Mobile betting is legal at licensed sportsbooks in Colorado. The only requirement is that you must be located within the state of Colorado at the time of placing your bet.

Are there Colorado sportsbook apps for iPhones?

Yes. Almost all major sportsbooks offer an iOS app. We expect the same for nearly all legal sportsbooks in Colorado.

You are able to create an account, fund that account, place bets, and cash out via mobile sports betting apps. The only important restriction: You have to actually be located in the state of Colorado at the time you make a bet.

Are there Android apps for Colorado sports betting?

Yes. Because of the Google Play store approach to gambling apps, you will need to side-load the sports betting app from all of Colorado’s legal online sportsbooks.